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If you love doing quizzes online, check out EasyEnglish. This FREE site is simple to use. There are three options to choose from each time you visit.

  1. Question of the Day
  2. Fixed English Test
  3. Random English Test

teacherAfter you try a test, find out which answers you got right. You can also read an explanation about why an answer was wrong. The explanations will have some key words that will help you figure out which grammar points to study. Then you can head back to EnglishClub to find some useful online lessons.

EasyEnglish was redesigned in 2015. It should now work well on your mobile device. Kill some time while you wait for the bus or a movie. Quiz a friend. Try to improve your score every time you visit. Good luck!

  • Srikanth Vengala says:

    I want to improve speaking and communication skills

  • mmsa says:

    this is my first attempt, lets go

  • Tara Benwell says:

    @Srikanth To do that, you need to start with your listening skills. Try listening to English every day. Use our podcasts: https://edition.englishclub.com/category/podcasts/

  • Yasmin says:

    Hello my name Yasmin I need online English

  • Ahmed says:

    I wanna learn in very fast way . i need some who know English fluently..

  • Tara Benwell says:

    Hi Ahmed,

    Please join us on MyEnglishClub. Members on MyEC learn English by practicing the language daily. http://my.englishclub.com

    I always recommend taking baby steps rather than trying to learn quickly:


  • Myat Thuya says:

    How can I get friends who want to learn english like me?

  • Tooba says:

    I want to learn english and speak fluently.. who want to help me?

  • Franck says:

    I want to learn english and to speak of my friend

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