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    I am interested in the video that I saw just made me realize the importance of English for business working world political economy in particular areas of law eg china countries highly value and importance speak English really amazed and can imitate.I salute really great video and really good china country

  2. Tania Moreno says:

    This video is very interesting because through Chinese culture, is the importance of managing a second language such as English, so you can develop better communication with other countries and people who live there.

    therefore, many felt that the English language was very important to their lives, especially for those who work in airlines or known through this language to others, We understand the music that comprises this language, among many others important aspects that leads to learning, manage and study the language for everyday communication in development.

    whereas the English at a professional level it has become necessary for everyone, not just for the development of communication, but because vijar to other countries in our studies we can defend ourselves to live and at the same time learn new things.

  3. katherin monroy says:

    this video is very interesting because show how the english is the most important language for comunicate and have a important position in all the world.somethings the people thinks tha learning english is dificult but the key is study, practice in a time of the day and “never say die”.
    Also show with this language allows know documentation,works and copes in the bussiness,fly to the others countries.
    I think that this is a interesting example about how do the chinesse people leart english and know their methods , problems and advices in the learning process.
    finally I think that the teachers have must know this language and to provide their students an education that recognizes the reason for learning a language and its importance for social life.

  4. Jennifer Andrea Cabrera Muñoz says:

    This video shows the importance of learning English as a language that allows us to establish personal relationships with people from all over the world, just as it is very interesting because this language has become a language that opens opportunities for all people either industrial or academic issues.
    Similarly, this video shows aspects of learning English, enabling students to come into English through experiences, setting goals and even experiencing his own achievements and difficulties, so the teacher provides suggestions for improving communication in the language.
    In this sense it is also important to note that Chinese speakers are aware of the demands of today and that is why they practice it as a global need that is essential for society.

  5. Leidy Viviana Agudelo says:

    this video shows us the importance of learn english for all the world, since the english is a universal language which enables us to travel to other countries and helps us communicate with people in these countries; also know english enables communication with foreigners who visit our country in this case Colombia, which also helps to increase social relations. The video shows how Chinese people take pride in learning English and they also do very well, since this people able to appropriate the language in a spectacular way, and they think always in the usefulness of the language in relation with their context, so that their learning is significant.
    however, often causes us laziness learn another language, but is importate consider that learning English is necessary for the preset and the future.

  6. sandra milena garcia says:

    find it very interesting how they decide to learn English because it is necessary for them every day and that an independent mind that the work they perform nesesita what is the universal language. Spring Airlines is part of the first low cost airline in China and also is a successful international airline, the company has insisted that all employees learn to speak English fluently. The CEO of Spring Airlines, Zhang Xiuzhi, has set the bar very high. She began learning English from scratch “18 months before the interview for this film. Like most language learners, the main obstacle to the CEO is to find time to study. Zhang tasked English to bed at night studies and even in your car.
    Leer fonéticamente
    Diccionario – Ver diccionario detallado

  7. Martin Silva says:

    Hi everyone, im an english student and i think that this video show us that the english lenguage is once of the most imporant lenguage in the world so, many ppl in diferents countries try to learn english coz is so many companies need a lot of ppl who can speak the global lenguage. like this video show us the english lenguage its very important because there are so many companies, but no comun companies, there are so many multinational companies that need to export and import ur products or many service to other countries. there, in china, every chinese ppl need to understand englis lenguage because most of products that they use, are from USA or Europe so this ppl learn english every time, they need to talk whit american ppl. so its very important to all of us if u want to work in other country or in a multinational company its really important to start to learn english. it is no late to learn english. only u have to be a constant person if u want some day to be a manager of a huge company, or maybe be the big boss of ur company. its not hard to learn, if u have a parthner that like to learn english too, so try to speak whit that person, or if u know someone native of english lenguage its so good coz him or her can help u if u have any problem with grammar or listening or about pronunciation. i liked to play a online video game and the ppl who play with me all of them speak english, no more, so learn a little of english, so little english lol, whith this videogame. the most helpful thing to learn english is talking with other american person or who can speak a lot of english.
    srry about my poor english im just learning it!

  8. Vera says:

    Dear Daniel, thanks a lot for your nicely shot advertisement for my students
    why to learn English, how to do it and how not to be afraid to speak up, even making mistakes. I would try to watch this film with my students and
    discuss it. Thank You !

  9. arwa says:

    thanx alot for all vedios … i loved it is very useful

  10. Cherry says:

    I am a Chinese learner,too.English has the leading position in the modern society.Now I am trying hard to learn English in Singapore.China attachs English.In our country,we have a college entrance examination every year,English exam is as important as Chinese exam and Maths exam.Many companies need people of English ability as they need to contact with foreign trade partner.Most students learn that because some want to go abroad and the rest want to take high marks in every exam.But I think we Chinese education in English is incomplete.Teachers just teach students grammar,vocabulary,comprehension,but they can’t teach students to speak,listen.So many students can’t speak English fluently and even some excellent students can’t listen English news very clearly.We lack an environment that many people speak English,we just speak it in English class and after class,we forget it and never say it.I think teachers must let us find English is interestingn and we build confidence ourselves.But now,with the Internet and some different English classes,compatriots have a little oral English ability,that is not enough.I think we may develop our English rapidly in our future.

  11. amel tazi says:

    Amel from chlef/algeria.
    Thak you so much our teacher for all what you offer us
    like video /listening
    But i would like to ask you to give us a pportunity to speak please
    your faithfull learner

  12. safa says:

    thank you It was so interesting video it can help us to improve our languge beside that it nice to understand people they are not in your socity but languge can help people they are work becuase they use it all the time , poeple who doesnot work and Engkish not there mother languge what can they do

  13. Martha Cecilia Jimenez says:

    Insights from China – “Never say die”
    This video shows aspects of English learning around the world by asking learners about their experiences, goals, difficulties, methods and achievements. Besides, hearing tips and advice from learners and teachers in a world where English Language is very necessary and important to: business and to communicate with foreigner people.
    In this case, English is important in the aviation industry because it’s the only common language, all the information, all the equipment and other things…is all English, so we have to learn English and we must improve this language in order to transmit better knowledge in the students.

    Martha Cecilia

  14. Nucha says:

    Hi Daniel and others …

    Sorry,I am late in this vedio as low speech internet at my place .I have just finished it and wanna say ” well done”. Shanghai is a big city and most people give importantly to learn English.I love people try the best to learn new languages such as English,like a speaking baby in the begining ,but the langauge will grow by day to day sure.Just don’t give up before…

    Thank you for making me learn how people think about English in many countries that you did the project. Waiting to the next vedio.


  15. Syamsuddin says:

    Now I want to download some videos but the pictures cannot be seen or they cannot apeear. I cannot watch them. Why ? Help me,please.

  16. mandana says:

    hello dear sir

    I am so eager to watch the videos but unfortunetly i could’nt open & watch them . ( I live in Iran , Tehran ). by the way i’m really thankful for your kindness. be successful

  17. Nuzul Andi says:

    Nice video…. It helped me understand how the people in other country, in this case is Chinese people learn English. They’re realize that recently English is very important for their live. They start learning English as a must in this global era. This made me aware that I must also improve my English. Further, I have to learn English continuously in order to master it well. I must be active join English Club to practice my English. English club is one of many ways to enhance our English. A big thanks for English club!

  18. Carmen Aguilera says:

    I love your videos because besides helping improve my student’s listening skill, they also provide a cultural part.

  19. Ernane Trindade says:

    LEARNING – We can learn anything. We can learn English. In the first place we have to hear. HEARING is the most important. After that we can SPEAK, READ, and WRITE. We have to learn anything as if we want to please somebody. As it was the most important thing in our life. Somebody that is very special. We must have the most possible attention to the desired subject that in this case is TO LEARN. If we did not need to eat, to sleep, to rest, and if we then could dedicate 24 hours by day to learn English, for example, that language would be learned easily. We have the WILL POWER. With our WILL we can do anything. Let’s put our WILL to work.

  20. Ernane Trindade says:

    LEARNING – We can learn anything. We can learn English. In the first place we have to hear. HEARING is the most important. After that we can SPEAK, READ,

  21. Nery says:

    Hello teacher!
    The video shows the importance of learning English in the development of the economy as well: in trade, industry, travel agencies and finance in the world.
    The video as a way to learn English is a good method because it is nice and the student has the opportunity to hear directly from the pronunciation, intonation and view images, culture and increasing interest, focuses on the direct use of language rather than grammatical explanations

    I have not had the opportunity to use the videos as a methodology for teaching English because in the institution where I work space is not time to go to the computer room.
    Good bye.
    Nery Leonor Burbano

  22. Mirta says:

    Learn English is the key for success.I´ve made my professional life using English as a Tourist Guide. I´ve always had such success with all kinds of tourists just because I`ve gotten in touch in English. I loved this video and all the advice given. It made me remember my dear teachers when they encouraged me to improve.

  23. Jacob says:

    So amazing, so inovative. This movie couldn’t have come out at a better time than this. Thank you for the great work that you are doing to help the world speak one language. Keep up the good work.

  24. Maria Alessandra Agostini says:

    I appreciated the Chinese video very much, because we can realize that China is not so far!!!! I think they understood that their important native language is spoken only in their country; they are changing; their business is more and more important in the world.
    So they changed methods for learning another language and they are very determined, especially young people (like the boy who spoke about the importance of listening to British musicians); I agree with him. My best students were very interested in music and they wanted to translate the lyrics.
    I also appreciated the importance of safety in the aviation and the will they want to put into learning English (also going by car and listening to tapes in it!!!). Very interesting. I always think that the Italian people don’t think like Chinese people, so we are behind!!!!!!! them!!!!

  25. fawad says:

    i found this video very improves not only our listening but also shows the fact that english is an important language of world.

  26. Neil Barker says:

    Interesting video and well done. I think the fact that you used so many comments from English language learners makes this such a great video for others learning English. There are so many great pieces of advice about language learning. Thanks. My two favourites were: (1) Practice, practice, practice! (2) It’s about the content.

  27. Solomon says:

    Hello everybody, I am the guy who is one of the players in this film. Thank you for your encourage and attention. Especially, I am so gratitude to Mayumi who like my motto very much.

  28. Mayumi says:

    What strikes me the best is the last message of one of the interviewee…

    ” I decided to learn English, so I must never say die”

    Thank you so much for this video. Because of it my motto in learning English has gotten into stronger than ever before…You made us believe that we can achieve our goal as long as there is a strong desire to learn it and the passion for it…

  29. biljana says:

    thank you for this video, it’s very interesting and this is the best part I’ve seen till now.The best thing here is that chinese people never give up of their learning although it’s not easy all the time, so that’s why I think this video has got a good massage for all of us.

  30. rıdvan says:

    This is a great video. i liked it very much. i think it will help to inglish learners a lot like me.

  31. Kevin says:

    Hi to all,

    This video from China is very inspiring, it realy shows the importance of the English language in many different aspects. You can notice beside all the difficulties from the learners they are happy to acquire this second language, it will help them at work, it will connect them with foregin people and will make them notice by the rest of the world. Other point that is important is to realize at language is about, and on this film you get this feeling, you can see that they are not affraid to learn, and even though some of them aren´t young they are putting a lot of effort to continue absorbing english. Congratulations to all persons involved to make this video happen, I have many more comments to do but would be very extensive but thanks to this wonderful content we can share in one same language what is happening around the world

  32. farid says:

    Hi everyone.
    i liked this website too much, i am new in this website .
    i can say before i couldnot write or speak or read english. but now i can…

  33. Samuel says:

    Very interesting and enriching. The effort made to film these videos have been worth while from my point of view as a teacher of English, since it gives you different approaches of the learning process from the point of view of learners from varied parts of the world

  34. najla says:

    we in saudi arabia need to penefet from other experiences and chinese show that they learn english in aprropper way

  35. rajan t t says:

    Dear Daniel
    recently i watched your vedio Really it is very useful, especially those
    who wants to study a new language.It provides them full confidence in
    doing something My congratulations

  36. RECEP says:

    i think this and these kind of videos are very important because we , the speaker of english as a second language, can learn with new speaking styles and how people around world speak and use it. So thanks for this video

  37. lpd says:

    thacx! Iam great in need of it

  38. Sara Beatriz says:

    This video is very important. I loved it, because help me to continue learn each more. I liked the advices about lack of time to study English. English is the language more spoken in the world. I love English. Congratulations. Thanks for send me this video.

  39. naiyana says:

    dear daniel

    thank you very much for all of your’s video. I watched every videos from English club. it can help me to see varity culture and I know that English is very important for everyone

  40. sharon says:

    i have downloaded the film, and i would let my students watch the film about ourself; let them know more about english learning in China, it’s quite interesting thing, and i wish there will be more such films about different countries, thank you .

  41. samuel says:

    hi Daniel thank you for your sending little story about non native english speaker it’s interesting, i hope you can send more.

  42. Kamran Lashari says:

    Realy i am suprised to watch the videos that how much they r hard working china people..
    thanks for English Club you give us good environment
    thanks a lot , Kamran Lashari

  43. Monika says:

    Thank you for sending me an invitation link.I’m sorry for being so late,I started to see it twice already,but couldn’t finish.
    Bravo Daniel,it’s a well directed and edited film,I found it really inspiring.
    It is highly motivating to see such zealous learners,I like your choice of performers.I think too,that the most important thing is to practice,practice,practice.Even if your pronunciation is not perfect,don1t be afraid to communicate.I envy the persistence and hard work of Chinese people,and their positive thinking.
    I should also keep in mind the motto of my favourite performer from this film(I do appreciate his efforts):Never say die!

  44. mr.j.abbass says:

    this video project is really useful to me and othres as well
    lot of thanks to englishclub team for this video to providing to us

  45. Reza says:

    Hello Daniel.
    I saw all of the released projects till now,so the last one was in class A like the others!! you are really director. 🙂 (I’m eager to see the next one 😉 )
    I need to say thanks for all your effort my friend.
    I went to shanghai in last year and saw something like you described.
    But i have a suggestion about your next project.
    I think, to get the best result in every cases we need analyze two important aspect of the last approaches in the case, like the advantage and disadvantage or drawback and … of the last approaches.
    I know we have a big problem in our country in learning english,maybe highlighting these problems can be helpful for others to recognizing and choose the best way to reach to the goal of improving english.

  46. Bemori says:

    I very like presentation of this video. This is like new method to improve my English. On this video, Chines peoples show how is very important English in the world.

  47. Ana Isabel Amado de v. says:

    The video “English inside China is great opportunity to see and analize that there are many people who are in the same intention: to learn English, and have the same problems like ours, in my city. Their experiences improbe our motivation to continue our learning English and imprube it in our students.

    Thanks. I’m trying to be better day by day
    Ana Isabel

  48. Dwi says:

    Just from the title, I’VE ALREADY GOT INTERESTED. I’m not Chinese but I love China. I also learn Mandarin (Chinese language). I’m waiting for your movie about Indonesia.

  49. Nguyen Phuong says:

    I love China’s culture….

  50. M.Adaway says:

    I’d like to thank Danil for the effort done in this video project.This very good cultural English learning method attractive me and I believe that all teachers and learners pleasure with this method.

  51. Jeffrey Dillon says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I was just on the first page of the site and I think this is very cool! I want to download everything. It is very exciting. I want to learn more about this project. I taught Middle School in South Korea. I think I could have culled something from this program for the students. I hope you like this also!
    Jeffrey, in Taos, New Mexico, aka jeffreytaos, facebook, yahoo, etc.

  52. Veronica says:

    Hi, thank you very much for sending the invitation. I like the film very much, it really inspires to learn English. It shows that you shouldn’t be afraid of grammar or pronunciation mistakes. The most important thing is that you can understand what you are spoken to and be understood by others.

  53. Salim says:

    Before you present the first Person,i knew he is French…They speak English in a special way,they say words as if they are talking in French.
    In the video,It appears that companies from English speaking countries are also pushing people to learn English with all their stuff written in it which is so beneficial…making people learn English and at the same time the cultural background of its people.
    Thanks for your great efforts.

  54. thactruc says:

    It is a nice film. I like it very much. Thank you.

  55. Tara Benwell says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I love reading the viewer comments as I’m sure you do too. It’s great to see how these films inspire learners to keep plugging away. Insights from China is fantastic! Now I need to go and visit Shanghai.


  56. naima zouaid says:

    hello daniel
    thank you for this kind invitation.this a very interesting features how spontaneous chinese people are when it comes to learning a new language like english.i really like this video.
    cheers .

  57. Alberto Garcia says:

    Thanks for send me the invitation to see this film, I saw it and I apreciate that you have encouraging us to learn, congratulations for this work, well done!!

  58. Amjad Ali says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for preparing and sending me the link to such an informative series of short films. I found it very useful in various aspects.Thank you very much again.

  59. Iara Jardim says:

    Daniel’s videos are very interesting and illustrating.I do feel that the more we see those people making an effort to learn English the more we realise how important it is for all of us to be able to speak this very important language nowadays.

  60. Emel says:

    First of all, I must thank all these Chinese friends for reminding me that self-confident is very important while learning English.. And I congratulate them for speaking English without considering their wrong pronunciation or wrong grammar etc..

  61. Carlos Mora says:

    Oh, it was really good, I realise that accent and pronunciation are not that important, what you really need to be careful it’s about feel confident and speak your mind.

    Nice video.

  62. Loirto says:

    Very interesting! This video helped me see that I have ability to learn English. If the Chinese can, so can I!

  63. Ahmed says:

    That’s great informative content. Students, from everywhere can make use of such coherent subject to type professionally about why do they learn English. Chinese are the proof-speaking of what is important to learn English everyday:)

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