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  1. Erna E Adril says:

    I am happy to watch this video. I know how the students in Maroco learning English. for me English is very important. So I do traveling abroad in order to see real English. I also write on my English club. please visit me on my blog. ( )

  2. saikham says:

    Many many thanks for this film…It’s really great for learners and teachers and who wanna learn English..i want to add some ideas here
    i think everyone in the world should learn English and speak English ..if everyone can speak English, it could be easy to communicate to each other…. Even if they can speak poorly…but it would be great than cannot say any words of English…

  3. wangfengying says:

    Thank you for your story about Morocco.Look forward to a lot of stories about other interesting countries.

  4. Noah Fakiry says:

    Hi all That’s amazing i like this video because i’m from casablanca and he show to the other folks this great city ; Actually i want to say that english is a universal language cuz the most of countries study it
    So i want to thank Daniel Emmerson for his film and this great website englishclub for all the Effort that he done thanks all the admins & visitors

  5. stephany perez says:

    Casablanca was an unknown city for me til i saw it in the video, so, i have the opportunity to learn a lot of things from it, like the fact that the Moroccan dialect is compose of three different languages like the Spanish, French and Arabic, and that, and the mix of cultures makes the Moroccan culture a very rich one.

    Here in Colombia the experience is no so different, the demanding necessity of speaking English has made the schools empathize on the reinforcement of the language for their students, and the booming of tourism in many cities here as Casablanca, the internet, the tv and many others factors made the English a very important language for our way of living.

    However, the environment that surround us helps the process of learning as we can see in the video, going to America or having someone closer who knows the language helps to accelerate and polish the acknowledge of the language, but we have to understand that the learning is very personal, so, is very important to try to read articles in english as one of the persons of the video suggest, because reading helps to make the language a lot more understandable.

    At the end, someone say that “the only thing necessary to learn the language is “have a willingness to learn”, and i think that this is the most important phrase of this video and the most important tip that anyone can have to learn the language.

  6. Diana Barrero says:

    Congratulations… and thanks for give us the opportunity to know a little bit more about other cultures.
    Is very interesting know the point of view of other people who are learning English as a foreign language, especially young people, like students. These is a evidence about the importance of learn English in all the world and for all the ages.
    However the video of Morocco shows an especial kind of “learners” because in their context, they must be learn, know and practice 3 languages… and I ask me… is not this a obstacle? Is not this a very difficult situation for learning? But when I saw the video, and I had the opportunity to listen the testimonies of those who live by themselves the experience, I understand that it is not really an obstacle… and like one of they say “the only thing that is necessary to learn English whit success is HAVE A WILLINGNESS TO LEARN.”
    I take, to my own English learning experience, tow interesting tips… The first is read and write all time, books, newspapers, magazines, see movies, read lyrics of songs… and of course ever use a dictionary. The second is, found someone who can practice speaking skills… someone who speaks with you frequently, and who have the knowledge to help you and correct your mistakes.
    Thanks to English Club and to Daniel the director of the video too, for this enjoyable material of high quality.

  7. Constanza Ruiz says:

    No doubt this presentation captivates the viewer facing the reality that is not unique to Morocco, also in many developing countries. Thus the urgent need to learn and teach English as a second language responds to the social transformation that has been giving for several years and requires the use of this language for access to information and hence for participation.
    Teaching English in the specific case of Morocco shows how to develop work in this field requires a clear educational policy that allows the execution and success of these processes, processes in which society participation is crucial. In this way it is viewed as the first step there is a good dynamic between teaching and language learning is the training and qualifications of teachers who ultimately are directly responsible.
    Secondly, the recognition of the skills of students and consider their views and feelings in front of their learning process allows each one of them is aware of their strengths and weaknesses, which creates responsibility and commitment to the appropriation language.
    Third, and for me the most important aspect of teaching and learning a foreign language is the ability to use it in context and in Morocco is the most important feature. Language is taught to young people from the perspective of the need but also from the enjoyment and advancement opportunities it brings for them learning English a condition that largely ensures the success of this process. Give this account the views of young people interviewed.
    Congratulations again, opportunities for participation as this allows us to reflect and build new knowledge from the analysis of experience that sometimes go unnoticed.

  8. paola says:

    The video presents the importance of learning and teaching a second lebgua like English which is also one of the universal language at this time. I think it is important to integrate other languages like French and that every time the young people and teachers are more aware of the importance of speaking, writing, listening to another language.
    the views of students considered important things like work on the interests of boys and reading books of interest to you, listening to CDs and writing topics that are important to them.
    is also important to say that it is always nice to have the opportunity to have the tutoring and support from other experts and why not interact in a space where everything is in English.

  9. Diana Herrera says:

    I think that the video is very interesting because the english is importan for the all peoble.
    The video present a very important situation about the idiom. today the english is universal so its necesary for everything, business, study, jobs…
    however learn an idiom is more easy when we are involved in it.
    in conclusion learn english is not only good its necesary.

  10. Karina says:

    OK, to start, let me say that this is a great video, because it shows the importance of English as a universal language, some about this community and the importance they give to foreign languages, such as the Arabic and the French.

    On the other hand, I really like that English is a necessity, for that language is not only posters or signs, but also it is important to create business and obtain a corporate life thrives. In addition to Morroco learn English, is by all living conditions so require
    In the american academy Casablanca is also in the unique place where three languages must learn right, Arabic, English, French, also I like the idea that absolutely everything in this Academy, spoken in English, is like having a small community with which you can practice without fear to be wrong.

    Finally, I love the last words of the co-director of the Academy, Ali Gharbi, “there are no limits or obstacles to learn English”, most importantly, who is really wants to learn English, otherwise willpower.

  11. Peter says:

    I think the people in this footage speak the best English so far in this video project. I am looking forward to the rest coming series.

  12. kawtar says:

    im kawtar

  13. Keuker says:

    The video testifies the significance of English becoming as a world
    language. Anyway thanks for the person who had the idea to globalize people from different countries. I enjoyed it.

  14. mohamed altahery says:

    well ,, I wanna say thanks you for this amazing video .. It fantastic to take some experience, tips and advices from those students and teachers .. really this website is one of the great and useful english learning sites ,,, I make it in my favorites column ..

    mohmed altahery from yemen ..

  15. mostafa says:

    i hear something about a film and reading peaople thanking you and i even don’t know the film send me the title at list to my e mail bnan55@hotmail ok thank you

  16. mustafa says:

    Thank you so much for this film; i am from morocco and really i love english but i find many diffeculties in communication with people. My problem is like what is mentioned in this movie
    here in morocco there are no opportunities to practice speaking this nice language. My dream now is to find someone to help me tb be good english speaker

  17. kathija says:

    Thank u very much,daniel emmerson 4 ur “stories from morocco”.

  18. Finale says:

    I want to thank the director of this film. I wonder whether he is a professional film director or not. Also I’ m looking forward to inviting him to come to my Motherland, I mean, Russia, to our school that is worth of being shooted. As for me, I have been learning English for the third year and I want to master this language to the best advantage. Moreover, I’d like to star in his next film wherever he will shoot it. I’ m waiting for the invitation)))

  19. zhang ling says:

    Thank you for providing these films.I like them very much.I am looking forward to the next “Learning English Video Project” story.

  20. kak says:

    i am very happy to participate in this club.speaking english makes me more and more enjoyed…thank you

  21. Elida GÓMEZ RIVERA says:

    Hello again,

    Please you can prepare more materials like this video about Morocco.

    Thank you again.


  22. Elida GÓMEZ says:

    Great work,

    This video helps teachers, we can use it in our class.

    This kind of material it is useful and interesting.

    Thank you a lot, Sir.


  23. abdullah says:

    thank you very much for these videos

  24. dish says:

    the story is awsome

  25. TAHRI ALI says:

    It’s great to have such a level of proficiency and fluency in English as an FL in an North African country. I hope we can find the same opprtunities at public schools.

  26. latifa says:

    I enjoyed watching the video, thanks

  27. mock says:

    thank you for sharing this video, now i know more about morocco and that’s great. it is a wonderfull city, i hope one day i’ll visit there.

  28. rovan says:

    thanks alot for every good and interesting things has been done by english club groups which is at morrocow and romenia,,,,i do appreciate

  29. José Vieira Pedroso says:

    Hi Daniel , your video about morocco and romania arer very good. Continue sending us good videos to motivating our wish to improve more and more our knowlegement of the english language. I am very happy to be part of this club in which I can learn good english and communicate with person of all the world, My dreams is to travel to some english speaking countries,that`s why I need to improve my english in general .Thank you for all.

  30. PearL says:

    wow!!! this video is really fascinating and an inspiration to everyone who learns English. I hope will continue making such kind of stunning video…..

    You really rock in the Philippines!! Break a leg to your next project.

  31. meriem says:

    Thank you very much for this vidio.Its very interesting and in my opinion ithink that moroccan language is a mix of the three languages imean arabic french and english.Most of moroccan have a good accent in english.good luck

  32. Adriana says:

    Hello!! Thank you very much for shering with us, the English students, this interesting material from Morocco. It is a motivation to know that many people is studying English all around the world; so, it will be easier to communicate with anyboby in everywhere!!

  33. hasan says:

    hello dear,
    thanks for the great job,a fantastic video,yet i have some negative views concerning this video,i mean the people who were given chance to talk are not moroccan,so you should have given chance to the moroccans themselves to express their views for there are thousands of them who master english very well and .

  34. Khadijah says:

    Great job! it’s really inspiring . I hope the next project of yours will be in South East Asia where Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) to be found. Come and see, Malaysians speak English! Our English accent is different from native speakers’, but we manage to master the language.

  35. Fredy says:

    It’s a good tool for to teach and to learn English language. Thanks for your effort, I appreciate your job. Thanks so much.

  36. majd says:

    Hi every body my name is MAJD I am studing english literature on the HUSHIMAITE university in Jordan.I think it is good idea to learen english language because it is the most important language in the world. Iwish to connect with people how are talk native english language.

  37. Ahmad says:

    What ever I can say is, “The English club is the fantastic and excelent site for learning and practicing English”, I really appreciate and thanks so much. Ahmad.

  38. Bourachane azedine says:

    what can I say , well done ! it’s really a very great job ,go on with your project , I am always here to help you anytime , english is the future ,so we should get our future.
    best wishes

  39. david says:

    I’m appreciated your video, But in my humble opinion, it’s not interesting, when I saw it I feel boring, I hope that you could make it more interested. I’m sorry to say that….

  40. Boudjemaa says:

    Dear sir,
    I am a member of your club and I really appreciate the efforts being done to promote the teaching and learning of english.Thank you very much need.

  41. Dina from Budapest says:

    It’s is an inimitably laudable work with a prolific result providing a quite supporting aid for teachers to encourage students as well as for students demonstrating mundane vision of the outcome of their effort putting into language learning.

  42. rongxiongdai says:

    Well done! It’s a great job! come on, and thank you for giving us a wonderful view of learning English.

  43. adamou setbou says:

    Very good video .Please if you can come to my country Niger it would be very great. thank you a lot.

  44. Carlos Eduardo says:

    Hello everybody!

    Learning English is a process and this experience from Morocco has given us a lot of opportunities to understand the phases that a person undergoes in order to become a fluent speaker of English.

    As any process it takes time and it is demanding but if you are keen on learning English you will have good results and achievements.

    However, I don’t agree with the girl who says who says that she gets a fluent level of English being in the United States. Of course, having that opportunity lets you improve your accent and gain fluency; but I have met people that have never been at the United States or Britain or any English country and They have a good level of English and their accent is quite good. Besides, many people learn English with the help of a native speaker and they learn it, so why it is so important.

    Nevertheless, I’m very glad and thankful with this video because it has gives us a lot of tips and advice to learn English. It encourages us to keep studying it.

  45. Mazin says:

    thanks for your efforts DANIEL , please please , I invite you to visit my country. I am from iraq.

  46. Mazin says:

    thanks a million Daniel, useful project, I have been learned well, thanks for sending it to me, an eye of virgin maryam keeps you.

  47. muchlis says:

    thank to daniel for his video, that’s amazing, and i know about culture a nation, good, i like it thanks to sending it me

  48. MEG says:

    Thank you for this video. I work with students from Morocco in Algeciras and they have enjoyed it a lot. It´s very motivating

  49. tuan anh says:

    This is great, with this video I have more determination to learn English.I will try to study English hard.English is very exciting.

  50. anahi says:

    i like very much our students because they need learn more english all think that no is important but it is i hope that i can watch more videos

  51. Anand Sandeep - English Learner says:

    Very nice, great to know more about different peoples and learn language at the same time.

  52. Protais says:

    That was awesome. That video is so encouraging, inspiring and it really gives some crucial tips for learners. It doesn’t only talk about english but also about other cultures, other people, how they face this language in their way. I’m sure after watching this movie people will find english as a worth learning language knowing that the whole world out there is struggling to achieve the same thing. We can all see that english is becoming more serious all around the world so the more there are a lot of people who speak it, the more we need to know it too. Thanks again for this wonderful video.

  53. Carmis says:

    Excellent job! This video really encouraged me to keep learning English . Sometimes I,m lazy to learn English but since now I’ll work hard to improve my English…

  54. Mohyiedine says:

    thanks Daniel and Josef for this video , but i noticed as for this report that you didn’t focus on the public school in Morocco , Coz there’s many problems in the method of teaching english.
    for me as a Moroccan student, i hope learn it Coz in this indeed english is the popular language, international language, so i have to speak and write and learn english, but unfortunately we don’t have a good approach for perfecting it, not only that but also almost students in Morocco don’t pronunce the words good like me, i didn’t find any problem in the Crammar and and but when i reached to the pronunction i have found big problem and i still confused about it…..
    i insist,you should produce the problems which the students find in the english way, therefore try to find some solutions for that.
    thanks again for this exertion

  55. Kieu says:

    I love this video which encourages me more to learn english.
    Thanks for your posting.

  56. Andrea says:

    Congratulations! Really great and especially interesting work as the whole site of is by the way. Would be nice if the video could be downloaded and shown at school for ESL-students, not necessarily needing internet!
    Anyway I really enjoyed the video and think it could be a good motivation for many students all around the world.
    Looking forward to more videos!
    Best greetings from

  57. Yu Ling from Morocco says:

    Great Work. But still, we need so much effort to make ALL students in morocco speak English fluently. Not all students have the chance that those in Casablanca have got. Thank you very much for this great video. I’m sure it is motivating…

  58. Iara Jardim says:

    This was a very enlightening movie and it´s very useful to use with the students.I enjoyed it a lot.

    Congratulations.Wonderful work.

  59. corrie says:

    wow very terrfic it can lead me to teach more active and innovatively. I’ll try to apply in my classroom’s activity

  60. makhda says:

    wow, i like it. it make race to learn english more and more. thank you

  61. baghdad mohamed says:

    I share Moha Kabil’s opinion about the map of Morocco.It should be shown as a whole with its southern provinces and thank you for your interest.

  62. jennifer says:

    I’ve to say the film is beautifully made, with scenes of both modern buildings and traditional markets included, showing the influence of English (standing for modernness) on the local life of Moroccans (signs of traditon), as well as the diversity of different cultures in Moroco.
    I live in the north-western part of China, well-known for the variety of fruits and nationalities. Actually, among the 56 nationalities, we have 13 of them here, which implies different cultures, different customs, differnt mind-sets, and different foods as well.
    I love places with lots of differences. it’s like having more interesting life experiences.
    If I could rate this film, I’d like to rank it 9, since I really wish to see more of the local markets. 🙂 They are very much like those here.
    Thanks for all the efforts.

  63. moha Kabil says:

    English in Morocco is all the more growing and parents and decision-makers alike see the merits of teaching it. Plenty of schools,centers offer tempting progrmas together with abundant hardware and software resources. One thing I disapprove of, though: Why did you present the Moroccan map with its Sahara cut off? Such an act is unappreciated by Moroccans ,whose country used to extend far beyound its present boundaries. I believe such highly sensitive things should have been thoughtfully removed from your video to avoid unncessary embarassement and bias.

  64. Alberto Garcia says:

    Great job!! I like it so much,thank you for sharing with us.

  65. Pitou says:

    Thanks a lot for this movie! It’s really motivating and useful!
    I would have like to go to an international school because it allows you to get a very good English level. I think this kind of school may give to learners really good English skills as if you stay in an englishspeaking country!
    Thanks again, I’m waiting for the next part!

  66. yunis jemal says:

    This is a good motivation program for english learner like me ,cause languge has big effect in human lives that’s why we’re giving much attention for languge .i was trying to learn english but i couldn’t pronunce some words correctlly but after i wacthed this video i said”ican do it”

  67. macky says:

    I was very inspired by this documentary film. You see, Im an ESL teacher here in the Philippines. At 21, Im teaching English to Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese. This is not an easy task to do. One is in need of passion and consideration. English is not just a language to learn because of what we call globalization nor because it imposes superiority. There is more to that. We learn English because we want to communicate our dreams and aspirations to the whole world. Thus, we become one. The story of Morocco is the story of us. Its a lifetime endeavor in spreading the language that tells us how to dream and realize these dreams. Furthermore, it encompasses conflicts and misunderstanding in this vast and diverse culture we live in. Thank you.

  68. Admin says:

    To Krishna: to download, please click on the Download link beneath the film. You’ll then see another Download link and instructions.

  69. krishna says:

    Hi, it’s an inspiring film. I hope I can download it. Is it downloadable?

  70. Andrey says:

    The films like this prove that it is feasible to learn english no matter what your mother tongue is and encourage new learners as well.

  71. Hanane says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I am so glad started with my country, give people an idea about it and let them know how we are interested in learning languages, mainly English. Simply, English is concepted as a means to find a job, start a career, or a key to open the doors to study overseas. As you know, Our mother language is Arabic, its letters are completely different from a b c languages. So, in order to know different cultures, civlizations or even to welcome a visitor we have to learn foreign languages; Frech, English, Spanich…
    Learning a language is as important as earning one’s living.

  72. Tania says:

    A great movie indeed and a good alternative to traditional classroom exercises like reading, writing, translating, rendering etc. Those are very important, undoubtedly, but it’s a nice change to try something else, esp. if it is so professionally performed. Besides the videos like this are very helpful not only for learning English, but also for getting to know a bit about other countries and the way English is mastered by people of different cultures. It’s good to hear from the students that they are really motivated to learn English as the language of international communication, business… I do hope it would be of great use for other students.
    Thanks a lot,

  73. Sandra says:

    Congrats! I do love watching the 15 minute video and now.. I´d like to see more!

    I am a language teacher and I specialize in Methods so I figure The series will be very useful!

    Thank you, Daniel and Josef!


    Sandra Goronas
    Buenos Aires

  74. RYMA says:

    Excellent, tres bon travaille .

  75. onetaho says:

    what a nice video!

    In fact ,as a moroccan woman let me tell you there is still a lot of things to be done by the governement because we need this language for our kids and it must be integreted in primary public shools .Unfortunetly, only a little minority have the chance to learn this precious language.

  76. ho thi thuy tien says:

    Dear Daniel and…
    First of all I would like to express my admiration for all you. But it’s pityfor me couldn’t open the stories form Morocco. Could you pls teach me ho to do it?
    By the way I like to say that my english is so so not fluently so I would like to chat or communicate to somebody to improve my english . Could you pls help me? and I would like to make friend with them to share experiences together?
    Thank & Best regard

    Thuyb Tien

  77. Dalida says:

    Excellent. That´s great! Extraordinary because they speak Arabic, French, and some Spanish, and besides they are learning English. Fantastic. It´s good to see children speaking good English. Congratulations!!! Good job and excellent video.

    Thanks a lot. My best regards.

  78. Jaya says:

    It is very helpful for me. Now I have been living in US, My native country is India. I am not good in English. so I would like to improve my knowledge. I am reading books, attend conversation class, and watching movies.I like the way of motivation. Now I learned about Morocco. Thanks a lot. I am waiting for next videos.

  79. Maria de Lourdes says:

    I’ve loved. It’s good to practice my listening and my reading.

  80. María del Carmen says:

    Congratulations, that was a excellent job to peoples like me, trying to learn english, is nice see your effort

  81. João Ghizoni says:

    Daniel, thanks a lot for sharing with us the great experience you had in interviewing/filming those learners of English in Morocco. I’m looking forward to the next one. Obviously, people who learn English as a foreign or second language will have an accent, but this is no problem at all. People will have an accent especially if they learn the foreign language when they’re not kids anymore. And I think we should be careful when we say “native English”, because so many countries speak English as their first/official language! I don’t think having an accent is a reason for racism or prejudice; the character should count much more than just the accent. João, from Florianópolis, SC, Brazil.

  82. Nucha(Thailand) says:

    Dear Daniel and all Collaborators of the project :

    I am a learner English from Thailand. Well, I watched your video ready. I would like to say that it’s very excellent and interesting to me. I feel thankful you and all of collaborators to creating the fantastic project. I dare say it’s very well done and now I have been waiting to see another film to coming in the future from you. BTW, please know your expecting and intending is to help English learners not blank ,but full their impression give to you and also feel thankful , I believe that‘s the true.

    Thank you so much that made me know about English in Morocco, Good job!

    All the best ,

  83. heba says:

    I was so happy to see this project it’s wonderful to see student get advance in learning English .English becomes an international language so it’s good to see students learning and reading English .Morocco has different languages ,so people have to learn English to speak and communicate with tourist .It’s great job Daniel and I’m looking forward to see great works.

  84. lynn says:

    Thanks Daniel this video is really a great work.

    More power to you Daniel.

    Good day!


  85. Celia says:

    Wow it’s amazing. I like it very much. It really help me a lot and it’s a good way to improve my English listening and speeking. Thank you very much for all of you and I am looking forword to seeing another more.

  86. Hashim Yusuf says:

    Hi all colleaques all over the world and thank you for all good efforts done .

  87. Phaina says:

    Thank you very much. It is very interesting to know how can children study foreign language like English.It is also interesting for my children.I and my children congratulate you. We are waiting for another film.Our best wishes.

  88. dolores says:

    highly appreciated for the video, excellent job for the team which is obviously shows us how they dedicate their best efforts in helping people all over the world to learn more and more about English speaking regardless the accents as the most important thing in learning English for me is people understand what or how to communicate in English properly. Looking forward to have the chance seeing you all in next video production in Indonesia, my big country with so many choices of tourism places/cities.

    Wish you all the best

  89. Susilowati says:

    thank you very much for the video. as in my country , Indonesia, English is as foreign language, so i got a lot of knowledge from this video. it’s encourage me to keep learning English.

  90. Agrifina says:

    This video is very inspiring! It’s very useful to me and to my students. It will help them realize the importance of learning English. It’s good to know that Morocco students almost had the same experience with Filipino students in learning English. The only difference is that, most Filipino students cannot afford to go to US or other English Speaking countries to enhance their English ability.
    Congratulations! Keep on making videos that will truly help all of us. Thank you so much for sharing with me you precious work!

  91. simon says:

    Congratulations! great work, I’ll be waiting for the next videos

  92. hoang anh says:

    i love it so much. i always like to learn language on video, it’s useful to me. thanks for sending it to me.

  93. zi says:

    i like this very much, our students need to know more about foreign countries, and can i download or have this film as the part of my class materials to encourage my students in English learning? our students are not quite willing to learn English, they think it’s not quite useful after graduation.

  94. Bonnit says:

    Vedio is currently not available. Why

  95. Lina Altamirano says:

    Congratulations! to Daniel and the people who worked to produce this excellent video. It makes us realize the situation of English in Morocco and how the people are interested in learning it. I´m impressed of the increasing importance of this language for this country and of the teachers´efforts to deliver a good teaching beyond the limitations they may have.

  96. Linda K (Hollywood) says:

    Absolutely right Cognizance is very important
    and development in your English learning.

    Have a nice day!
    Linda Kosolsak

  97. maggie says:

    As I said before! Nice feedback. With effort and willingness from both parts: teachers and students.The make us feel it´s not so hard to learn English accurately.
    Thanks a lot for the video!

  98. maggie says:

    Congratulations! Listening to students´and teachers´opinions regarding English learning process made me feel very well. Nice feedback; for it involves a lot of effort, either teaching or learning a foreign language. Awareness of how important English is for their personal development and further progress really touched me. Go ahead!. I´ll be waiting for the next videos.

  99. Linda K (Hollywood) says:

    It’s wonderful video clip ! I have interesting
    in you video clip. I know Casablanca one of the most
    cities in Morocco.The Morocco the student have to
    start learning English begin from the age of 12.
    They provide of the school and lunch time help in English.
    The English is very important in Morocco.A lot of tourism.
    The Morocco idioms had 3 language Spanish,French,and Arabic.
    The English books,Magazine,and the Newspapers difficult to find
    in Morocco. I really like the female student get her English accent.
    She learn in U.S.A. And Night school teacher gives the student Extra
    Conversation help. The school’s co-director British English to American
    English.The Finally she said is necessary to succeed in English Study
    in Native speaking country.
    Is very good story in Morocco.I very enjoyed and interested with you
    video clip. Next time go to travel around the world and sent you video
    clip for Everyone learning.

    Thank you
    God bless you
    Linda kosolsak (Hollywood USA)

  100. Edward says:


    Excellent! Keep up the great job! That’s all I can say. Thanks

  101. tanja says:

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