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Your Comments on Ghosts

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  1. portia says:

    why the brother killed him? is this brother the ghost? Why did he fast, not eat/

  2. EnglishClub says:

    For subtitles, please use the CC button/control.

  3. fauziah says:

    are the old man and the dog ghost?? and why the older brother kill his younger brother??

  4. Rosel says:

    My gooodnessss….the shot shook my eardrums!! lol.. It’s a bit vague..the real story ended by fighting off the ghost of sins and he didn’t actually kill his brother.

  5. sammar says:

    I don’t believe that so I thank it is speculations but it is interesting

  6. claire BRAJON says:

    great animation. I’d like to work on it with my students, is there any way I could get the subtitles? thanks

  7. Iman Amer says:

    It is a little strange, vague but interesting.

  8. Fatimah says:

    This is good animation and I like the picture and the sound system is perfect like I am watching in a theater. The gunshots startle me, this is fantastic. I have a question who shoot ?

  9. Charan Jit says:

    Ditto! same thing came to my mind. Why he kills his brother…

  10. Holly C says:

    i wish it had subtitles on it

  11. carlos morales IIB says:

    The video…so weird, but i almost like the story ,and i still without know why he kill his brother. The ghosts…a reporter man from the news that his brother told him to go to his home and see if is true a rumour of ghosts in his house. So they talk about it, then they eat and the reporter man go to see if it was true…and it was! but then he kill his brother (wear).

  12. Saulo says:

    a bit strange 🙂

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