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  1. Robert Cubinelli says:

    I’m an English mother-tongue ESL \ Cambridge teacher and examiner in Italy, where we have many exchange students from Romania and other countries coming to the language centre where I work.
    I can safely say that, yes, Romanians speak perfect English. I find this project very gratifying and a useful tool in and out of the classroom. Keep up the good work.

  2. Maritza Meza Hernandez says:

    This video talk about: Why the Romanian speaks English so well? And what kind of tips they have used to improve their abilities to speak English?
    I think that this video is very interesting because show us different forms for learning English. For example: reading some books in English, listening to music, meet native speakers and speak with them.
    The reasons which the Romanian young people speak English so well are: They are very interesting in the language and the use what they like to learn; if you like to sing, you try to understand the songs you prefer or if you like to read, you can read deferent kinds of books that help you to learn deferent grammar rules and be familiar with different words and situations.
    One of them said that reading books helped him to improve his abilities in English, for me this is a method that aloud me to learn the language I like more than the traditional method. The most important in the learning is be interesting and dedicated and what ever you choose to learn.

  3. Iuliana says:

    I’ve just watched your video from Romania. Really nice of you. I would have liked to know the impresions that Romania left you guys. I am out of the country, I am in Mexico, and watching this video mad eme feel closer to my Bucharest.

  4. tam thanh ngoc nguyen (vietnam) says:

    oh ohhhhhhhhhhh,that’s so cool.i love it and i need more more video like that. thanks so much

  5. steer says:

    3rd message.after all,the alternation between the images,with peeling roofs and tin shops and the beautifully pronounced interviews does have a message-as a poem goes,Dont u know /that only mud-bottomed lakes/breed water lilies?Or in street vocabulary,dont judge a book by its covers.Or in T shirt language-Sometimes,MORE is less.comfort and richness at times breed nothing but boredom,laziness,slowness of the spirit.(and economic crisis).You know what they say Beethoven s mother was pretty insane and his dad a drunkard.The idea that can be squeezed out of here(for those who like to squeeze ideas out of everything)is that we humans should pay more attention to all poor children of history-that s where hope might come from,from the least expected places.There.Now we can go on playing

  6. steer says:

    im rather young,but I studied english in both regimes_i started as a student in the communist one and have continued to this day.This might entitle me to an opinion u might want to hear and learn from.In my opinion,Romanians DO happen to have extraordinary native ability to learn foreign must be smth in their brain…Another thing that helps tremendously is the fact that most shows in English are subtitled-not dubbed,and the Romanians are very open to the world-wE have Oprah,Mc leod s daughters,lots and lots of films-mostly what is on in the world.,we tend to have iton TV-therefore,we are generously exposed to hours and hours of listening to English,to lots of accents ,dialects,colloquial and formal styles-u name it.ONE thing I would like the whole world to consider is this_i think that,paradoxically,the study of English in Romania started to lose its quality with the advent of these new methods,ie the ones focusing on communication,easy,cheap dialogues,etc.There should be a measure of old style teaching,translating and grammar-some students simply learn this way-they are visual learners or really need repetition in order to learn certain things.If I were to start Chinese now.,i would definitely learn more if the teacher translated in my native tongue,not by letting me guess that certain sounds accompanied by a wave and a smile are very likely to mean Hello.actually,I think that only using the taught language in class is a mistake and a waste of time,frustrating and discouraging.Also,one thing we do in Romania-using Cambrige manuals meant for adults and mostly self study rather than simpler books ,with shorter texts and a more didactic approach (focusing on teaching,rather than testing)would be more effective.If u think Romanians have an excellent level of English,then please consider the fact that it is so including due to old school teachers of English,who were shaped through old school teaching techniques.We shouldnt be so fast in dismissing the old ,as the most mature of u would have already discovered.(Wouldnt it be nice if some ppl from our ministery of education read this too and their English were as good as our students”)have agood spring

  7. steer says:

    Ive just watched the video and read a few comments.What does poverty have to do with the topic of the video?It made me remember a video from Italy.A guy (who happened to be Romanian)was shot in an Italian subway.He was shot by accident,a bunch of Italians wanted to shoot a guy from a rival herd of Italians.For about half an hour the man lay on thecement of the italian subway ,with his wife yelling for help and waiting for the ambulance-and with NO Italian stopping to give them either help or attention.the guy died.I have often asked myself if this would have ever happened in Romania,you know,the country of Gypsy thieves and all those clichees(which ,of course,appear in this liittle video too).What good Italy s glamour-past and present-if it has led to nothing more than indifference to human life .i guess even animals would stop and sniff an wounded animal.,at least to see if they can eat the fallen one…So there.Its OK for any European to come to Romania,we can cater for all tastes.If what happened above is what civilisation means,Im sure we can cope with European standards.Moreover,our English is excellent

  8. Victory says:

    I will like to comment on providing enough teaching aid for the teaching of English.
    Nice job keep it up!

  9. Momen says:

    I think the most important step to learn english and speak it well is trying to talk to people in English as possible as you, try to spend your spare time speaking and reading english text in aloud and talk even to your self 🙂
    I think it helps alot, because i tried to do that and i’ve succeeded to improve my languague skills more than before!!

  10. M.Alessandra Agostini says:

    I’ve never been to Romania, even if I travelled a lot around Europe. Watching the video, I thought that Romania is still poor. Some images of it are quite miserable. Anyway, the English of the Romanian students was really excelllent, especially if I remember my Italian students and their pronunciation.
    Their advices were very interesting and they denote a real interest in learning English, a thing which is not common to the Italian students. I don’t know why, but I think they are overall lazy!!!!!

  11. Clara says:

    Thank you very much to all the organisers of this little educational trip to Romania! I am currently studying here, in England, and believe me it makes my heart pound seeing that there are actually people who want to improve our image as a post-communist country and show off that we have great people, with lots of potential and skills in spoken and written English Language.

    All my respect & all the best!

  12. mozhgan says:

    hello evry body
    lerning english is a great achievment for i hope to learn english as soon as posssible.
    best of luck

  13. selis says:

    wow! the movie just brighten my’s been long time since i graduated from my college i never maintain my english. i rarely read or hear english text and sound until i feel like a small frog in a box..i feel what i have with me is enough for me..then i realize i need to enrich and maintain my english skills otherwise i’ll loose for good..then i try to surf the internet to find the site which support my will..then i found english club..o thank you so much founder your EC has just saved my life!god bless you all..

  14. Corina says:

    Yeah…we have skills… and it isn’t about english, but foreign languages in general !
    When you live in communism, your dreams can only become true by learning a foreign language, it is like a mind travel through the world !
    What can I say?
    Proud to be romanian !!!
    Proud to be a polyglot!
    Have fun in Romania ! There are no communication limits!

  15. jaime says:

    English is today my second language. After some time studying by myself, I am now taking advanced english classes with a teacher that has made me to improve a little my pronunciation. But I still don’t feel ready to make a trip for a language english country, for intance. I think that what I know isn’t enough to live for some time, in countries like that. Pahaps it is time for more conversation. This is the motive of my visit here. Conversation. That’s what I need.

  16. alice says:

    I think that it´s important have people who talk to or living abroad. I´m my case I can understand English but not talking at all.

  17. Cat says:

    Thank you English club for producing such a wonderful video. The tips on how to improve English are very good for learners.

  18. Dwi Kurniawati says:

    Hi I’m Dwi from Indonesia. the people, especially the villagers in my country are still thinking that English is useless. By watching the movie I remembered when the first time I studied English. The comments are excatly just the same as what I did to learn English. I listened to some new songs that I didn’t know the lyrics and then I tried to write down and sang the song. I didn’t know whether it was right or wrong but it helped me a lot. The movie is so supporting me and I know I must study English anywhere and anytime.

  19. XAXA says:

    I don’t know why I can’t watch whole of the video,and I watched only half of the video,then it stuck.=-=

  20. Ian says:

    Kat says: The official language in Romania is Romanian. Not a chance to be Russian.
    So this guy Emmerson must have all the correct information before posting something.

    Who said it was Russian?

  21. kat says:

    the oficial language in romania is romanian.not a chance to be russian.
    so this guy emmerson must have all the correct information before posting something.

  22. TAHRI ALI says:

    Hi every body! This is Ali from Tunisia. I’ve been a teacher of English for 17 years. I’ve just watched the report from Romania. It’s really amazing.
    Yet, I have a dilemma as a practitioner in class. Students are lacking that firm grasp of grammatical structures (accuracy) which are necessary for the production of well-formed utterances and texts (fluency). So, the approach which came into existence to show that ‘accuracy’ was achieved at the expense of ‘fluency’ with the audiolingual theory can be similarly criticised for its favouring ‘fluency’ at the expense of ‘accuracy’.
    What do you think?

  23. ESLteacher says:

    Wow! This is an interesting find.
    Great project! You chose good people to interview and asked good questions.
    But…I don’t care for the music. It’s so heavy and dark. It doesn’t seem to go with the content. Can you try something lighter?
    Otherwise, great job 🙂

  24. Patrick says:

    What a terrific educational video it is!
    It is so touching that I want to produce that sort of video.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful video.
    I want my students to know the way how English is learned quickly.
    I am also looking forward to visiting Romania!

  25. Frank wang says:


  26. Kenshin says:

    I can not see anything…

  27. Suheri says:

    Yes, I like this program. It will make us know that there are a lot of methods to improve our English.

  28. Juny says:

    Romania is a very beautiful country a piece of paradise on Earth and i would say if I have a chance of an other life I would request God to send me to this beautiful land adn so loving people.

  29. maria says:


  30. Sandra says:

    Hello everybody. I liked the video. English club is the best. you give good tip for young and old people to learn english.
    thank you very much.

  31. aslı says:

    thank you for the video IM ATEACHER in turkey this gave me an idea about if I CAN DO A SİMİLAR ONE FOR TURKEY GOVERMENTS ENGLISH LEARNING METHODS

  32. said says:

    very helpful tips and ideas for learning English.

  33. hamid says:

    very much motiviting
    nice idea
    keep on;;;;;;

  34. UyenLe says:

    It was informative. Thank for your video.
    With best regards,

  35. khelai says:

    I’ve watched the lessons in romania. Nice short film.Well packed of useful tips and inspiration.

  36. naiyana says:

    thank you English club so much. I saw video from Romania already. it’s a good video and will help me to continue pracitse English. thanks again

  37. Martin says:

    I don’t know what can I say.Romania it’s beautiful country,mountains and the Black Sea.I,m from Poland,greetting for Romania.

  38. MALIK says:



  39. doantrang511 says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I’ve watched your video. It’s great!thank you very much!…..



  40. Chimgae says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I’ve watched your video. It is very interesting. I hope you’ll travel to more other countries.

    As a teaching of English language I would like to invite you to Mongolia to meet our youth.



  41. ligia galaz says:

    It has been a wonderful practice even for me .
    All the students have shown us that English really works for everyone who is definitely intresested in learning the language.

    This video has a lot of concepts students must be aware of such as the use of infinitive or gerund after certain verbs, on the other hand the different way of speaking gives us the opportunity to know and listen different accents ad how they pronounce the same words.

    I will take advantage on this in order to give the oportunity to my students to notice all these tips.

    Thanks a lot for allowing us to use this website.


  42. elham says:

    Hi Daniel,
    It was over the top,great job!
    Thanks English Club,you show us one of the best way for learning ESL!
    Good Luck

  43. sanjeetha janga says:

    hi lessons are good please post all lessons to help me a lot to improve my language skills thank you very much……..

  44. Tan Frida says:

    Dear Daniel, what an inspiring video! It’s so nice to know that young people in Romania speak English so well. I guess we can imitate their way of learning.
    Warmest regards,

  45. susana says:

    Hello Daniel….

    I’ve just watched the video from Romania,it’s really well produced. it’s wonderful how English is spoken throughout the world! I’m amazed about this video, English club is the best in the web. Congratulations on it! I wish I could do it here in Brazil!!! Thanks so much:)


  46. Tuan says: says:

    hello daniel!
    I watchied video learn english your sending that it very good.I think to learning so much experience English another World.I can say that English Club is very good for me!

    thank you very much!

  47. Maria Alejandra says:

    Hello Daniel

    I just watched the video and I mean I think is very touching. I think iso good to learn from these experiences of the people you showed in the video and I felt pretty much identified with some of them.



  48. Erik says:

    Hello !!!

    Daniel , it was so good to watch the video you made
    I learnt more tips from the people ypu interviewed,

  49. wilford toussaint says:

    hi Daniel, your video please me so much. last time i can’t hear native speaker as well as i can now. So i encouraged all of you to do the same.

  50. amir says:

    It will be better if you make us famillier with countri’s culture.

  51. ika says:

    hi daniel, i love your video, also your previous video. i like your classroom material too. sometimes i use it to my students. but i could not watch your video in a whole. it runs every 2 until 5 seconds. maybe the network is ‘crowded’. thank you very much. i’m waiting your next invitation.

  52. Samuel Rodríguez Cano says:


    I´ve enjoyed this video a lot. It is very well done. It shows the country, the context in which English is learned in a very entertaining way. The comments by the people chosen are very enriching.


  53. Coomey says:

    hello Daniel I really appreciated this film for it authenticated ou statements about learning English in a french speaking country.we really love that for it also enabled our students to understand that it is not only African black people who tries to make efforts to learn English. we also loved that one from Morrocco.

  54. muchlis says:

    hello daniel,
    thanks for your video about ” lesson from Romania”, i think we can do suggest, and teach from they problem, and way to solving problem study english, once more for you thank, and good bless to you

  55. Jurgita says:

    This video is really great, it helped me a lot. Now I can even show these advices how to learn english to my students.

  56. JACKIE says:

    excellent video!!!…It`s really been very useful for my teaching lessons! THANK U!!!

  57. bich says:

    Hello Daniel,

    That’s great information you bring to me. English is my favourit. I like to listen to daily conversation and sharing info like you provided much. Thank you !

    Regards / Chiaki

  58. Raisa says:

    Thanks a lot for so great work! You have done it with love for people like me, who needs it and looks forward the next films.

  59. Nelly says:

    Both films were quite informative as concern English language and at the same time very sensitive.
    They gave me the sense of the countries.

  60. Carlos says:

    Hello everybody. Well, I’ve got to say that this is a very nice job, it seems very demanding and very satisfactory.

    This project really help us to improve our English skills and gives us a lot of imformation about other people learn English. However, and I must be honest; I like more the previous video recorded in Marroco. The people who were interview in the fist one had faced more difficulties on learning English, meanwhile in Rumania, everybody seemed to be successed on the process.

    I love these videos because it gives us a lot of views taking into account different contexts, that why I can say I’m a fan of this project.


  61. geghe says:

    hallo, i am from bali, nice to see your video, thank you

  62. selma says:

    After sending, I saw some mistakes which have not been noticed.
    Unfortunately, system doesn’t give permission to correct.

  63. selma says:

    Firstly, I think that we are really lucky becauce of having a great many of elements has became in widespread in everyway in recent years and we reach them easily.
    Secondly, This project give us an point of view about which methodology can be selected.
    Finally,we can learn english in our country as if we were in original environtment.
    Thank you so much, we are getting become self-confidence as more and more learning. I had been studying by meyself for a long time, after englishclub,I realized that we need kind of materials like which support us.

  64. Alonso Elizondo says:

    Hi colleges,

    Believe it or not, this video is going to be quite usefull to me.
    On June the sixth I am starting my own classes as a teacher. I feel as though showing this film on the first class students will feel more encouraged to learn english.
    It is a good job for English Club to carry out this kind of performances in special for those who want to learn tips for picking the idiom up.
    Even though I live far away from Romania, I expect to travel there someday!! By the way, I am getting culturarly aware.


  65. you you says:

    really .it s good know. english club is the can help us to understand how to improve our English languageThanks for your help us I really enjoyed.
    Thank you for the invitation.thak you very much.

  66. Marcos says:

    Hi, really amazing!

    Somehow is clear that each one has his own way to learn most effective, but I’ve never applied this knowledge for language learning. For me this film showed different people, who learned English in different ways, and all succeeded! Each one should realize that all people can learn everything and the only important is the motivation. Do what you like to do, learn in the way you prefer. Marcos.

  67. miea says:

    Dear English Club,
    Thank you very much. Please continue help us in learning English. God bless!

  68. lovely small eyes says:

    hi! thank you very much for your video,i can understand and learn a lot of things here,i like your video and i want to have many others later ,english club help me know many things about new people ,new country as well as the ways people study english.thank you so much
    i love english club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. hoshyar says:

    fistfolly i would like to do appreciate english club stuffs about what agreat they done,,,
    its really fantastic they doing ,,they really encouraging us to learn english to work sake for it…
    ultimatly i wanna say god bless english club stuff

  70. Savira says:

    hello english club. go go go..!
    I like your video in Romania very much..
    It inspires me to be better in communicating English..
    Thank you English club..I learn much from you..

  71. zeinab says:

    thanks a lot to English club.
    the education system,in Iran’s schools is based on grammer and vocabulary,so evryone hwo wants to learn to speak has to go to private institud.
    this movie was nice and I enjoy listening to English speakers.
    I hope English club send us more listening lessons.thanks again.

  72. DR PROF A K PALIWAL says:


  73. Mark says:

    Hi members thanks for the work done. I can see that you mean what you’re doing. As in trying to bring new things so that we can learn English quickly yea. Like video project is very good for me I thank for that. In this film I’ve seen Salma Echahly and Ali Gharbi they know how to speak or they speak very good yea. EC is the best.Founder be blessed.

  74. Dolores says:

    thanks for the video, i feel like meeting someone that i’ve been looking for so long long time ago ! i am one of the “selves taught” product so learning English for me is about to find the will in ourselves just like the Romanian guy said, DO what you like and DO it for the shake of it !!
    Bravo EC, can’t wait for your next surprises !

  75. ERIKA says:

    Really interesting!!!
    I could find many tips for english learning process.
    Nice idea about that kind of lessons.

  76. Kimchhong says:

    The video clip was very can help us to understand how to improve our English language and they has provide many kind of method to learn English such as go abroad self-study and also listening to the news or music.many thanks from kimchhong

  77. isabel says:

    Excellent ! why don¨t you choose B.A. Argentina- Go ahead going around the world !

  78. ahmed said says:

    thanks very much
    we need more and more to develop our selves
    we to about the quality at schools

  79. Abdelkader says:

    Dearest friends,

    we had to say Thanks thanks thanks.

    This club is the school of life.

  80. ms.elbee says:

    thank you for giving me an useful video.i can see that most of people in romani speak English so well.they talk English easily and easy for me to hear what they say.i just can say thank you so much

  81. Ramon cueli says:

    it is very interesting how people learn to comunicate with a language which it is not theirs by birth. Nice to be able to spech with other people around the world. Find out about their culture and likes and dislikes.

    best wishes. ramon

  82. hanh says:

    Thanks a lot Deniel. It’s good film can help me and many people to improve our english skill, I’m really happy if i can join your english club. It will be great chance for me in the future and they also stimulate my dream . I also hope that you will go on making a lot of film like that , because it’s really useful.

  83. Nucha says:

    Hi Daniel !

    Good job ,It’s awesome and it’s a very interesting short film. Young romanain people speak English so well , yes I agreed. Thank you so much for your effort to make good things for leaners English .

    Best wishes ,

  84. Shalva says:

    Thank you for your invitation to watch the video from Romania, I had also seen the video from Morocco, these videos help me to now better these countries, people and their systems, ways to learn English. These videos help me to improve listening and understanding conversations.

  85. catalina says:

    Thank you very much for this film!I am from Romania and I am very happy to find out that many people of my country speaks English so well.I want to say that I ‘m learning English all the time and my methods are the same of the people from the video.Thank you English Club you are very helpfull for me ,I’ve learned many secrets from you.I really enjoyed!

  86. Tini says:

    Dear English Club, Indeed it is really a helpull lesson.

  87. Fatimah says:

    I am learning English just trying to speak the language well as good as the native its self. so this Video is very helpful and the tips to learn English is beneficial for me to follow the Romanian people methods.

    The fast way to get gain in learning English is to speak. You can exploit your opinion in speech but the great stuff to support you are the capability of listening the word so who ever the speaker they have to pronounce the word correctly.

    I am very pleased to watch this Video. Thank you to all of you who gave me the chance watching this video. I hope I will get the next opportunity.

    My best regard.

  88. TAM DANG says:

    Thanks a lot for this movie. Watching the movie I know more about some people who learning English like me. And I can get some more experience about how to learn English better. I hope to receive some more movie like that.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Tam (in Vietnam)

  89. Ken Stevens says:

    As an English teacher in Japan I was fascinated by this video, in particular to learn that the Romanian Education system has switched from focusing on English grammar and vocabulary to a more conversation based learning process to the detriment of learning grammar and developing vocabulary.
    In Japanese schools the emphasis is on grammar and vocabulary thereby producing students who cannot communicate orally but who are quite capable in written English – great for internet and text messaging but obviously of little benefit in speaking.
    It is therefore apparent that when teaching and/or learning English it must encompass the four elements; listening, writing, reading and speaking which requires a long term dedicated desire in order to become adept in English. language communication.
    To achieve proficiency, as highlighted by the Romanian students, one must have the desire/passion to become skilled at English and must complement their studies by reading English books, newspapers, magazines etc, watching English TV and movies, listening to English radio and music and speaking English with native English speakers.
    Your videos are extremely helpful to both students and teachers as they enable us to hear and learn from those who have been successful in mastering the art of English conversation .
    I am looking forward to learning more and receiving re-enfocement of my teaching methods from your next lesson series video.

  90. Adriana says:

    I studied English in my country, Mexico, during two years. Then I came to U.S. six years ago and I continued learning this interesting and important language. Here in California is very easy to find where to study and it is free!!! Thank you for this beautiful and useful Romanian video. My favorite Olympic Gymnastics woman, Nadia Comaneci, is from this great country. It is amazing how well youngters speak English!!!

  91. Zaher says:

    it is very good program and it help the people to learn a lot about English. i knew that the Romanians young people know a lot English and this language help them to go abroad.

  92. Dalida says:

    It´s a quite wonderful video. In this case, we can confirm how important is our interest in learning a language. We can do it by ourselves, as we could see here. I have learned a lot with this travel to Romania. Thanks a lot. My best regards.

  93. Niniek says:

    Wow great, I love this movie. Ican understand clearly. this is make me to do learn more and more, so I can improve my English.

  94. Justin says:

    I really took the time to watch this video and i think this will be very interesting for my class. Koreans are just so focused on their English exam scores that they have forgotten the fun of learning the language–and this has become a big hindrance in their fluency. I hope that by this video, it could somehow help them realize that it shouldnt just be studying but also passion and fun.

  95. Carl says:

    I had the opportunity to know a bunch of young Romanians here in New Orleans that came with a hospitality program and they were pretty fluent and like dynamic. They made friends very fast, got jobs, and leave histories. We miss them.

  96. gabriela says:

    thank you for the intention to help people to learn english, I now that I can muster up through your job.
    Congratulation to the English Club team for the great ideas they have.
    I always take the opportunity and show these videos to my students in class.They enjoy a lot and they jump at the opportunity to practice the listening.

    Thanks for your help guys

  97. chien tran ba says:

    Thank you very much are my first words i would like to say to you. The film presents several different ways to achieve English from young Romanian persons. And I am really interested in lively pictures in Romanian streets. Thanks a lot for your efforts and energy spent to bring interesting and useful knowledge back to many people. Hopefully, We are going to be sent some new and exciting films in the near future.

  98. Turke says:

    Thanks for your jab It’s really useful and interesting, I like it so much. So, don’t stop giving us your lesson we really apreciate it .

  99. latifa says:

    hi, I enjoyed watching this video, it’s too instructive, thanks again.

  100. Isabela says:

    Thank you Daniel and English Club! You are so kind to give us this great opportunity to enhance our English level, I really apreciate it!

  101. Mazin says:

    splendid project, thanks a million, you are really helping us.

  102. hsar3 says:

    Thanks for the invitation. Excellent!

  103. Antonio Del Giudice says:

    I think video about Romania is very good because speakers tell their opinions with an excellent pronunciation and intonation. Thank you for your help. Antonio

  104. calin says:

    Congratulations for the idea! It’s a excellent one, especially for those that want really to learn a true English! But the English is a continuous phenomenon: it has a glorious and long past and an explosive enduring future…

  105. Dalia says:

    Thanks for invitation to watch the video. You introduced really a very interesting and useful material. I’ll use it in my lessons and I hope my students will enjoy it too. Will you make us happy with other videos :)? No more comments – just excellent!
    Aciu from Lithuania.

  106. Mitzy says:

    I congratulate you for this amazing video. English Club is doing a great job because it is a way to let people know how the English language is acquired around the world. Excellent linguistic work!

    Congratulations Daniel!

  107. Sandra says:

    Daniel, Josef, I´d very much like to let you know that the Video is INVITING! FULFILLING!
    It´s a Great project!

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  108. abozar says:

    thanks alot because of your favores. that was very excellent, informant and fantastic.
    really Englishclub is getting more and more useful and i am very glad about be a member of that.

  109. Kutty says:

    Excellent Daniel. Thanks for the invitation. Your way of teaching English through film is remarkable and appreciative.

  110. ducfabregas says:

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