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Krushevo Music Festival 2015

Happy 50th Jonathan

EnglishClub’s music man Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi celebrated his upcoming 50th birthday in style at the first annual Krushevo Music Festival. Krushevo is a small village in north central Bulgaria where Jonathan lives with professional photographer Nicola Miller. Jonathan and Nicola organized the festival and invited musicians and music lovers to attend.

Krushevo Music Festival 2015

EnglishClub’s music man Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi (right with guitar) runs through a sound check with other local and visiting musical acts at Krushevo Music Festival 2015. Photo: Nicola Iona Miller Photography

Several musical acts played throughout the day and into the night, including Vladimir Totev, a famous Bulgarian writer and his partner Dimi Dimitrova from the Russe Philharmonic Orchestra. Local bands Teen Dork and No Limits also hit the stage. Other acts included Mick Black and Matt Rider from England and Jamie McDonald from Ireland. Jonathan, himself, was also part of the show.

Guitar at Krushevo Music Festival 2015

The EnglishClub poster that you see in the background was almost a no-show, however. EnglishClub sent the poster to Bulgaria for the festival, but it was seized at customs for unknown reasons. The cost to release the poster was 200 leva — twice as much as the poster itself.

Youngster at Krushevo Music Festival 2015

The all-ages event was enjoyed by all, said Taylor who develops new songs for EnglishClub on a regular basis.

“There was a wonderful mix of nationalities and cultures, and food was provided. The strict ‘bring vegetarian food only’ policy was respected which was great to see! It is hoped that this is now a yearly event.”

Krushevo Music Festival 2015 ended with an acoustic concert around the campfire.

The acoustic after show at Krushevo Music Festival 2015

The acoustic after show at Krushevo Music Festival 2015.

Photos courtesy of Nicola Iona Miller Photography
Learn more about Jonathan’s music at Brittunculi Records & Books

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