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World Currencies

Here are the names and codes for most of the currencies in use today or recently. Currencies marked * have been replaced by the European Euro.

code basic currency unit fractional unit 1:100
AFA Afghan afghani pul
DZD Algerian dinar centime
USD American dollar cent
ARP Argentinian peso centavo
AUD Australian dollar cent
ATS* Austrian schilling groschen
BSD Bahamian dollar cent
BEF* Belgian franc centime
BRR Brazilian real centavo
GBP British pound penny
BGL Bulgarian lev stotinka
CAD Canadian dollar cent
CLP Chilean peso centesimo
CNY Chinese yuan renminbi fen
CYP* Cyprus pound cent
CSK Czech koruna haler
DKK Danish krone øre
NLG* Dutch guilder cent
EGP Egyptian pound piaster
EUR European Euro cent
FIM* Finnish markka penni
FRF* French franc centime
DEM* German mark pfennig
GRD* Greek drachma lepton
HKD Hong Kong dollar cent
HUF Hungarian forint fillér
INR Indian rupee paisa
IDR Indonesian rupiah sen
IEP* Irish punt penny
ILS Israeli shekel agora
ITL* Italian lira centesimo
JMD Jamaican dollar cent
JPY Japanese yen sen (not used)
LBP Lebanese pound piaster
LUF* Luxembourg franc centime
MYR Malaysian ringgit sen
MXP Mexican peso centavo
NZD New Zealand dollar cent
NOK Norwegian krone øre
PKR Pakistani rupee paisa
PHP Philippine peso centavo
PLZ Polish zloty grosz
PTE* Portugese escudo centavo
ROL Romanian leu ban
SUR Russian ruble kopeck
SAR Saudi Arabian riyal halala
SGD Singapore dollar cent
ZAR South African rand cent
KRW South Korean won jeon
ESP* Spanish peseta centimo
SEK Swedish krona øre
CHF Swiss franc centime
TWD Taiwan dollar cent
THB Thai baht satang
TTD Trinidad & Tobago dollar cent
TRL Turkish lira kurus
VEB Venezuelan bolivar centimo
VND Vietnamese dong xu

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