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In general, 5 or 6 headings will be enough for most resumes or CVs. However, sometimes you will want to use more headings - when applying for a particular job for which additional information is appropriate. Here is a CV layout with most of the possible headings that you can choose from.

[white]'Standard' headings that you find on most CVs.
[grey]'Extra' headings that you can add if necessary.
Your name
First name Surname (for example, John Brown)
{short description of image}Include a good photo
if you want
or if requested
Address17 Any Road, ANYTOWN, Anycountry
Telephone+44 171 123 4567
Fax+44 171 123 4567

Personal Information

Marital status:
  • single
  • married
  • divorced
  • separated
  • widowed
Date of birth:State your date of birth in the form 1 January 1975 or January 1st, 1975
Place of birth:Town, Country
ObjectiveState the position or opportunity that you are looking for. (This must be short. One or two lines only.)
Summary of qualificationsMake a short list of the qualifications you have for this job. (This should be short. Your full qualifications will appear later under 'Education').
Professional experienceList your jobs in reverse chronological order (last is first).
EducationList your university/school in reverse chronological order (last is first).
Specialized skillsAny additional special abilities you have (for example, computer programming) that may be of interest to the employer.
Patents and publicationsList any relevant inventions you have made or books, articles and papers you have published.
Additional professional activitiesList any relevant work activities not listed elsewhere.
Professional membershipsList any relevant professional associations or clubs of which you are a member.
Extracurricular activitiesList any relevant activities that you have outside work.
Volunteer experienceList any relevant activities (present or past) that you have done unpaid.
Awards receivedList any relevant awards or prizes.
AccreditationsList any official recognition of you by a relevant organization.
Security clearanceFor certain jobs with government or companies contracted by government, it may be necessary to state your level of authorization to work on classified or confidential projects.
Civil service gradesIf relevant, list your grades or levels as a civil servant (that is, state employee).
Community activitiesList anything you do for your local community (for example church or school) if it is important or relevant for this job.
LanguagesIf necessary, list the languages you can speak. You can use the following descriptions:
  • mother tongue
  • fluent
  • excellent
  • good
  • some knowledge
TravelDetails of travel and exposure to cultural experiences that may support your application.
Interests and activitiesList things that you like or like doing (for example governor of local school, going to opera, drama or tennis).
HobbiesList your favourite leisure-time activities (for example, stamp-collecting). You should include this only if you think it will be interesting for the employer. You may prefer to include this under 'Interests and activities'.
Additional informationAdd any additional information that is necessary and relevant for a particular job.
ReferencesIf required, give the names and addresses of (two) people who can give you a reference. Alternatively, you can state 'Available on request.'

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