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Negotiation Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of what you learned on the negotiation vocabulary page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. The parties came to a) hostility b) bottom-line c) consensus after five hours of negotiating.
2. It was a) a flexible b) a mutual c) an unrealistic decision to settle our differences out of court.
3. One a) tactic b) bargain c) resistance that always works is to ask your counterpart to speak first.
4. We would have more a) haggling b) concession c) leverage if we had some more recent statistics to use.
5. They were a) hostile b) receptive c) resistant to our proposal until we made our last demand.
6. We were a) misleading b) conflict c) haggling over prices all afternoon.
7. I wasn't expecting our opponents to a) amplify b) yield c) arbitration so quickly.
8. When I a) log-rolled b) entitled c) confronted the client about their promise they agreed to honour it.
9. If that is your only a) pressure b) objective c) victory I would be happy to concede.
10. The negotiations had already ended in a a) deadlock b) counterpart c) collective within ten minutes of starting.