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  1. Coffee Cam says:

    Uhm…I really like this video, it’s useful for English learner, the people in this video they give a lot of ideas how to learn English more easier. I like the ways they did..

  2. Bardha says:

    I think, this video is very useful to improve our English in listening and in writing. When pupil watch this one learn a lot for New York and for impression of foreigners who visited this big City:)

    Just go one with relevant videos in different places!

  3. diego martelo says:

    i´m from colombia and i think this tools or programs like this one are very important and use full for students like us, we needed tutorials to improve in one or several subjects of the english language like pronuciation, listening, spelling… and the most important thing cut be useb in every place, my house, at the university and dont forget is free…
    The links with the videos is very interesting, i can have different info about other places and hear many people talking about it, that way each person can learn with many options and subjects.

  4. marcela castañeda says:

    this video was very interesting, because in this, spoke about the importance that speak english.
    here show experiences of person´s life that have been learning english.
    this video is very interesting because i could see the importance that speak inglish in the world today.

  5. javier says:

    For my part I see it is much easier to learn English if you’re in a city where the native language is English or the language you want to learn, because of somewhat greater intensity and will be practicing all the time. Also the fact of going to another country and experience new cultures, new places, new people an education makes it much nicer language dl. This apart the English language to acquire new knowledge in the language makes them open up new economic and employment opportunities is an important aspect of globalization and communication not only in English speaking if not worldwide.

    This kind of videos makes you be encouraged to study or work or open to new things in life ….


  6. Abdul says:

    great video. Really helpful in teaching English as a foreign language. Can’t wait the others. could you …..

  7. josue de lucio says:

    thanks for these videos, they´re nices and help me in my work

  8. Nery says:

    Long ago, European countries were aware of the importance of learning English to improve their relationships in business, culture and tourism. Today, with globalization, learning English is a priority in all parts of the world as a universal language.
    In the course of this learning has been reported several experiences for teachers and students, concluding that centered learning grammar is not as efficient as it is, the frequent use of the language, especially in the oral aspect, practice to be used, overcoming the fear of making mistakes. With the use of language, students will improve their learning level.
    As English teachers we should consider this recommendation is education

  9. an trang says:

    I like learning english.I want to get acquainted with evrybody.

  10. Rani Karmansyah says:

    Great! This morning I tried delivering my lesson with this video and its worksheet. Done well. Thank you very much.

  11. Vladimir says:

    Thanks very march for film. Very usefull….

  12. Venjamine says:

    I am korean. 23years old.
    I watch this film.
    I satisfyied this film. because There are Many people’s interview which How to learn English.

    So I feel satisfied it

  13. Daniela says:

    Hi! I loved the video! I’m an English teacher and I’m sure my students will love it too! This is the kind of material e need to keep the students interested! Thank you!

  14. fredy says:

    the video was interesting,because showing how the differents peoples tried to learned english,I’m living in USA and I try to learn every day

  15. naiyana says:

    I can learn from this video that English is very important to communicate with a lot of people

  16. cloyd says:

    spectacular! I love it ^^

  17. M. Sajat Turkhamun says:

    I have watched parts of Tales from America.It’s really helpful for English learners as well as English teachers ( myself a teacher). I plan to use this video when I am successful downloading this film to be brought to classrooms, since my internet connection is not good yet.Thanks a lot Daniel!

  18. Vera says:

    I”m an English teacher in Ukraine, a country in the middle of Europe.Dear Daniel, thank You. I envy your students for having such possibilities to practise their English. I agree with your students and English teachers that live speaking and listening are
    so important for learners. My students would like to find some pen
    pals to change projects about our life,customs,studies and cultures. Hope to hear from you.Thanks!

  19. Janet says:

    Hi daniel
    I appreciate you to sending me your video projects i fell my listining has improved by watching your videos thanks and go on

  20. says:

    It’s very interesting to know that English is not the official language in the U.S.A., being the U.S.A. a very heterogenuous country, but perhaps we must first define the term “official” :).
    Overall, a good project this one 🙂

  21. mahammedi says:

    thanks for this commenication bat not have vidio becouse in broblem in my reseux internet

  22. yuki hana says:

    from the time on,i will study english at this really fantastic website.

  23. shwe moe says:

    i ‘ve watched the video yet
    really great
    in fact, in these days, i ‘m feeling downcast concerning about studying English
    but now i get confidence in it cos of yr video
    yr video’s encouraged me to keep it up without being upset
    i’ve been very pleased watching yr video
    and i want u to know how i appreciate
    i’m from Myanmar and i’m so interested in studying English
    i hope u’ll help me improve my English
    thanks again for the chance that i’ve gotten to watch the video

  24. Vy Oktaviani says:

    it was a great video. i love it, you have music,picture, everything that i can see and now even i’m not in America. Thank you.

  25. Bemori says:

    Very nice apresentation. Really, I very like this video because show how peoples make good progress in english.
    I will try to do like this.

  26. tariq says:

    first thing, thank for all of them to do woenderful film, for me i feel more cofindence to improve my lnaguage so i hope to recive more film to talk about people expercen about english language.

    please go head and i wait more useful work.

  27. tariq says:

    first thing, thank for all of them to do woenderful film, for me i feel more cofindence to improve my lnaguage so i hope to recive more film to talk about people expercen about english language.

    please go head and i wait more usesul work.

  28. naiyana says:

    I agree with this video .thanks a lot for every opinions. now if you can speak English very well you will have more advantage than another people.

  29. Carlos says:

    Hello. I really like this videos because they show the processes that most people face when learning English and I feel like conected to them. However, travel to an English speaking country is not so easy for many people. I agree with people who say that we have to practice a lot at least one hour per day so, the task is there we have to fullfill it

  30. pearl says:

    Wow congratulations!! this video is really awesome!!! keep up the good work.. really rocks here in the Philippines.~~~

    i can’t wait for your next video project.


  31. elham says:

    Thank you so much,
    This video encouraged me to learning English.I’m not any more upset!
    I wish the best for you

  32. DoXuan says:

    Hi every body, I’m Xuan from Hanoi capital, VietNam. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it is useful. It is difficult for me to talk and hear English. I don’t know how to improve this state, please help me? If you go to Vietnam for visiting, learning Vietnamese or etc, don’t hesitate contact me by email i hope that i am not a bad tour guide.

  33. amir says:

    please put the movie on youtube,I have a trubble to see this online.

  34. Nafis says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I am so sorry. I made a mistake. I found New York city in the map.

    Thanks a lot,
    Warm regards,

  35. Nafis says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Watching your documentary films about English is one of my favorite activities. However, I noticed one error while watching American part. The location of New York city mentioned in the map is wrong. New York city is located along Lake Ontario.

    Thanks a lot for the amazing video. I am looking forward to watching the rest of the films.

    Warm regards,

  36. Nataly says:

    Daniel! Thank you for such enjoyable film! I’m waiting for your next movie!=)

  37. Hanane says:

    Hi Daniel and Joel,

    Thank you for making us visit America.
    What I learned from this video is that the best way to learn English language is to move to a country where the language is spoken. Learners are exposed to all kinds of practice: listening, speaking, reading even understanding English, if I can say this, in an american way i.e. in its real contexts. No doubt, it is an advantage for learners of English Language.

  38. mohamed says:

    to now i didn’t see it
    but everything advantage me I well see it

  39. eva says:

    I thank you very much for the video. I watched the vidio. I learned about learning methods. I expect of next video. I love it!

  40. ERIKA says:

    Now i know that if u want to improve your english level u need to travel abroad because u need to be in contact with the language as much as posible that u can.

  41. Mercedes Iglesias says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing so useful material with me. I think the videos are great and I´m glad to see New York city again.

  42. latifa says:

    I’d like to visit America , one day, I hope so

  43. dish says:

    the video is wonderful and also helpful for english learners

  44. pit says:

    It’s usful video. I’ll follow the suggestions in the video. Thank a lot.

  45. SELMA says:

    Students become aware of their way in which learning progresses watching series of video projets. For example “thing english, speak english” may be a good slogan,;

  46. latifa says:

    thanks a lot , I’ll enjoy watching this video surely

  47. Astrid Fataki says:

    excellent video!Your help is very important, it’s so beautiful and interesting to listen and see people that are same problems like you; I mean, to know that everyone wants to learn english, whatever is the mother tongue, find the same difficult that i find in learning english.
    Thank very much for your excellent activity

  48. Valentina says:

    Thanks for making this viedio to us.I believe these nice people.

  49. dawood says:

    i like so much this video, the accent of the speakers it’s really pure and natural, i was wondering i can visit New York, but i haven’t money, i want to get scholarship if there is program from, thank you ……

  50. Ian says:

    Joseph says: If English is not the official language of USA, which one is it?

    I think the answer is there isn’t one. The country of the USA has no official language. But some (not all) US states have English as their official language.

  51. Samuel Rodríguez Cano says:

    Excellent! Althouth for me the 2nd video was better, I think all of them are very helpful and enriching for us who work with and enjoy english language teaching.
    I´ll encourage you to go on with the project

    Thanks a lot


  52. Kawthar says:

    Iwould like to thank you for these tales ,Ifound it very interisting and useful,I have been waiting for more tales for more things make me practis my english because I really face alotoff proplem when I starts conversation

    with my best regards,

  53. kumar meghani says:

    i watched half video, it was nothing but a good advertizment for creating love for non english speakers. it describes importance of english for job seakers in USA as well as other countries where english is given priority to other languages.

    kumar meghani

  54. Le Cong Toai says:

    I think the video lip is very interesting. The topic is very close for teachers and people studying English. I love it very much.Thanks for your work.

  55. thactruc says:

    I like your tales.Thank you.

  56. Joseph says:

    If English is not the official language of USA , which one is it ?

  57. aziz says:

    Well done! Great job, great video for a great achievement, I can learn how to express our thought, then improve my english. I’ll be waiting for the next video. Good luck!



  59. Amal says:

    How are you ? I hope you are fine.I would like to thank you for this video.It is very useful and I think it is the best way to learn and improve English.
    I hope to travel there to improve my English.Thanks alot.

  60. Ari says:

    Very nice video, and it’s true. If you want to learn english quicker take the intensive course, watch movie in english and also the most inportant is to be confident. Thank very much for the video.

  61. Linda K (Hollywood) says:

    Very wonderful video in lifestyle for the student in New york to
    practice in English. If you don’t scar to speak English.I hope every
    student around the world come to learn in University of America.
    Have to be successfully if you confidence how to write how to read
    and how to speak English very well. That English is difficult but is
    not really difficult is you want to be succeed.You have to responsibility for everything that you experience in you life. This
    includes the level of your achievement.

    Good luck for everyone
    Linda K (Hollywood USA)

  62. Alexandre says:

    Great video. For me, the best until now. The music, the landscape and the “atmosphere” of The Big Apple are presented in each scene. The multicultural diversity of people who live or visit New York are well represented by the students who were interviewed.
    Good job, Daniel, congratulations.

  63. Tara Benwell says:

    I agree with Nucha! The music is great. Awesome film once again Daniel and Joel. Congratulations on this amazing feedback from learners and teachers. Looking forward to the next film!

  64. jon mathew says:

    hi Danie,
    i thank for the effort u have put in to make such a movie. i need your help for teaching English to the students who do not know much of english through different games and activities. please do send some games and activities those are helpful in teaching english.
    thank you
    jon mathew

  65. ramon cueli says:

    very motivating the opinions of people in the show. the diversity is encouraging others to go and learn, they see the language as a
    very useful tool for future employement.

  66. Neelakandan says:

    Hi daniel,

    I am interested to learn english.but i dont have facilities.english is a world wide language. I think you and people are very lucky guys.your language is spread through worlwide.
    thanking you for your videos.

  67. ly says:

    it is useful for me and someone after watching this video. may be, i will study E well in future.thanks

  68. Ishag Bashier says:

    congratulation Mr Daniel on the really useful work i beleave that it is the right way to improve our lovely language

    thank you very much

  69. Omar Araya says:

    Hello Everybody

    Thanks for sharing with us this video. I liked it so much. I think it is great way in order to get more motivation for learning or improving English. For me it is so important because I work as a tour guide. I also agree that the effective way for learning English is in a native English country, but also I think to practice for yourself is good, if you don’t have the chance for traveling or studing abroad. The correct use of grammar and phrases adverbs is the most difficult thing for me , because sometime I know that people are understanding me, but not in the right way, that I would.
    Greetings from Peru

  70. naima zouaid says:

    congratulation this video is exciting.if possible i will show it to my pupils next school year. i was really envious of these people who went to the states to improve their english.i never realized my american dream.i hope my students will have more luck.anyway it is an authentic ,down to earth video.looking forward to hearing from you soon.have nice summer days with a lot of sunshine and a swim.bye.

  71. hanan says:

    thanks for this useful vidio i hope to get the chance to travel to america to see all the progress and to speak to the native speaker and you help me to get back ground about it thanks

  72. Coomey says:

    Wow great once again Daniel you are really helping us develop the speaking skills of our students. we also wish you visit our country Senegal in order to discover other faces of the English diction in Africa. thanks keep it tight…

  73. amal says:

    thank you for this important vedio and i think that the beast way to learn any language to stay in the place where all the people thier speak this language only this language to learn and can think by using this language

  74. Carmen Davila says:

    Congratulations Daniel, I am from Guatemala and I teach Engish as a foreign language. I think you did a really great job by publishing your video, I would like to know if I can show it to my students, Keep up the good work and congrat again!

  75. jony says:


    Hope you could also make a documentary about learning the English language here in our country…Philippines!

    Kudos EnglishClub!!!! ^_^

  76. JO 753 says:

    Nice work! I felt the scenery shots went on too long, but can see how they may be entertaining for international English students. It would have been nice to have a name and native country for the speakers. The production standards were very good and the background music matched well with the video.

  77. pietyword says:

    Thanks alot for this usfull vedio
    It’s realy great thing ton know how you could improving
    your English language by defrent’s choises
    or defrents way such as contact with natif speakers
    or travel to visit this nice country and deal with people there
    to know how you can speaking by right way
    I realy interested with the vedio

  78. elvis yao says:

    I’m an IVORIAN and i have to improve my english because i want to become an international journalist.Therefore i need to explain my difficulties.That’s what, i got an schoolarship in ELS center ( NEW-JERSEY) for my trainning.Up to now ,i’m here in IVORY COAST, because of financial’s problems.That’s why,i’m expecting on you to realize my best dream.

    Kind regards!

  79. Tiendrebeogo says:

    Many thanks for this video, it helps a lot in my English learning.
    One of the speakers in the video said a sentence with an expression I would like to know the meaning: “To tune the way”.

    Best regard

  80. Nataliya says:

    Thank you very much for this video. I find it very interesting. I’m going to use it with my students in the first lesson after the summer holidays.
    Looking forward to watching new films!

  81. özlem says:


    First of all, thanks for this useful video. I’m an English Instructor in Turkey and I often advise my students to visit a foreign country to improve their English especially their speaking. I’ve been New York and I had the same experience. I think the best way to improve your English is to visit the country where English is used by lots of people. I look forward to watching your new videos. Thanks a lot.

  82. Sadasivan Prof.Dr. says:

    Thanks a million for this great eye-opener video which must have taken a toll on your resourcefulness for sure!None from India if you have observed!Also no one is speaking of London too–the London which foster-mothered this Anglian dialect in the 14th century! Hypermarketing by the US?Those that go to the US come back with a twang and tweaked accent that sounds micromegalous to us!One things tha comes out is that English is highly sought after!How come that the US has not yet– YET– made it her official language?Is she having an identity crisis of sorts btw?

  83. Bashir Ahmad says:

    Salam to everybody and thanks a alot from the video. It was really interesting and i enjoyed alot. wish u more succes and I am wating for more videos.


  84. NhungL says:

    I enjoyed the movie very much. Most of the time, i was not so confident about my English speaking, eventhought people told me the way i spoke English was very good. Now i know, eveybody who is not coming from an English native countries has same feeling as me, but they try to learn and practice everyday to keep up their progress.

    I will back to school to take another English course. Thank you for your video, it encourage me very much!

  85. hongtm says:

    I watched the video, I think it helps our who learning english so much and hope to have many ways for learning english better than better.Thanks!

  86. Ahmad says:

    Hi,oh it is the best way to learn and teach English to all the people, I really enjoy it very much,and it is better just say ” thank you very much and apreciate so much” and I want to ask you ,please coutinue this way, you are really doing the best,THANKS.

  87. hiennguyen says:

    this video gives me the overviews to the studying life of students in NYC. Hoping you continue more interesting films in the future.

  88. Erin says:

    It’s great! I lived that in Canada and it was an amazing experience.

    Thank you!

  89. quynh says:

    it’s very good. I hope the EClub could provide with such more video clips . Oneday when i have a change i’ll travel to USA to study English. Thanks a lot.

  90. monica says:

    I think all your videos are very useful for teachers(specially without subtitles)in order to use them for listening activities.For next films I suggest to change a bit the topic and go to customs to know a bit more about people´s life in the countries you visit.
    Thank you very much, and congratulations because you´re better and better.

  91. Ken Stevens says:

    I enjoyed this video as it again highlighted that the best way to learn a language, be it English or any other one for that matter, is to learn to think in the language that you are learning, listen to and speak with native speakers and then supplement that with reading.
    In most countries where English is taught in primary, junior and senior high schools emphasis is on grammar and writing – great for the internet and a fantastic foundation for learning to speak a language but without communicating with native speakers it is virtually impossible to master a language because you need to speak with native speakers to improve your pronunciation, listening ability and confidence. It should be remembered that you learned your native language, in the main, by listening to others speak – the first words we utter are those that we have been listening to over and over again for 10 or more months. You can achieve this by living overseas, as these students are doing in the United States, or you can attend English conversation classes and practise speaking and listening.
    If you are serious about becoming proficient in a language you must practise it everyday.and stick at it for a number of years.

  92. Margaret says:

    “Tales of America” was very well done. I am an ESL teacher in Connecticut. I will show this video to my summer school students, and will let you know what they think about it. I think it made some very good points, especially getting across the idea that it is VERY important to talk with someone in English every day. Thank you! You do good work!

  93. Maria Edith Tavares Rodrigues says:

    Thanks a lot for sending this video. I agree with one of the students who said that the important is speaking even if the grammar or the words aren’t correct at all. If we don’t put ourselves into the environment of english speaking we’ll never learn the language. Congratulations to the “actors”. Studying is the only way we’ll achieve the goals.

  94. farah says:

    hello, thanks alot for sending me this video , i realy want to speak english fluently , i can understand the language very well, but the problem that i feel afraid when i just start talking not to make mistakes??

  95. akif says:

    hi, I watch video It’s very very goog thanks for your efforts I don’t know very well about new york but thanks to the your web site I now know something about it finally, thanks very much bye!

  96. LuisCarlos says:

    It’s a great video from New York , it remember me when I was there ten years ago . I can see the things are usual like the past ..people runing , the yellow cabs , the shoping center, etc. I’d have to go again there in order to refresh my English.
    Thanks a lot

  97. selma says:

    it can be inferred from these tale,
    ” Don’t fear, Just speak! ”

    “If you live in your native land, creat full of english environmental functions. Do bombard yourself into. ”


  98. Amira says:

    Althought the students speaking in the film made a few mistakes which always happens,the film is enjoyable, and gives you the feeling that you are really in the USA. I admire this project very much.

  99. Nedime says:

    Thanks for your effort… it’s very kind of you.

  100. José Vieira Pedroso says:

    I like the video ,I could learn something moreabout the english language. In this video we can see people from many parts of the world learning english for better communication. I have travelled to many countries and I can say how is important you know english. Congratulations and continue sending us more videos , thank you very much.Who knows in the future you make a film in Brazil.

  101. Yolanda says:

    Tanks for your sending.
    It the best way to learn English at home

  102. wided says:’s a great video and i want to say to those who have said that it is boring and not interesting that they miss the basic purpose of this video which is to show how learners of english as a foreign language proceed and feel about it.the video acurately depicts the importace of learning english for learners and i’m glad you have done it for us because it’s quite encouraging to me to be honest i’m studying english in algeria and i’m proud about myself i’ve made a terrific progess thank you so much i apreciate
    keep on doing the same i wish the best of luck god bless you

  103. Sandra says:

    Hello there!
    This episode is great, as always!
    Very enlightening! And… Being close to NYC is certainly wonderful!
    It would be great to have you down here in Buenos Aires!
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



  104. Duc Duongquang says:

    Thanks for your sending.
    I expect you will find out more and more ways to built the content of next videos.Remember We always support your working.
    Best Regard!
    Duc Duongquang.

  105. Juzhni says:

    It was the best one for me. Thank you!!

  106. Juzhni says:

    It was the best one for me. Thank to you!!

  107. Gemmie Kwok says:

    This film echoes feeling and answers within myself both as a former English language learner and as a non-native teacher of English. As a former leaner of English, I agree that the best way to learn English is to put yourself in the environment where you can hear, speak and interact with the native speakers. Of course it is even better if you have the opportunity to live in that country such as U.S.A., England, Australia, or Canada, where you can interact with those native speakers of English on the daily basis. As a teacher, I totally agree with the statement the student from Spain made in this film that you know when you are fluent in English when you realize that you think in English not in your native language before you speak English and it usually happens when you are surrounded by people who speak English days and nights.

    Thanks for making these films! I think you got a great thing going here. Keep them coming.

  108. Frances Ruth Harris says:

    I like this excellent presentation because it views learning English
    as an excellent way to proceed in a global society~! Thank you for providing this for all who have the courage to cultivate good language skills.

  109. fahri says:

    Thank you very much you for video.I learned something While I watch video.

  110. Marcos says:

    The video was interesting, but very easy, showing the importance and difficulties of learning English and also pointing the, for me, only way to learn a foreign language, which is going to a place where this language is spoken and be forced to speak and listen it.

  111. Gudrun says:

    Sorry to say, but it was quite boring!

  112. amar says:

    This video is veryi simple and not attractive for me. But I wouldt like to tell them thanks for your effort for my english study in this site. I can make such video or filming, I want to know about young people`s daily life style in the USA. topic should be very clear with the action. It was not interesting for me really, please develope when you make filming.

  113. Nucha says:

    Thanks for making the nice viedo to us . That made me know many tales from America why poeple like to take there . I believe that it’s true stories in real life of there . BTW ,wonderful pictures ,location , music there are excellent !( I like musically so much ) Now you are professional filmmakers I think !

    Good luck !

  114. Summy says:

    Spectacular! I love it! 🙂 Great music too and good feeling for NY. Thank you.

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