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1agreementn. an arrangement between two or more people, countries etc; contract
2appendixn. additional or supplementary material at end of contract, book etc
3arbitrationn. settlement of a dispute by a person chosen by both parties - to arbitrate v.
4articlen. a particular statement or stipulation in a contract etc; clause
5clausen. a particular statement or stipulation in a contract etc; article
6conditionn. anything necessary before the performance of something else
7force majeuren. superior, power; unforeseeable event excusing one party from fulfilling contract
8fulfilv: to satisfy a condition; to complete the required task; to fulfillUS
9hereinadv: in here; in this (document etc)
10hereinafteradv: in the following part (of this document etc)
11heretoadv: to this (document etc) [eg: attached hereto]
12heretoforeadv: up until now; until the present; before this
13in behalf ofin the interests of (person etc); for (person etc); on behalf ofUK
14null and voidinvalid; without legal force; not binding
15on the one handon one side - on the other hand on the other side
16partyn. the person or persons forming one side of an agreement
17stipulatev. to specify as an essential condition - stipulation n.
18termsn. conditions or stipulations
19warrantv. to give formal assurance; to guarantee
20whereasconj: it being the case that; in view of the fact that [in introduction to contracts]

From Top 20 Business Vocabulary.

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