Writing Prompts For English Learners

Writing PromptsEnglishClub has a new section for English learners who want to practise their writing. Our weekly Writing Prompts are designed specially for English learners. Each writing prompt gives learners the chance to practise and review one aspect of written English. The prompts link to a handy resource page. Each prompt also includes a model example.

For Learners: You can respond to the prompts in your notebook at home or on your MyEC blog. If you don’t have a blog, set one up on MyEC. If you’re not on MyEC, join today! It’s free, and you will have an instant audience of learners and teachers for your blog. Use the tag #corrections if you want teachers or advanced learners to help you with your writing.

For Teachers: Print the writing prompts out to use in class, or assign them easily for homework by sharing the link. You could also set your students up on MyEC and have them share their blog posts with you.

  • Pawan says:

    English club is a wonderful site it teaches a lot. I please to know that you are going to start a new feature,Writing Prompts, I hope this idea will definitely help learners. I want to be part of this site.

  • abdulsalam says:

    this a very helpful site especially in writing

  • Nirmal says:

    See, I do blogging .I just want to engage and develop my writing skills more and more. So, please let me know , how to create a blog post in your website!

  • Dam Thi Thanh Huong says:

    Oh, I’m finding a website to learning writing skill. may be this website can help me:)

  • Tuba says:

    This is a helpful website i like so much!

  • ata says:

    do u work on bussines letters to improve english learners skils?I am looking for a site which helps learners in this aspect.

  • Puru says:

    Hi All,

    Yes this is a very good site for learning English. i learn at lot form there. new user can also improve their listing as well writing skill as well.


  • Ngo thuy says:

    Surely the web will help me a lot in writing. And maybe this is a chance that brings me some english pen pals . Great !

  • Skrivanek Group says:

    Hello Tara. This is our first visit to English Club. Your website is extremely beneficial and helpful. From one that has a passion for language to another, giving the gift for someone to learn another language or English better is special. I always feel that most people don’t realize how much work is involved in speaking another language. Thanks to you, others can learn from your Writing Prompts. We value anyone with such a passion. Thanks for sharing and your efforts.

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