Company Vocabulary

term meaning
accounts department n. department responsible for administering a company's financial affairs - also accounting department
For all billing enquiries, please contact our accounts department.
A.G.M.UK abbr. Annual General Meeting of a company's shareholders
The A.G.M. is where shareholders get an annual report on their company's performance and strategy.
board of directors n. group of people chosen to establish policy for and control a company
Do you know anyone on Samsung's board of directors?
chairmanUK n. person who heads a board of directors; head of a company - also chairperson; chair of the board (COB)
A chairman makes sure the board of directors is running the company properly.
director n. member of a board of directors
How many new directors are being elected at this year's A.G.M.?
executive officerUS n. person managing the affairs of a corporation, incl. chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), etc
Sony's replacing several executive officers, including their CEO.
headquarters n. a company's principal or main office or centre of control
Facebook built its new headquarters near San Francisco in California.
manager n. person responsible for day-to-day running of a business or company department; executive officerUS
My sister's now the manager of an online media company.
managing directorUK n. senior director under the chairman responsible for day-to-day management
Being the managing director can be a really stressful job.
marketing department n. department that manages branding, promotion, advertising, packaging, pricing etc of products
How many staff are working in our marketing department?
organisation chart n. a table or plan showing a company's structure graphically
Shouldn't the Chairman of the Board be at the top of the organisation chart?
personnel department n. department responsible for recruitment and welfare of staff or employees
If you have a job interview, go to the personnel department on the third floor.
presidentUS n. the highest executive officer of a company; head of a company
The company's president has the biggest office, of course.
production department n. department responsible for the manufacture, creation or crafting of products
All our factories are designed and run by the production department.
purchasing department n. department responsible for finding and buying everything a company needs
The production department asked the purchasing department to buy some new equipment.
R & D department n. department responsible for inventing new products or improving existing products
Steve Jobs made sure his R & D department created the most innovative and exciting new products.
reception n. the place where visitors and clients report on arrival at a company
Who's that guy sitting in reception waiting for?
sales department n. department responsible for finding customers and making sales
Has the sales department's new strategy improved our sales figures yet?
shareholder n. person who owns shares or holds stock in a company or corporation
Did many shareholders come to the A.G.M. this year?
vice presidentUS n. any of several executive officers, each responsible for a separate division - also VP (abbr)
Our vice president of marketing used to be a Sony Music VP, you know.

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