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knockers British English vulgar!!

a woman's breasts

balls (1) vulgar!!


nuts (2) vulgar!!


dump (2) vulgar!!

the excretion of solid bodily waste, defecation

crap (1) vulgar!!

faeces (n.) | to excrete faeces (v.)

shit (1) vulgar!!

faeces (n.) | to excrete faeces (v.)

screw (1) vulgar!!

to have sexual intercourse (v.) | sexual intercourse (n.)

tits vulgar!!

a woman's breasts

fanny (2) British and Australian English vulgar!!

a woman's vagina

nooky | nookie vulgar!!

sex, sexual intercourse

piss vulgar!!

to urinate (v.) | urine (n.)

tool (2) vulgar!!

a penis

wank vulgar!!

to masturbate (v.) | an act of masturbation (n.)

whore vulgar!!

a female prostitute

arse | ass (1) vulgar!!

backside, bottom, buttocks

arse | ass (2) vulgar!!

a stupid person, a stubborn fool

dick vulgar!!


jerk off | jack off vulgar!!

to masturbate

turd vulgar!!

a lump of excrement

Up yours! vulgar!!

an offensive insult

up shit creek vulgar!!

to be in a difficult situation with little chance of finding a solution

bugger (1) British and Australian English vulgar!!

a disliked or pitiful person, usually a man

bugger (2) vulgar!!

an expletive used to express anger or frustration

cock vulgar!!


jizz | jism American English vulgar!!

semen, sperm, male reproductive fluid
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