Employment Vocabulary

term meaning
bonus n. additional pay given to an employee as an incentive or reward
My bonus this year was equal to three month's salary.
curriculum vitaeUK n. a short account of one's education, career etc; CVUK; resuméUS; resumeUS
Should I list every job I've ever had in my curriculum vitae?
dismiss v. to remove or discharge from employment; to sack [colloq.]; to fireUS
If you're being unfairly dismissed, ask your union representative to help you.
employer n. person or firm who employs people - employee n. person employed
This factory is the town's biggest employer by far.
fireUS v. [colloq.] to dismiss from a job
Jimmy was fired for getting to work late too many times.
interview n. a formal meeting in which a person applying for a job, a course, a visa etc is questioned - also v.
Before going for a job interview, prepare answers to any questions you're expecting.
make redundantUK v. [made, made] to dismiss because of not being needed - redundancyUK n.
Hundreds of workers were made redundant when the factory closed down.
maternity leave n. period of absence from work (for a woman) when having a baby
How many months of paid maternity leave does your employment contract stipulate?
notice n. advance warning of intention to resign or leave a job - to give or tender one's notice v.
Maria always says she's quitting her job, but she never gives notice.
perk abbr. perquisite; an extra benefit in addition to a regular salary [eg: free medical care; a car]
It's a boring job, but it has decent perks like a rent-free apartment and medical insurance.
personnel n. the people who work for a firm
Most of the company's personnel work from home.
personnel officer n. manager responsible for recruitment, training and welfare of personnel
If you're being bullied at work, tell the personnel officer.
promotion n. advancement to a higher position or better-paid job - to promote v.
When did you get your last promotion?
prospects n. opportunity for success, chance of promotion etc
When I applied, I was told the prospects for promotion were excellent.
recruit v. to look for and employ personnel or new staff - recruitment n.
Most companies recruit new staff by advertising their jobs online these days.
resign v. to give up a job - letter of resignation n.
If you're not happy there, resign and look for a better job.
retire v. to leave employment, esp. because of old age - retirement n.
As soon as she was entitled to the old-age pension, Kelly retired.
salary n. a fixed, regular payment, usually monthly, made by an employer to an employee
When was the last time you raised your housekeeper's salary?
staff n. the people who work for a firm or a particular department; employees
If the staff are happy, a business has a much better chance of succeeding.
take on v. [took, taken] to employ; to hire
I'll let you know the next time we're taking on new staff.
union n. an organization that represents the interests of workers - labor unionUS n., trade unionUK n.
Creating unions gave workers the power to fight for higher wages and better working conditions.

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