First Olympics refugee team – Answers

Games of the XXXI Olympiad – Rio de Janeiro, 2016

Answers to the quiz questions in our blog about the First Olympics refugee team:

  1. No. This is the first time a team of refugees has competed at the Summer Olympics.
  2. None. All the team members live in other countries now.
  3. Five. The team has five members who’ve lived in Kenyan refugee camps since escaping from war in South Sudan.
  4. Six. The team has six runners, including five South Sudanese middle-distance runners and one Ethiopian marathon runner.
  5. Judo. Both Yolande Bukasa Mabika and Popole Misenga are competing in the sport of judo.
  6. Syria. The team’s two swimmers Rami Anis and Tusra Mardini escaped from Syria, their country of birth.

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