Resume/CV Vocabulary

background n. the whole of one's education, training and experience
With your background in business, you could apply for a management position.
bi-lingual adj. able to use two languages with equal ease - see fluent
Her CV says she's bi-lingual, but it doesn't say which languages she speaks.
career n. the course of one's (professional) life
After his career as a professional footballer, Diego embarked on a new career in sports management.
challenge n. a difficult or demanding task that needs special effort - challenging adj.
Before a job interview, think of some challenges you've overcome in case you're asked about this.
cover letter n. an introductory letter that is sent with one's resume/CV; letter of application
Writing a good cover letter is just as important as writing a good resume.
date of birth n. the day on which one was born, often as day/month/year [eg: 21/11/01] (British) or as month/day/year [eg: 11/21/01] (American).
To avoid confusion between British and American formats, it's worth writing your date of birth in full (eg: 21 November 2001 or November 21st, 2001).
education n. training and instruction at school, university etc - to educate v.
A well-funded public education system gives poor kids an equal chance of fulfilling their dreams.
experience n. jobs held, including dates, posts etc; work history - professional experience n.
Do you have any experience in sales and marketing?
fluent adj. able to speak and write a foreign language easily - see bi-lingual
I speak a little French, but I'm far from fluent.
interest n. an activity outside work in which one is interested or concerned; hobby
Her interests include gardening, learning English and singing in a gospel choir.
objective, resume objective n .a headline that summarises the job opportunity you are seeking
You should tailor your resume objective to the job position you are applying for.
miscellaneous adj. various; mixed [eg: nationality, languages spoken, marital status]
Miscellaneous personal details like marital status, religion or your height and weight are no longer expected on a CV in some countries.
nationality n. the status of belonging to a particular country [eg: Japanese nationality]
In some countries, rejecting a job applicant because of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or nationality is illegal.
native language n. the language one first learned to speak; mother tongue
Javi's native language is Spanish, but he's also fluent in English.
qualifications n. the education and experience that make one suitable for a particular job
She has all the right qualifications, but she wants to negotiate a higher salary package.
reference n. a written statement by another person about one's character and ability
I've attached written references from two former employers.
skill n. an ability, expertise or aptitude in a particular activity [eg: language skill]
You won't get any of these jobs unless you improve your computer skills.
training n. the process of learning a particular skill [eg: sales training]
What about on-the-job training? Does that go in the education section?
work history n. jobs held, including dates, positions etc; employment history/experience
Most of a job seeker's resume is about his or her education and work history.

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