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a fait accompli FORMAL

If something is a fait accompli, it is certain to happen.

quid pro quo FORMAL

If you do something as a quid pro quo, you do it on the understanding that something will be done for you in return.

vis-a-vis FORMAL

You can say vis-a-vis instead of saying "in relation to".

an act of God FORMAL

Something like an earthquake or a tornado can be called an act of God.

carte blanche FORMAL

If you give someone carte blanche, you give them freedom to do whatever they want in a situation.

raison d'être FORMAL

Your raison d'être is your reason for living, or the most important thing in your life.

a volte-face FORMAL

If you make a volte-face, you change your opinion or your decision about something to the exact opposite of what it was.

de rigeur FORMAL

If something is de rigeur, it is necessary to have if you want to be fashionable or be accepted into a particular social scene.

esprit de corps FORMAL

A feeling of pride and comradeship shared by members of a group such as a military unit or a sports team.