Sales Vocabulary

after-sales service n. service that continues after a product has been sold [eg: repairs etc]
Online support is an important part of after-sales service for buyers of software.
buyer n. 1 any person who buys anything 2 a person employed by a firm to buy
Does your bank offer special loans for first-time home buyers?
client n. a person who buys services from a lawyer, architect or other professionals
How much do lawyers in the UK charge their clients for basic legal advice?
close v. to finalize a deal or sale; to make a sale
We can close the deal as soon as the customer accepts our usual terms and conditions.
cold call v. to telephone a prospect without previous contact - also n.
Would you work for a company that tries to boost sales by cold-calling people at random?
customer n. a person who buys goods or services from a shop or business
A retail business like ours depends on building relationships with regular customers.
deal n. a business transaction - also v. dealer n.
Do you think $1,500 a month for an apartment like this is a good deal?
discount n. a reduction in the price; a deduction [usually expressed as a percentage (%)]
We'll give you a ten per-cent discount if you place the order today.
follow up v. to continue to follow persistently; to maintain contact [eg: after a lead]
Make sure you follow up any leads by contacting them again the next day.
guarantee n. a promise that a product will be repaired or replaced etc if faulty - also v.
All our mobile phone sales are covered by a 12-month money-back guarantee.
in bulk in large quantity, usually at a lower price
You get a much better deal if you purchase products in bulk, of course.
lead n. useful indication of a possible customer to be followed up
How did you go with those leads I sent yesterday? Any sales?
objection n. a reason given by a prospect for not buying - to object v. see overcome
The sales objections we have to overcome the most are about price and the fear of replacing a trusted brand.
overcome v. [-came, -come] to overcome an objection to show an objection is invalid; to beat an objection
To overcome an objection, tell your prospect about your product's unique selling proposition.
product n. something made and usually for sale - to produce v. see service
A good sales rep makes a product seem so exciting that the buyer feels they must have it.
prospect n. a possible or probable customer; prospective customer
Make sure your prospect is someone with the power to make purchasing decisions, or you'll be wasting your time.
representative n. sales representative person who represents & sells for a firm; salesperson - also sales rep [informal abbr.]
How many sales representatives are we currently employing on our sales team?
retail v. to sell in small quantities (as in a shop to the public) - also n. see wholesale
They started off retailing books in a store, but now they retail a huge range of products worldwide on e-commerce websites.
service n. work done usually in return for payment - to serve v. see product
The main difference between selling a product and a service is that buyers can see, touch and feel a product, but they have to imagine a service.
USP n. Unique Selling Proposition, a feature that makes a product or service stand out from its competitors, such as lowest price, highest quality, best design etc - also Unique Selling Point
When selling, be sure to emphasize your product or service's USP.
wholesale v. to sell in bulk (as to a shop for resale to the public) - also n. see retail
If you're wholesaling a product, the price you charge should be around half the recommended retail price that retailers will charge.

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