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Fun With Phrasal Verbs

EnglishClub’s music man Jonathan Taylor has released a new song and it’s full of phrasal verbs. Every phrasal verb in Phrasal Verbs Rock starts with the letter ‘r’.

If you’re a teacher, you can use this song to introduce phrasal verbs. Your students will see that these are really just verbs that need to be remembered in context like other English words.

If you’re an English learner, follow along with the words as you listen to the song. Then check out all of the other great resources EnglishClub has for learning everything you need to know (and more) about phrasal verbs.

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Challenge: Can you spot the play on words in the title of this song?

Learn English Vocabulary with Eponyms

petri dishOur Vocabulary Reference sections features many different types of vocabulary lists. We have a NEW section on Eponyms.

An eponym is a word that comes from a person’s name, such as boycott (from a selfish land agent) or petri dish (named after a German bacteriologist). Here are a few more eponyms that you will find in this section: 

Are you a teacher? Here are some ideas for using our new Eponyms section in class:

Eponym of the day: There are about 50 eponyms in this list. Have one student present a new eponym every day.

Free time: If your students finish an assignment early, challenge them to check out this section on a tablet or class computer. Then quiz your students using the quizzes provided.

Research: Introduce your students to these eponyms. Then challenge them to learn another one on their own. Your students can write a summary about their new eponym using our model.

Biography: Each eponym has a brief origin about the person that the word was named after. Challenge your students to learn and share a bit more about a person/character from this list.

Presentation: Ask your students to prepare a presentation based on one of the eponyms provided.

Oral practice: Have your students record the text from one of entries in the list. Listen to the recording together and work on pronunciation and intonation.

Role play: Place students in pairs or small groups and have them act out the making of a historic eponym, such as sandwich or wellingtons.

Invent an eponym: Ask your students to come up with their own eponyms based on their own last names.  Now that’s a benwelldea!

Share your ideas and other eponyms in the comments below.

EasyEnglish – Test Your English

If you love doing quizzes online, check out EasyEnglish. This FREE site is simple to use. There are three options to choose from each time you visit. Read on »

Learn and Teach English with Holiday Greeting Cards

happy-lunar-new-year-a7Do you enjoy sending e-cards to your friends, family members or students? EnglishClub has holiday greeting cards that you can share along with easy English articles and quizzes.

1. Choose a Greeting Card

Find downloadable holiday/festival greeting cards to send to friends and loved ones on special occasions. Read on »

Timeline Projects: Listen to News

Happy New Year! Are you looking for an interesting project idea to try with your English learners this year? Why not try a Timeline project?

Here are a few examples:

  • world news timeline (e.g., for a birth year or the year that just passed)
  • personal timeline of my life
  • personal timeline in comparison to word news
  • timeline of our class or school
  • timeline of a famous person or event
  • prediction timeline (e.g., What might happen this year.)

Read on »

Free English Wall Posters


Are your classroom walls looking a little bare? EnglishClub’s NEW wall posters offer useful English vocabulary diagrams. These posters are FREE for anyone to download and print without modification. The following posters are now available.

  • Parts of the head
  • Parts of the body
  • Parts of a car
  • Parts of a car interior
  • Parts of an airplane

How to download and print the posters

Read on »

Free English Stickers


Have you seen EnglishClub’s stickers? These images are FREE for anyone to download and use. They include easy English words and phrases. You can use them to express your thoughts and emotions in English in your online correspondence with friends and family members.

How to get the Stickers

Read on »

Free Halloween Resources

Here is a collection of resources you can use to teach or learn about Halloween.

English Songs

Frankenstein Body Parts Song

Which Witch is Witch

Halloween Lessons

Talking Point: Is Halloween Harmful? See Forum

Draw and Describe my Monster (Pair Activity) Read on »

EnglishClub is Going Mobile

I want to be buried with a mobile phone just in case I’m not dead.
Amanda Holden

Do you use EnglishClub on your mobile device? The EnglishClub team is working on a new responsive website design that will make it easier for you to read, watch, and listen to EnglishClub resources on your smartphones and tablets. With responsive website design, the navigation, text and media should fit nicely on your mobile screen so you don’t have to resize the content manually. The layout of the screen changes automatically depending on the device you are using. This is known as an optimized viewing experience.

Converting EnglishClub into a user-friendly site across desktops, browsers, and multiple devices is our primary focus this year. The EC team is working section by section, so it will take a bit of time before every resource page is mobile friendly. In the meantime, you can check out the sections below on your mobile device to get a feel for how things are going to look. Read on »

Learning Geography in English

Are you teaching or learning country names in English? Jonathan Taylor’s latest tune “The Countries Song” is a fun introduction to English geography. Be sure to check out EnglishClub’s full vocabulary section about The World. Read on »