Air Travel Vocabulary

aisle n. passage between rows of seats [on a plane there are usually one or two]
Would you like a window seat or a seat next to the aisle?
baggage claim n. place from where passengers collect their luggage (suitcases etc) after arrival
After arriving, go through immigration and then collect your bags from the baggage claim.
board v. to get on an aircraft, ship, train etc - on board adv.
Passengers seated in rows 30 to 52 may now board flight JQ29 to Bangkok.
boarding pass n. special ticket showing the passenger has checked in and may board the plane
After checking in you'll get a boarding pass. Make sure you don't lose it, OK?
check in v. to register for a flight, incl. checking of booking, passport, luggage etc - also n.
The first thing you have to do at the airport is check in at one of the check-in counters.
confirmation n. passenger's telephone validation of return reservation; reconfirmation
Do airlines still expect to receive confirmation from their passengers before a flight?
departures board n. large display in an airport showing times, destinations etc of departing flights
I just checked the departures board and our flight's boarding now at Gate 9.
domestic adj. national, not international [a domestic flight is entirely within one country]
Tell the taxi driver to go to the domestic terminal, not the international one.
duty-free adj. [of products: cigarettes, perfume etc] not taxable; exempt from customs taxes or duty
Whenever I return home from overseas, I bring in a bottle of duty-free whiskey.
excess baggage n. luggage that weighs more than the permitted or allowed weight
Airlines charge a lot to take excess baggage, so make sure your bags weigh less than whatever the limit is.
flight n. an airline journey that's scheduled to go by a certain route at a certain time
What time does your flight arrive?
flight attendant n. a person who serves food and drinks and takes care of passengers on a plane - also air steward/stewardess, air hostess
If you need something, press this button and a flight attendant will come.
gate n. the point in an airport at which a particular flight arrives and departs
If you forget which gate your flight's departing from, check your boarding pass.
hand luggage n. small bags, briefcases etc that may be carried on board by passengers - also carry-on luggage
You can put your hand luggage in any of the overhead lockers near your seat.
IATA abbr. International Air Transport Association
Did you know that IATA represents around 290 airlines in 120 countries?
immigration officer n. government official responsible for checking passengers' passports
Wait until the immigration officer signals you to come, then go to the counter and hand over your passport.
jet lag n. the feeling of extreme tiredness after a long flight, esp one that crosses two or more time zones
Whenever I go on a long flight, it takes me one or two days to get over the jet lag.
runway n. the strip on which planes land and take off
As soon as the tyres hit the runway, the pilot hit the brakes and the plane quickly slowed down.
stopover n. a break for a day or two on an international flight
Is it possible to have a two-day stopover in Bangkok en route to Tokyo?
ticket n. a piece of paper showing you have paid for a journey on a plane, train, bus etc
Travel agents used to sell printed tickets, but these days we book online and get digital tickets by email instead.
transit passenger n. a passenger who's stopped at an airport to change flights only and isn't required to go through immigration
For transit passengers who are changing flights, please follow the signs to the transfer counter.

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