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Rio Olympics Trivia Quiz 1 – Answers

Games of the XXXI Olympiad – Rio de Janeiro, 2016

Here are the answers to our first Rio Olympics Trivia Quiz:

  1. Over 4 million tickets have been sold.
  2. The cheapest tickets cost around $US13.
  3. The most expensive tickets were around $US1,430 for the best seats at the Opening Ceremony.
  4. It’s been 112 years since golf was played at the Olympics.
  5. It’s been 92 years since rugby was played at the Olympics.
  6. The answer can be either 28 or 41, depending on which definition of “sport” is used. According the definition used by the IOC (International Olympic Committee), there are 28 Olympic sports. These sports include 41 “disciplines” with a total of 306 “events” for which medals are awarded. An event is one competition, like the Men’s 100 metre Backstroke swimming competition, and swimming is one of four disciplines in the Olympic sport of Aquatics, along with diving,  synchronized swimming and water polo. But in everyday life, the word “sport” includes what the IOC calls Olympic sports and what they call disciplines. So if we’re using the IOC’s definition the answer is 28 sports, but if we’re using the common, everyday definition it’s 41 sports. Therefore, both 28 and 41 are acceptable answers.

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