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Resume/CV Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the Your Resume/CV page in our Business English section on Resumes and Cover Letters.

1. Your resume or CV must include your personal details, education and

life history
work history
leisure activities
a) life history b) work history c) leisure activities

2. The term "CV" is more common than "resume" in

American English
British English
Business English
a) American English b) British English c) Business English

3. Your resume's job is very simple: to get you

a higher profile
a higher salary
a job interview
a) a higher profile b) a higher salary c) a job interview

4. The term "personal details" covers details like your

name and address
height and weight
income and savings
a) name and address b) height and weight c) income and savings

5. Your personal details should be written _______ of your resume.

at the top
at the bottom
on the back
a) at the top b) at the bottom c) on the back

6. Your education summary should list places of study and all relevant _______ you've gained.

a) qualifications b) positions c) benefits

7. Which period of education is not normally detailed in a CV or resume?

primary or elementary
a) tertiary b) secondary c) primary or elementary

8. Under work experience, list all your jobs with your _______ job at the top.

a) first b) latest c) best

9. Unless you're applying for a very senior position, it's best to limit your resume to

one page
two pages
three pages
a) one page b) two pages c) three pages

10. Which of these topics is also covered on many resumes?

criminal record
family history
a) criminal record b) family history c) languages

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Contributor: Matt Errey creator of Word Up