Thank You Nadiyah

The EnglishClub Team would like to say a special thank you to MyEC member Nadiyah who has been our Photo Gallery Moderator for two years. Before Nadiyah became a volunteer, the MyEC photo gallery was a bit of a junkyard. It was full of photos that were copied from the Internet. Most photos had no titles or descriptions, and weren’t very useful for practising English. Slowly, but surely, Nadiyah began to teach members how to make the MyEC Photo Gallery a space for learning and practising English. She did this with patience, dedication, and creativity. Like any great teacher, she provided great models that members could use in order to follow the photo guidelines. Nadiyah also held several Photo Challenges on her MyEC blog. People who participated forgot that they were learning English as they played along. Nadiyah’s English also improved tremendously as she taught members how to practise English with images. Nadiyah’s blog is a treasure of ideas for English teachers. The photos she takes are always excellent as well.

Nadiyah is a busy woman and has asked for a break from her duties as a MyEC mod. We will miss her help so much but are so grateful for everything she has done to make MyEC a fun, safe and creative place for practising English. We hope to have a new Photo Mod starting soon, and Nadiyah will undoubtedly have some tips to share. Perhaps she will return to her volunteer position when life gets a little less hectic!

Nadiyah's Self Portrait

Nadiyah’s Self Portrait

We are also in the process of turning the MyEC Video Gallery into an organized space, and we have much to learn from Nadiyah.

  • Nadiyah says:

    Thanks Tara,
    I love so much your way had put my self portrait on EC Blog 🙂

  • nadira says:

    Will miss you dear teacher and friend . Take care of your self and lets hope you will be back with us again , when time permits.

  • Yasemin says:

    I hope she won’t make us wait very long. I will miss her very much.
    Wishing her the best and a big “thank” for everything she has done for us….
    Good luck Nadiyah… 🙂

  • Anau says:

    When I see the sentence “Thank to Nadiyah”. Suddenly, I shocked. what happened with Teacher Nadiyah. I proud and admire to her, because she is one of the Indonesian the best teacher in here. And I taught that MyEC became the second family for me, I Never gave good contribution in here. But Teacher Nadiyah really really Awesome. I will miss you Teacher. I am yet close with you. I hope I could meet you as soon again. Thank you Nadiyah….and thank you Tara…:)

  • selma says:

    My dear Nadiyah,
    Thank you for your priceless friendship and all what you’ve done so far.
    We’ll be waiting here, hopefully I see you soon.
    With my endless love,

  • dreamy says:

    thank you sister Nadyah and good luck for your work wish you all the best

  • Robbie says:

    Great tribute to Nadiyah! Thanks for sharing this blog, Teacher Tara. I wish her all the best in her career and personal life.

    @ Nadiyah
    Thank you for taking the time to share your marvelous ideas to MyEC members. It must have been an incredible journey you had here. We’ll definitely miss you. : )

  • Ymn Pearl says:

    Thank you dear Nadiyah for everything you have done for us. We will miss you.
    Wish you the best luck… We are waiting for seeing you around soon ^^”

    Take care.. =))

  • SandeepK says:

    Dear Nadiyah!

    We all will miss your contribution, I learned from you many thing, indirectly most of the time, by secretly watching your videos and photo editing tips, especially about the Instagram, Infograms, and how can I forget the video tips of using Windows Movie Maker.

    I wish you for all the Best of Luck for your future endeavours. Hope to see you come back on MyEC soon.

    Thank you so much! Take Care =))

  • John Chiang says:

    I am the new member of MyEC and learnt that Nadiyah had this task well done. In future, I am hoping that I can learn some tips from Nadiyah how to organize Photo Gallery for my personal knowledgement.

    With the best of luck in her future endeavors, and look forward to hearing her return in the near future soon.


  • Mr Bob says:

    Dear Sister Nadiyah,

    I wish you all the best and I know better than many, how sometimes our work-life can interfere with other things…
    Priorities MUST be recognized:
    Self and family first is the only sensible way-
    Work must be second unless we are very wealthy and don’t need the money-
    Finally, volunteer work can be done if we have optional time-

    You really helped me when I first started posting photos.
    You helped us all to be good members and learn the rules for photos. Tara is right in that you brought organization from chaos.

    I’m sure that it will take more than one person to keep up with all the work that you managed to do despite your own personal obligations.

    You have earned your rest and it is time for you to relax and only visit here when you want to see friends. All of you moderators have my undying respect. MyEC would not be the same with your sacrifices to keep this going.

    Remember that we love you sister and we will be here for you anytime you need us.

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