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  1. sharifa says:

    This is only a speculation. Still, some people think that’s true . I mean Pisa tower is leaning because there is something hit it!Another thing is that the video reveals a message that is no need to complicate some facts! The Tower is leaning simply because something hit it one day!

  2. says:

    .this picture has a beautiful place that i ever seen all my life and they have a fresh air.

  3. Negisa says:

    i like it.

  4. Charan Jit says:

    Lesson learned from this video: if the foundation is strong, the tower survives.
    In reality: if it gets bent early stage, wait for foundation to settle down or stabilize for a century 😉 and then build a tower on top of the tilted foundation

  5. James says:

    ah….so cold…

  6. hannia says:

    sorry Pisa tower

  7. hannia says:

    The video is very funny, at incredible to believe that happed it with the Pisa toilet.

  8. emmanuel ndebay says:

    The video is funny but their is massage in.

  9. Zoey says:


  10. tazia zoubir says:

    oh , really interesting , but i still wonder , what if the flag didn’t loom at the last while ? i think , the space craft wouldn’t crash in the tower.

  11. Angellah Mohammed says:

    It is really funny video but not related to any scientific idea.

  12. roonacy says:

    u r dream ////////

  13. Techy says:

    It´s a very funny video, but it´s not the real fact.
    It´s because of gravity, and each and every year it declines a little bit more.

  14. ghofran says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its funny

  15. spring says:

    By reading all the comment above, I could see we all have different perspect of one particular image. what great minds of human being.
    I had to watch it two times before I could form my idea about how the Pisa bent.
    Now I ask myself, what is the force that is supporting it from falling to the ground?

  16. Gundosxqo says:

    Aloha! gnl

  17. Hanh says:

    i have’nt watch anything!
    death link?

  18. Doaa El-Shahat says:

    well….i dont understand ….its my first time to joun the club and i want to improve my english….any body help ??

  19. Nataly says:

    I liked very much 🙂
    Thanks for the truth 🙂

  20. Sunshine says:

    It’s so cool. But not true. The truth is when I were travelling in Italy many years ago ( It’s so long long long time) I went to visit Pisa, and asked my father take some photoes for me, and I leant on the foot of Pisa to aping models, and thought not immediatetly but so little by little It (Pisa) tilted. haha. It’s my funny mnemonic ^^

  21. yanza says:

    May be you right. Good point 😉

  22. khaitoon says:

    Interesting thinking, good imagination.

  23. Nucha says:

    Well done , Anthony ! ^_^

  24. wilda says:

    It makes me think….how it’s bent…

  25. riska says:

    if my students see the 15 seconds movie like this. they will think that learning english is fun.

  26. Linda k (Hollywood) says:

    Hello everyone
    If we allow Pisa learning-tower move uniformly at the speed
    1286.57 per hour in western direction.Actually we let the experimental
    apparatus move,then slow the movement of learning tower cancels
    out earth rotation,and the Pisa learning-tower is the true inertial
    reference frame of earth in the meaning of Newton.

    Good Luck
    Linda kosolsak (USA Hollywood)

  27. Ellen says:

    So good!
    Big surprise!

  28. yash says:

    Quite fascinating for students. Forget gravity and other scientific facts. It shows that every thing is possible in the world only thing is that one should have courage and determination to struggle. If you have then sky is the limit. You can destablize all the established norms of the society.

  29. biang says:

    i’m 100% sure. it isn’t the fact. Pisa wasn’t aslant because of a UFO plane. It’s because of gravity. but the flash is good anyway.

  30. Hanan-Q8 says:

    you are a genius.

    good job.

  31. Summy says:

    That’s interesting. I never knew that’s how it got bent.

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