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Do's and Don'ts

Here is a handy list of things to do and not to do when preparing your CV/resume.

Do this...

Do be positive.

Do look forward to the future.

Do emphasize the benefit you will bring to an employer.

Do use active verbs.

Do keep to the point. Be relevant.

Do create an organised layout.

Do be neat.

Do use good quality paper.

Do use a word-processor (computer).

Do use wide margins.

Do use plenty of white space.

Do use a good quality photo (if you use a photo).

Do check your work for spelling errors.

Do check your work for grammatical errors.

Do ask a friend to look at your CV and letter.

Do sign your letter with a fountain pen.

Don't do this...

Don't look backward to the past.

Don't write CV or Resume at the top.

Don't write Mr, Mrs or Miss in front of your name.

Don't give personal details (place of birth, age etc) unless necessary.

Don't give full addresses of past employers.

Don't give minor or unimportant school qualifications.

Don't give lots of irrelevant or unimportant hobbies.

Don't write names in capital letters.

Don't use lots of different typefaces (fonts) and sizes.

Don't use lots of capital letters, italics or fancy typefaces.

Don't use coloured paper.

Don't make your covering letter more than 1 page.

Don't make your CV/resume more than 2 pages.