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Websites For English Learners

ESL Site Of The Year 2012 Each month EnglishClub searches for new websites that are useful for English learners. We post a Site of the Month at the beginning of each month. At the end of the year, we feature the best site. Here are some of the features we search for when we’re evaluating websites for English learners:

  • helpful for learning at least one of the essential English skills
  • updated regularly
  • easy to navigate
  • simple layout
  • written in standard English with few typos and broken links

3 Responses to “Websites For English Learners”

  1. samir says:

    thanks for your email but i want you to give us more web sites for English literature

  2. vu hung says:

    Thank so much the english club. Im really happy because i can develop my ability english. I want to writte some topic in here and some people can help me check ,advice about my grammar.

  3. sahar says:

    thank you for your web site. i really hope to get lots of advice here.

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