Presentations Vocabulary

term meaning
audience rapport n. relationship of presenter with audience, esp. when good
Have you got any tips on developing audience rapport when making a presentation?
body language n. body movements, facial expressions and other non-verbal signs of a person's feelings and attitudes
I could tell from his body language that he was nervous and self-conscious.
Finally... Typical word used to signal the last of several points or subjects
Finally, let's end with a quick recap of the main points.
flip chart n. a pad of large paper sheets on a stand for presenting information
If you're using a flip chart, make sure your writing is big enough for people at the back to read.
for example... Typical phrase used to signal an illustration or sample of a particular point
When greeting people in Japan, for example, bow your head while bending forward.
handout n. anything (report, sample etc) handed or given to people at a presentation
Print your handouts well beforehand in case you need time to replace an ink cartridge or fix some other problem.
In conclusion... Typical phrase used to signal the summing up or final part of a presentation
I'd like, in conclusion, to thank everyone for coming and wish you all the very best for the future.
Ladies and Gentlemen Polite phrase often used to address an audience of men and women
Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in giving tonight's speaker a warm round of applause.
marker n. whiteboard marker a pen with a broad, felt tip for writing on whiteboards
If you're using a whiteboard, make sure you've got plenty of spare markers.
microphone n. electrical device that one speaks into for amplification of the voice etc
Why not use one of those little microphones that can be clipped onto a shirt or jacket?
O.H.T. abbr. overhead transparency; sheet of film that's used with an overhead projector
If you're writing on an OHT, stand to one side so you don't block the projected light.
overhead projector n. device that projects an overhead transparency onto a screen - O.H.P. abbr.
Will you be using the overhead projector or a flip chart?
pointer n. device (rod or electric torch etc) for indicating things on a map, screen etc
Have you tried one of those spotlight pointers that magnify whatever they're pointed at on a monitor?
PowerPoint™ n. software for designing and making digital presentations that can include projected pages, slide shows, videos etc
Did you know that the first version of PowerPoint™ was released in 1987 and was only for Macs?
screen n. large, flat, reflective white surface on which films, slides etc are projected
How big is your overhead projector's screen?
signal v. to use a gesture or sign to communicate something (such as where one is in a presentation)
How can I signal to the audience that the presentation is coming to an end?
slide n. 1. presentation page with any mix of text, images, video, sound etc forming part of a "slide deck" 2. small (usually 35mm) photographic transparency - slide projector n.
We used to use 35mm slides with projectors, but these days we make our slides with presentation software and display them on monitors.
To start with... Typical phrase used to signal the beginning of a particular subject or topic
To start with, let's put ourselves in the shoes of a customer and imagine the features we'd want the most.
Turning now to... Typical phrase used to signal a change from one subject or topic to another
Turning now to after sales service, how would we want to be supported as customers?
visual aids n. things that one can show the audience in a presentation [eg: films, maps, charts etc]
Good visual aids are especially important in technical and data-based presentations.
whiteboard n. large, flat, white surface or board on which to write or draw with markers
If you're eliciting ideas from the audience, list them on the whiteboard as you go.

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