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Months of the Year Song

Just released! Another hit song for you to listen and learn by from EnglishClub: the Months of the Year Song — or It’s Been a Year (since you broke my heart). As usual, it comes with sub-titles so you can follow along more easily.

Months of the Year Song on EnglishClub

We think you’ll enjoy this fun song from Jonathan Taylor. It’s perfect for teachers too.

  • rana says:

    That is right, it is really useful,but don’t you think it is not suitable for children? In other words; the phrase: “since you left me” doesn’t fit them and please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks for the song

  • Josef Essberger says:

    Thank you Rana. You are right. This song is not designed for children. In fact there are lots of “months of the year” songs made just for children, often for native-speaking children, but this one caters to an older audience of English learners, late teens and up, who form the basis of EnglishClub’s visitors.

  • mohadese says:

    thank you for helping us.

  • Lauren says:

    I think songs are super helpful and great when learning anything. It always helps me to remembers things and its so much more fun than just basic memorization!

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