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Divided Kingdom

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Please leave your comments and opinions on Divided Kingdom.

11 Comments on “Divided Kingdom”

  1. David says:

    I don’t care where you come from because we are friends. Please don’t thinking about their skin colour. We live together in the peace

  2. Mike says:


    My class was completely absorbed in the video and it sparked VERY lively discussion after viewing. I found the video to be extremely well done and we all found it very convincing. It seems that everyone involved really worked well together to convey a message that our world desperately needs to hear… over and over…

  3. MJ says:

    All countries share ethics. The movie describes the racism little straightforwardly, but it is sad that some countries still have prejudice to other colors or religions. Thank you for the great film!

  4. In this life,what matter most is the way you make people feel(either good or bad).No matter who you are,you are mandated with somepeople whom you cannot escape.Always make them feel the way they should in the normal time.

  5. Oliva Peralta says:

    No matter where you go or where you come from, what matters is who you are and how you make people feel when you are there

  6. Bouzid says:

    we’re different, we’re bound to know each other and to build a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and understanding. Nice video, thanks.

  7. Sara says:

    I missed to thank its production crew.

  8. Sara says:

    Divided shapes and langauges but feelings and humanity still the same!

  9. Charan Jit says:

    There are always two worlds out there. One divided and another united. It is always there, It was always there, and It will be always remained united.

  10. +1 “We live in a divided world.”
    World is divided

  11. Carlos Augusto says:

    We live in a divided world.

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