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Music Is Good For The Soul

Jonathan Taylor’s latest song 7 Days a Week I Rock n’ Roll is now available for English learners. Not only will you learn the proper pronunciation of these important English words, you’ll never forget the order of them. Try learning English with music. “It’s good for the soul!”

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  • marzi says:

    Hi, I can not download it because I am from Iran.
    would you please send it by e-mail to me?

  • tina tinh says:

    Hi english club
    I am very happy with program. I like music and i hope the english club development more for this one
    Thank so much

  • alhakim says:

    Listening to music and watching movie are my favorite ways to learn english. I believe that the more you enjoy learning English language, then it will be easier for you to understand.

  • Prof. Khan says:

    very good attempt. I really liked this blog and site. Though haven’t seen full but will surely be regularly reading as it will be a great help for me and my students. I have also tried my best to amalgamate few necessary things.
    Thanks & Regards
    Prof. Khan
    Gujarat – India

  • sami says:

    Hi, I can not download it because I am from Iran.
    would you please send it by e-mail to me?

  • parisa says:

    I am from Iran and I want to learn English as son as posibal because I need a lot.

  • shahrul hisham sahid says:

    I am very happy this program,I hope everybody to enjoy learning English language, then it is will be easier for you to understand. You can follow the song with your voice.Thank so much. Do the best among the best. Don’t give up and don’t stop to learning.

  • A. Romanov says:

    Well, my answer is probably be “Music Is Really Awesome!”. It’s impossible to live without music. We hear music everywhere: In the streets, at home, on TV amd on concert halls. Music makes our life better. It helps us to forget our problems. Rock’N’Roll, dudes!

  • marie says:

    7 times of the day is not good English. It should be 7 times a day . Good idea for learning through music though !

    • Josef Essberger says:

      Thank you Marie. But it is not about “7 times a day”. It is about “7 Times OF THE Day”. Idiomatically, native speakers understand that the two are not the same 🙂 Put another way, “7 times a day” and “7 times of the day” are both good English but they have very different meanings.

  • Saricy says:

    I’m 100% musical 🙂


    Every langage is good but English is exceptionel because it is a langage of all thing concerning the amelioratoin of our daily live. i am Chadian

  • Zakumi says:

    Tara/Josef, Jonathan’s current EC songs are great on podcast, but that’s where it ends for us as we don’t have access to YouTube. I then obviously can’t get access to “7 days a week R n’ R” (also YouTube), neither to for this post (Music is good for the Soul). 🙁

    About Jonathan’s proposed new EC songs … is there no alternative for YouTube …?!

    • Josef Essberger says:

      Thanks Zakumi. We hope to be making all Jonathan’s songs downloadable soon. So you will be able to download the video with subtitles to your computer and play at will. Hope that will help 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    Good possibility, especially for young kids to learn english!
    I think in future our kids will have lots of fun by learing it! 🙂

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