Punctuation Vocabulary

- hyphen
The actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has a hyphenated surname, meaning it has two parts joined by a hyphen.
Writers can put a dash in the text if they want readers to pause for a moment when reading.
! exclamation mark; exclamation point (N Am)
Exclamation marks are sometimes called exclamation points in North America.
# sharp; pound sign
The sign for sharp in music is also called a pound sign if it's on a phone keypad or a computer keyboard.
& ampersand
If you're writing a formal document, don't replace the word "and" with an ampersand.
If a list has bullets or dashes instead of numbers, it's an unordered list.
( ) (round) brackets; (round) parenthesis
After each song's title, put the composer's name in brackets.
* asterisk
If a word or phrase is followed by an asterisk, it usually means there's a note about it further down.
, comma
If you use two or more adjectives in a row, shouldn't you put commas between them?
. 1 full stop; period 2 point
Put a full stop at the end of the sentence.
... ellipsis points; ellipsis dots
Why do you think the writer ended the sentence with ellipsis points instead of a full stop?
/ slash; oblique (Br)
The URL www.englishclub.com/vocabulary/ has two slashes. Can you see them?
: colon
A colon can introduce a list, a quotation or an explanatory clause.
; semicolon
For a slightly longer pause, use a semicolon instead of a comma.
? question mark
Are question marks used in other languages as well?
[ ] (square) brackets; (square) parenthesis
When I edit a document, I put notes on the text inside square brackets.
\ backslash
The backslash is only used in computer commands, isn't it?
__ underline; also to underline (v.)
I've checked the document and underlined the parts that need correcting.
“ ” quotation marks; inverted commas
Our teacher said, “Don't forget to use quotation marks when you're writing dialogue.”
If you want to add a second footnote, use a dagger instead of an asterisk.

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