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Your Comments on Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

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  1. maymyat says:

    i am interested in english is learner and them i want to support to improve my english skill.And i have the plan to content the i request to send me lesson this side. and i am identified as a member this side

  2. Jafar says:

    I’m very interested in your programs specially the video projec.Unfortunately ican’t open the part name’ESL videos’.i’d be so grateful if you help me.

  3. imelda delliva says:

    i love spaghetti,,,its yummy,,

  4. arsalan says:

    tnx a lot

  5. giovanna says:

    What is it? An old 1st April piece of news? Bright idea tnx a lot

  6. yumi tsukada says:

    unbelievable…..^^!! … really ?

  7. esraa says:

    I think it is good not bad and it is speculations

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