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Body Language Tips Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the 10 Body Language Tips for Presentations page in our Business English section.

1. Before giving a presentation, it's normal to feel a little

a) sad b) nervous c) terrified

2. No matter how you really feel, try to appear _______ while giving your presentation.

tense and anxious
excited and emotional
relaxed and confident
a) tense and anxious b) excited and emotional c) relaxed and confident

3. Throughout your presentation, try to be aware of what your _______ is communicating.

body odour
body clock
body language
a) body odour b) body clock c) body language

4. While being introduced, you should

stand erect and smile
walk around and wave
look shy and blush
a) stand erect and smile b) walk around and wave c) look shy and blush

5. While giving your presentation, you shouldn't _______ at your audience.

a) look b) point c) smile

6. To emphasize important points, you can use the occasional

arm movement
offensive gesture
exclamation point
a) arm movement b) offensive gesture c) exclamation point

7. During your talk, try to make _______ with every person in the room.

physical contact
social contact
eye contact
a) physical contact b) social contact c) eye contact

8. Frequently moving around or walking up and down can make you look

a) athletic b) anxious c) calm

9. You should try to speak

slowly and clearly
quickly and loudly
softly and sweetly
a) slowly and clearly b) quickly and loudly c) softly and sweetly

10. To be judged positively during a presentation, you should also be

well connected
well dressed
well developed
a) well connected b) well dressed c) well developed

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Contributor: Matt Errey creator of Word Up