Contract Vocabulary

term meaning
agreement n. an arrangement made between people, companies, countries etc; contract
All countries, except the USA, have signed a new agreement on climate change.
appendix n. extra material or additional content at the end of a book, contract, report etc
The tables and graphs in Appendix A are based on the latest data.
arbitration n. settlement of a dispute by a person chosen by both parties - to arbitrate v.
By taking the company to arbitration, the workers got the wages they were owed.
article n. a particular statement or stipulation in a contract etc; clause
For details of payment, see Article 4.
clause n. a particular statement or stipulation in a contract etc; article
Where's the clause on extending the rental agreement?
condition n. anything necessary before the performance of something else
She spoke to reporters on the condition that her name wasn't used.
force majeure n. an unforeseeable event such as a flood, earthquake, war etc used as an excuse for not fulfilling a contract agreement
Article 7 of the contract covers termination conditions and force majeure provisions.
fulfil v. to satisfy a condition; to complete the required task; to fulfillUS
If one party doesn't fulfil their obligations, the other party can demand arbitration.
herein adv: in here; in this (document etc)
Any other costs not specified herein are the responsibility of the buyer.
hereinafter adv: in the following part (of this document etc)
The musician known as Prince is hereinafter referred to as "the artist".
hereto adv: to this (document etc) [eg: attached hereto]
Attached hereto is the full text of the contract.
heretofore adv: up until now; until the present; before this
The artist heretofore known as Prince is now known as Prince Rogers Nelson.
in behalf of in the interests of (person etc); for (person etc); on behalf ofUK
The money was raised in behalf of refugees from war-torn countries.
null and void invalid; without legal force; not binding
Her last will was declared null and void after being challenged in court.
on the one hand on one side - on the other hand: on the other side
On the one hand she works quickly, but on the other hand she makes mistakes.
party n. the person or persons forming one side of an agreement
If both parties agree, the contract can be altered.
stipulate v. to specify as an essential condition - stipulation n.
As stipulated in the contract, the apartment cannot be sublet to a third party.
terms n. conditions or stipulations
This is one of the terms you agreed to by signing the contact.
warrant v. to give formal assurance; to guarantee
Our legal firm is warranted as reliable by many former clients.
whereas conj: it being the case that; in view of the fact that [in introduction to contracts]
Holidays are covered in Article 5, whereas sick leave is covered in Appendix A.

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