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  1. kyaw naing says:

    Thanks, It will be help my education. thank you so much.

  2. mero says:

    Hello every body,that’s very nice to see or learn this program,it’s the first time to watch that but i think it is very good to learn and speaks english,i’m not good at speaking .Sometimes i need to someone who can help me,but now i well try to learn english alone.
    i heared this women(i don’t remember her name)said that if y need to learn english very well yo will travel.It’s right but about an arabic women,i think it’s adeferance ,any way i’m so happy to hear and i will try to learn english and speaks like her.
    i’m pleased to meet y.

  3. Carlos G. says:

    Hi, everyone student English is very important the language for our future, the communicate in our society, the relations between people’s. Reayly i wached very good english conversation, i am happy if you send me more video, fantastic. May i also make a minor suggestion for future editions?, a short quote emphasizing the importance of english for members of the EU opens the flim, and cite.People spend much time to learn English grammar and lists of vocabulary but this doesn’t work at the moment we have to speak. Even I study every day I still understand “it’s impossible ” ,now I know the best way to learn is not only writing and reading ,but also have to speak, Important the english for our children communication between different countries of the world, for example differend social networking pages myspace, facebook. i never did that, and people were always like, and you know how to speak?, and you neccessary the education in the word? I think this is the best since the biggining of the serie. Practice makes perfection, as that old saying states. The city looks very beautiful and the interwievs were very well done.
    But I am sure we are in the correct way…..Thank you again and God bless you.

    tanks, Carlos

  4. sam caesar says:

    Hi… How are you ? Really it’s a wonderfull video . I am studying english at the collage , but I don’t have a chance to speak with another persons. so when I watch this video , I UNDERSTOOD the idea . I said , I am not weak . really thanks . I wash to know people from US or UK to speak , to develope my language ….thanks for all..

  5. Kin Wai says:

    Please do keep this project going. You will be doing us a lot of good, if you keep it up. Thanks. Now I will go on and watch the rest in your video collection.

  6. Svetlana says:

    Many thanks for qualitative & educational video. Watching the film I could not get rid of the feeling that it is about all the problems in my country. Replace Spain for UKraine. EC & this wonderful project are very helpful both for teachers & students. I really enjoy it.
    Good luck,

  7. Abdul Baset Noor says:

    Dear all

    Thanks from your help and also fule of energey to put these kind of vedio for learn English more and more.
    Again Thanks (Afghanistan)

  8. latifa says:

    hi, I am still enjoy all the videos, and I really want to be more active in this space, I have so many things to say, and I need to express myself more over the english club, thanks a lot

  9. AHMED says:

    hi thanks t all thes

  10. Dr.SPSingh Bhadauria says:

    Dear sir
    good morning
    thanks a lot for English learning videos.
    I enjoyed them too much.
    Thanks again
    pls carry on it

  11. koteswar says:

    very nice to watch is to become habit to listen with such videos to learn English.

  12. Cristiano Miranda says:

    Hello fellows!

    Hunf, Did you ask me What did I think about this video?

    My answer is here!

    Make mistakes! This is the way!

  13. José Vieira Pedroso says:

    Mr.Josef Essberger ,I only say congratulations. This video – project is very good for all who learn or teach english,it is a great opportunity to know about other people the difficulty they have to speak a foreign language as anyone that is learning it. I am sure the best way to learn a foreign language is listening yet,as a child do. Thank you for the opportunity to review Spain ,that!s why in 1996 I was in Madrid and Barcelona,thank you again.

  14. ghofran says:

    thankyou for this vidio it really help me to go on and not fear from jumping .this is what i wont
    thanks again

  15. Nucha says:

    Dear Daniel and others :

    This vedio is perfect,such as pictures , locations, conversations and musical. Good job !

    And thank you for the nice tips to improve English, I agree all of them.

    Best ,

  16. Gema Cristina says:

    I enjoyed a lot with the Video. I hope that you will send me more videos like that. I am learning English , I am very interested in your videos.

  17. naima zouaid says:

    dear daniel:
    thanks again for doing another videoabout teaching usual your questions are interesting ,but this time you have used moderate means to attain yuor goal.i there is a lack of varietycompared with the previous videos.better luck next time.
    good bye.

  18. biljana says:

    this is a very good thing , very good film and I think we can learn something too.Thank you.

  19. luz says:

    Many thanks for your interesting Video Project in Spain. I really liked it a lot. The issues about teaching and learning a foreign language among all the people involved (director, students, and teachers ) are valuable to take into consideration in our daily improvement in any role we take, and to have have a great success in communicating in the target language.

  20. malikou says:

    I really enjoy all your videos,especially this one.I need more to improve my English.thanks a lot.

    Malikou from Algeria

  21. HALIMOVITSH says:

    tanks for this kind of videos because it help us to learn english and knows more about our freinds countries ;I hope that you will send me more videos like that.
    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. JamesB says:

    Excellent video. I lived in Granada for a while and the shots of the city made me fell quite nostalgic. Thanks

  23. Linda K (Hollywood) says:

    Very interesting video Conversation in Spain.The English Conversation is very Significant for everyone to learner in University
    and Professor to be Communicate an had a good job in Spain.
    If you want to be success in English Language you have to Associate
    with the people to Conversation and practice in English. You will be
    Improve let the Language enter you mind.
    I am wondering and Happy to watching you video project. I hope
    to hear our action from you sooner. I really like it!

    Have a nice day !
    Linda K (Hollywood)

  24. j.n.abbass says:

    dear englishclub team,
    those who find the solution of english really they need.
    this type of videos I really happy now I learn a lot from
    your video. thank you so much
    best regards&thanks

  25. Norma Adrianzen says:

    Great video, I learned English many years ago in Peru and is true most of the times I paid attention to the grammar at the time of talking more than just talking, Finally I move to USA and it was difficult in the beginning trying to understand because to me it was fast when they talked, it helps to isolate yourself from your native language to be able to break the barrier of understanding,tv shows and radio helped me a lot.

  26. Tara Benwell says:

    Another great video Daniel and Joel! I’m looking forward to seeing the China film soon!

  27. Dani says:

    I really liked the video! It was quite interesting for me because I teach English in Spain. I´m a native speaker and my students have shared their thoughts with me regarding learning English in Spain and listening to the participants in the video was interesting. Thank you for sharing it! 🙂

  28. yusi says:

    Dear English Club,

    thank you for video english project , but I am verry sad because my computer verry late so I can’t see all video.
    I hope I can see all video next time.

    Warm regards,

  29. Edwin Delgado says:

    Just excellet! I really like this video as well as the others that were released, and I’m so happy of seeing how people care about the english language and they are so interested in learning it! You should come and visit us in Panama, we have several programs dedicated to Teaching English!!!! Regards!!!!

  30. Natalia says:

    Well done ! Great work!
    Dear Daniel,

    Ukraine is waiting for you! You’ll find a lot of people here who speak English not badly though they’ve never been abroad. You’ll have an amazing opportunity to see the most fabulous country in the world. Ukrainian teachers and students will tell you their secrets of teaching and learning English.

  31. Prof Sanjida Rahim says:

    Dear Jossef,

    Many thanks for the video. I always get new ideas from your videos. I have made a DVD of using mobile tools to teach English in my own lessons. I don’t have much time to make my video clips good as yours.

    Look forward to the next video.


    Prof Sanjida Rahim

  32. Carlos Mora says:

    Hello everybody! form what I saw on this video I agree with the fact that we sometimes fell frustration or fear while we learn English. They say that we have just to relax and try to speak with confidence without paying attention to grammar or pronuntions mistakes, because, even native spaker make mistakes. However, I don’t agree with the fact that you have to travel abroad to become a fluent speaker, I know that it help, but most of the time the real important thing is to create a context where you use the language meaningful. I’m also want to say that I’m looking forward to seeing Daniel and his staff soon in Colombia

  33. sabri, Jordan says:

    Realy I was fascinated by this video, actually I teach a non native speaker who speaks Spanish, so I could realize their faults and mistakes because they translate into Spanish and then reproduce it in English therefore they make mistakes like I can’t to make or He must to come.
    I particularly appreciated the school director’s observation about how English is dramatically speard in Spain during 50s and 60s among ladies.
    I highly appreciate a lot English Club and Daniel in particular to share with us this alive material and benefit from the mistakes they commit.

  34. samuel says:

    Hi !!!!!
    The video i watched was so interesting.I have never watched this kind of video ever since i was born.I learnt so many things in video clip.
    Once again i appreciate what you acted
    samuel okoji

  35. iara jardim says:

    I always enjoy Danel’s videos and I always look forward to the next one.They are really good and show us a different approach of how to learn and teach the language.

    Keep on with the excellent work.

  36. mustafa says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the job, fantastic and really useful. I’ve learned so many useful things since Ijoined your wonderful

    program and Iam still waiting for more. thanks alot for what you are doing

  37. Monica says:


    I really enjoyed watching this video. It was an eye-opener due to the comments by learners about speaking in the target language. A job very well done thanks for the documentaries.


  38. Daniel Emmerson says:

    Thank you all so very much for your comments. I am really pleased to find out that you are enjoying The Learning English Video Project. As you may have seen from the other films we have released, each one has its own stlye and objective. Please remember that there are still three more films to come!
    Best wishes and thank you once again for your support.

  39. michelle yang says:

    Hi :
    I love this video very much ,and it makes me feel comfortable about learning English .I am always thaught that I am not native and try to be as great as Americans . It’s not easy so I feel frustrated sometimes .Even I study every day I still understand “it’s impossible ” ,now I know the best way to learn is not only writing and reading ,but also have to speak .
    The English club really helps me so much ,gives me a chance to practice English in different ways . Thanks a lot for this wonderful vedio .=)

  40. John Currin says:

    I would love to watch your video but maybe it is blocked here in China, is it on YouTube or Vimeo, if so it is blocked. Viddler is not blocked here. Maybe it is just me or my computer

  41. antonio says:

    hi folks firstly i

    hi folks! first of all I’d like to thank to the lord god for you all because people like you all are responsible by that site that has helped all of u learners of English. I’ve been Effortting myself in that language and this is very important for me an others people. so bye for now . from Brazil to the wolrd

  42. Piroska Varga says:

    Dear Mr.Essberger,
    Thank you very much that I can be a member of English Club.Your videos and e-mails help me a lot to develop my English knowledge.
    They are interesting and give me opportunity not only to read but
    to listen and to understand real English text.
    It would be very good if you could make a video on Budapest and
    meet Hungarian teachers mostly in middle schools.English is the most popular foreign language here in Hungary.But I don’t agree with
    method what they use and often choose that kind of English books
    which are not good to learn everyday English .Children after 10 years
    can’t speak. Thank you again your help. Best regards Piroska

  43. Isabel says:

    As always, thanks a lot English Club and Daniel to share with us this alive material. It is very important to realise that people around the world have the same interest of learning English, and as I can see in this and other videos we have almost the same problem to speak English. But I am sure we are in the correct way…..Thank you again and God bless you.

    Keep in touch!!

  44. Catanho says:

    Howdy people from all over!
    Once again, the EnglishClub has provided us a very interesting look at teaching/learning the English language in Granada.

    I myself tell my students over and over again to try to think in English rather than worrying so much to translate each word, each sentence. I do my best to start conversations in English at the very beggining of the class, you know, simple dialogues as in greeting. Having them get used to use the language in a spontaneous way. But of course, this is a very long road, so…as long there´s a will there´ll be a way specially for us, those who love guiding our students (I prefer the word “guide” to “teach”)

    Very nice job, EnglishClub!

  45. dawood says:

    Hi… I’m very glad to watch this video,, this is a new knowledge for me,, hopefully I can learn more from this site,, I look forward to see your project again, thank you very much.

  46. Alexandre says:

    Wonderful video. I think this is the best since the biggining of the serie. Practice makes perfection, as that old saying states. The city looks very beautiful and the interwievs were very well done. Great hint that one told by the Spanish girl who teaches English. People spend much time to learn English grammar and lists of vocabulary but this doesn’t work at the moment we have to speak.

  47. julio rausch says:

    thanks for the video. it´s very interesting and helpful. i will try to “spread” to all of my friends “english language interested”…

  48. Eric says:


    From the evocative images of Granada to the revealing interviews with Spanish students, this short documentary captures the spirit of learning English in 21st century Spain. I especially appreciated the school director’s observation about how English allowed women in the 1950s a way to expand their choices. All in all, a surprising and quite satisfying micro-documentary for English teachers, students, and language school administrators.

    May I also make a minor suggestion for future editions? A short quote emphasizing the importance of English for members of the EU opens the film, and cites Wikipedia. Why not quote the primary source for the EU statistics? Along with language skills, English teachers – at least at the high school and university levels – often need to emphasize academic standards. Wikepedia, a popular but uneven secondary source, is less persuasive than the primary source.
    Or so it seems to me.

    Again, thank you for the excellent documentary and good luck with the on-going project!

  49. hussein says:

    hi, reayly i wached very good english conversation , i got many keys of english learning, it,s very funy i’m very interested video learning english project
    i am happy if you send me more video
    i look forward to hear you again


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