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  1. Milana says:

    This video is very useful when learning English. It reveals all the possibilities of living in an English family . living with the family, we learn a lot about traditions, customs, cooking and much more. Homestay is also a support for you. I would like to experience such an experience.

  2. Valeriya says:

    I liked the video. I think that this is a good experience and you should not miss this opportunity. I would like to participate in this system to raise my level of English and learn something new about the country, about the culture and everyday life of ordinary people.

  3. Anastasiia says:

    This is a very informative video.
    With this video, I realized what it was like to live abroad in a homestay.
    Families can teach you a lot. There you will learn about traditions and customs. You will learn to cook and will take care of you. I would like to experience such an experience.

  4. José says:

    I consider that living in other country you can learn more experience, also you can exchange differents culture, sport and other activities that will help you to develop the knowlegde, training different aspect of grammar like: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We hope to have the same oportunities because is the best choices to refine the pronuntiation and increase the knowlegde in english.


  5. Serkan says:

    I went EF manchester for 22 weeks. I believed for British Family side. But everything is disappointed. You will live with an imigrant citizen. Their house is very dirty, untidy, unconfortable and you can not eat anything at home. Please If you think about language education in the UK, you have to check every think. Because there big lier.

  6. Prasit says:

    This video is a very motivational pertaining to learning the English language. One of the best thing that Homestay is a good support to adapt the language very fast including English culture. It could be wiser if we see the day to day conversation during roundtable dinner time.

  7. Nirinkume says:

    Very interesting video and home-stay is very useful tool for learning, speaking English.

  8. David says:

    i love this video, i saw and my heart say me, you need to live in a homestay life, i think thats a great girls experience.

  9. Florabel Matsukawa says:

    I played this video several times and I love watching it,hearing those students their experience as a homestay.
    Going to Cambridge is my dream…,you are all lucky and blessed!

  10. Ahmed says:

    thank you its really encouraged me for learning English language!

  11. Jievins says:

    I am a Chinese, there so many barriers that if I want to communicate with others who speak English because of the politic. I can’t use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on. Just now, I want to watch the video on the and, I can’t access it, or there service are not available in my area. And, so, here, I want to make some friends, the best you are a native English speaker, or not, you are try to learn English. I wait for your message.

  12. bayarmaa says:

    hi I’m from mongolia in gobi. I think english is the most widespread language in the world. This video help students who want to study english well. Don’t give up learning english. I wish best wishes all for you.

  13. Cisse says:

    I’m very happy, this video is good for me but I have litle speak english.
    Thank you

    I need your help to improve my english.

  14. Sopagna says:

    I’m an Cambodian. I was really enjoy with this video clip. I’m so interested. After I watched I feel good, I want to study English at there and want to live with British English family that call homestay. How can I study there? Could you tell me about some informations?
    Thanks 🙂

  15. Nermin says:

    Really,that’s great,i listened it,watched it and also translated at the same time..Oh,so enjoyable,i worked as interpreter..:) Thanks for this video project.At the next video,firstly i’ll listen it without subtitles and after watching and listening , i’ll watch listen it with subtitles..i think,if i wanna improve my English i must often follow these videos ..Thanks so much,i liked English club.

  16. ibrahim says:

    this site it`s very very good teach and thank you for you .i have not more from word to i thank you.please i want feel with i have present .but how i do that and i want get to word in my memory. please you give me best way for it

    in end speech thanks a lot

  17. shazia aziz says:

    its really a great job & really i am learing english & i like to watch video & its very intersesting

  18. shazia aziz says:

    its really a great job & really i am learing english & i like to watch video & ec chat thats really good

  19. jocelyn says:

    You made me realize to study more English Language. Great video and I learned lot from it.

  20. Andy says:

    i’d like to say,this website is very helpful for me to learning english,because it let me know how to learing english by myself, it including listening,speaking,reading and writing.
    thanks again for the peoples who made this website

  21. Andy says:

    wow, it is very wonderful video, i like it!
    thanks & regards

  22. maria muñoz says:

    thanks english club for show us that video and they tell how is the way to learn english .I think it was very interesting to have heard those happy students and i would like also continue study and learn here from argentina.
    I would like to be there.
    Thank you so much…

  23. Jessy says:

    The video really good. Thanks for sharing so good material. We got the opinion how to learn a foreign language more efficient! Thanks!

  24. Enas says:

    This video is very awesome .

  25. Ng Chi Fai says:

    I found this video extremely useful!It is so great.
    I am going to the Cambridge in around 29th September this year,and I choose to stay in the home stay too,so this video provides the general view of the life of living with host family.Besides,I feel Cambridge is so beautiful!The buildings are so romantic and elegant!

    I share the same view as the last girl saying that you ought to be open,don’t bring your world into it.I think international students should be eager to learn and adapt some new things!To be open-minded!

    thanks so much for English Club to produce such a great video program.

  26. Sona says:

    Dear English club 🙂 thak you for everything! I improve my English with your help and I really want to know how can I find an English family, were I can stay in summer…

  27. Madina says:

    I want to thank for the English club.I am pleased with you very much.But I have a quastion.Can I study in England.If your answer is yes What must Ido fort it?Thank you in advance!With best wishes Madina!

  28. ahmed says:

    Amazing programme , i like these encounters very much

  29. ladysabrina says:

    Hi,i really like this video & it is very helpful for me since i am an English student,i think it is also useful for the foreign students in which this video gives us an idea about the homestay’s programme.UNfortunatly, here in Algeria,responsibles do not deal with this programme.In the end,i think this programme gives a real opportunity to students in order to be open to new way of life & culture in England.& thank you again.

  30. Saleem Awabdeh says:

    I think this kind of programmes home stay has been working well in Jordan,because private and public schools send students and teacher of English to practice their language with the mother tongue speakers.also we have American volunteers from Peace Corps help students and teachers of English in their teaching at school and the social community too in villages in case they can’t go outside Jordan for financial problems .
    S0 this type of videos help us a lot but not as home stay .
    Thanks a lot

  31. Muhammad Nabeel says:

    Its very informative and amazing video…This kind of video helpful for English Learner and I looking forward more videos like that…

  32. Bandu Ranawaka says:

    I also like to connect this english lerning programme

  33. M. Alessandra Agostini says:

    I’m writing this comment because I appreciated it a lot. Actually, I think that living in Great britain should be the best choice for a student. In my experience, I started it late, when I already had my degree.
    It’s very important to forget the Italian food and to appreciate typical English food, especially in pubs where you can meet other people or you can go there with your friends.
    “Travelling broadens up your mind” was the title of one of my compositions at the University in Milan. It’s really very TRUE!!!
    You have to adapt yourself to the country, to the family, to your teachers, so you’ll enjoy your stay forever.
    I have a very beautiful souvenir of my homestay in 1981 when I met my German friend Rita and we are writing in these days as during the first years.
    The school was the best of my choices and we were a very great cosmopolite family!!! I had a very clever Australian teacher of English and a very sensitive English teacher.
    I love it all!!!!!
    I can’t forget those days!!!
    I didn’t want to come back to Italy!!!.
    So, boys and girls, go to Great Britain, improve your English, meet new people and enjoy yourselves!!

  34. Nawab Ali says:

    This video introducing & help us home stay programe help us as foregineer.
    Thank you for your videos & lessons.

    Best Regards,

    Nawab Ali

  35. basanaa says:

    wow, thank you very much for taking such a time introducing to us to home stay pro-gramme , which would be useful to the foreign student to know how does it look like,
    I enjoyed watching it.
    best regard,

  36. sajjad ali says:


  37. Luciano says:

    It’s great, excellent!!!
    I’m going to show this movie to a student that’s going abroad next month.

  38. hiwot says:

    Thank you it’s really intersting and helpful.

  39. luis says:

    thanks ,it’s very useful to learn english .it’s a simple way to improve our knowledge,listening,speaking,writing and reading about english language besides someone will be able to know more english culture. really it’s very helpful for people who want to become english speakers.
    share many videos ………………..thanks a lot

  40. Monika says:

    This film is really excellent! Worth watching to find out about homestay and to listen to students who experience so much in foreign country. Congrtulations to the author:-)))

  41. Amira says:

    This video is the best! It provides questions and answers besides wonderful information about Cambridge; the British envirnment. I hope the next ones will be as good as this one. The previous ones were also good!
    Thank you very much!

  42. guoyu says:

    After readng this text ,I know something about person who is staying abord .

  43. Ahmad Belaal says:

    my openion is this that it is a good matter for all who study English in Cambridge University so that my comment is this that it is better that i study there so plz send all conditions and plz give me an advice for this matter,bye

  44. hind eshaq says:

    It is a very lovely video, actually . I hope one day I could go to England and study in Cambridge. Thank you again Josef. I hope to new other videos.

    Hind Eshaq- Jordan

  45. Sultan Ahmed says:

    Great!!I think it is very interesting and useful for students to learn that there is such an opportunity to learn effectively foreign language.people learning English as the second language.

  46. ihab says:

    It’s an interesting experience and very useful I hope that I try one day homestay cambridge thank a lot Mr.Daniel

  47. Monika says:

    Thank you Daniel for this fascinating video!
    This film pleased me the best from all,a really nice job!
    I wish my daughter could enjoy the advantages of homestay in Cambridge,in the future.
    My best regards:

  48. Liudmila says:

    Thanks a lot for a nice video film. It could be a real motivation for the young people not only master English,but be able to understand and feel the country the language they study. A homestay programm contributes greatly to this process, providing students both with the security in a family and friendly assistance in learning things.

    Best Regards

  49. Sunho says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful product with hundreds of English leaners here. I have lived in Australia for more than three years now and have been sharing a house with local people. I think if you go anywhere where English is being spoken as a first language and live with local you should be understanding the accent or ways of speech in other English speaking countries, such as U.S. or Canada. I am sure that it would happen because I do have expearience about it.
    So the conclusion is that you do not have to go to Cambridge in U.K. to be flunet or be perfect in your English.

  50. SAMUEL says:

    Great! Iwish I would have seen something of the kind, just before being a homestay myself. It would have been very useful. Congratulations, once more for your work!

  51. selma says:

    This video show me how important to live in England or USA in terms of learning english (to be fluent) one more time. This video is not only to make a pracrise it is also a good way in order to be lightened. Especially I found Joy’s and the last previous student’s comments good to me.
    It doesn’t seem available to me going there.So I have to find another solution to be fluent.
    Thanks to this video, it is very good to those people who is looking for a effective method for self-training.In addition, it is good reasoned to its text showed beside the film. It provides easy tracing.
    By the way, May you prepare other some applicable advices to people under self-training in their country ? I know there are a lot of advices in the net but there is still something missing.:)))

  52. shanthi. says:

    Dear sir,

    I am shanthi from India, i am very much interested to learn English from Ur website, but my bad luck now i don’t have any job, still we means me and my husband very much suffering with out money, i cont consent rate in your subject. what to do please help me.

  53. Rebekka says:

    This video is really good, i enjoyed it. I would like to see myself as a successful linguist in my country in the near future.

  54. nair R P says:

    This video has been very useful for me. I am training students in India, who are proceeding to London for higher studies there. There is one UK Induction course for those students. So, when I teach them UK Fact file, transportation in London and about living with money in London, I have to explain with my resources/brochures collected during my short stay in London.
    Your video has given me a lot of new information about Cambridge, home stays there, lifestyles, habits of students and hosts and so on. Thank you so much for the invitation to watch this excellent production. Congratulations!

  55. Carlos says:

    I would like to go to Cambridge and do a homestay year. I think it’s a great experence because you’re interacting with culture,society and language.

  56. Millie says:

    Enjoyed watching this video. Without doubt probably one of the most effective ways of learning English (or any other foreign language). Students seemed to have immersed themselves in not only the English language as such, but also a temporary acceptance of another culture in order to meet their goals.
    Well done!

  57. Bipa says:

    Dear Josef, thanks a lot for your films. They are so helpful for us, people learning English as the second language. I would like to show them to my students and then discuss them.Your films are often better than dull textbooks. We lack live English, the language of ordinary people, and not the one spoken by the Queen, the TV…, though correct literary English is as well necessary.

  58. curly says:

    Loved it. Wish I was young again and I would have done the exact same thing. I think I’ll show this to my students and persuade them to go…
    Or maybe homestay should be available for people teaching English!

  59. Rana says:

    Thank you for your invitation to watch the subject video film, which is really a great exposure of your sincere efforts and crystal clear picture of your success in offering various English courses world-wide. Truly speaking, for me ‘homestay’ is quite a new thing, very informative film and appealing to recommend prospective scholars if they can get benefit from your valued courses. Hope to have more similar videos in future and your constant consideration.

    Thank you once again for your courtesy and wish you the best. With my special regards to the Founder and its Community.

  60. Alla says:

    Thank you for such a great video project. It is very interesting and useful for students to learn that there is such an opportunity to learn effectively foreign language. Thank you.

  61. Sorida Duran says:

    It’s a very interesting video, through it we can know about the posibilities that we have to learn English and this is the best way to do it. Being in contact with the language during the whole day in a familiar and confortable environment. I would like my daughter could have an experience like this. Thanks for the valuable information.

  62. Suja says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot.

  63. Elena says:

    I think it is very powerful and interesting. I’ve just watched this film three times this morning. I very pleased this film.

    If I would younger, I would come to Cambridge to learn English in homestay program because I think it is by far the most powerful method.

  64. Ida Bagus Gede Sutarja says:

    This is a very good video and I’m sure that teachers and students will enjoy learning english using this video.

  65. yanti ismiyati says:

    well,i have problem in internet conection i could not wath the video.but i could read the conversation.Indonesia is my country but y dream to study in abroad never died..English is one of the best pronounciation in the world..because if i hear English accent is so clear and easy to understand…i wish i can reach my dream to study in abroad ,see and touch people cultural with my own point of view.nice experience really..but just dream for woman like me who does not have money to go…

  66. Aneta says:

    Super videos!

  67. myriam gorguos says:

    thanks a lot for this interesting and usefull video!

  68. Gemmie Kwok says:

    Wow! another good video! I enjoyed watching this one too. I think homestay is the great way for international college students to learn and practice speaking English with their homestay families.

    I especially agree with Michaela, the Czech Republic student, who said that the best way to learn the second language is to live it and not to bring your world (culture and everything) with you.

    Thank you for such a great video project.

    Gemmie Kwok
    ELD teacher, Arcadia, California

  69. agt says:

    I think it was very interesting to have heard those happy students
    telling us the best way to take real practice in English, perhaps it
    is an important opportunity to learn effectively any language.
    I would like to be there.
    Thank you

  70. Piroska says:

    This video gives very useful advice for Hungarian students abaut
    homestay arrangement in the UK.I have forwarded it to some
    teachers who teach English.
    English is the most popular foreign language here in Hungary.
    It would be very good if Daniel Emmerson could make a documentary
    film not only in Romania but in Hungary,in Budapest too.
    Hungarian-English teachers also need advice how to develop their
    method and what is the student’s opinion abaut it.Beside these
    Budapest is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europa.
    Thank you for your videos and lessons.
    Best regards,

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