Company Vocabulary Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests some of the material covered on the Company Vocabulary page in our Business English section.

1. If you own shares in a public company, you are one of the company's

a) sharekeepers b) sharebuyers c) shareholders

2. Those who've bought shares can attend the company's A.G.M. or

Annual General Meeting
Accountant's General Meeting
Annual Governance Meeting
a) Annual General Meeting b) Accountant's General Meeting c) Annual Governance Meeting

3. The A.G.M. is where shareholders get an annual report and _______ company directors and office-holders if necessary.

a) inspect b) elect c) control

4. The board of directors is headed by an elected official known as the

chief executive officer
chair of the board
chief shareholder
a) chief executive officer b) chair of the board c) chief shareholder

5. A company's main office is its

top office
a) headquarters b) top office c) mainstay

6. Which department manages the branding, promotion, advertising and packaging of products?

sales department
marketing department
production department
a) sales department b) marketing department c) production department

7. Which is responsible for recruitment, welfare and management of staff or employees?

accounting department
purchasing department
personnel department
a) accounting department b) purchasing department c) personnel department

8. Which is responsible for inventing new products or improving existing ones?

R & D department
production department
personnel department
a) R & D department b) production department c) personnel department

9. Which department manages the manufacture, fabrication or crafting of products?

marketing department
production department
sales department
a) marketing department b) production department c) sales department

10. Which has to find and buy everything the company needs?

accounts department
personnel department
purchasing department
a) accounts department b) personnel department c) purchasing department

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Contributor: Matt Errey. Matt is the author of several books including 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context and Common English Idioms for learners, and Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes for teachers.