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Your Comments on The Chapel

The Chapel


  1. Cee says:

    Very interesting story! It was also very sad because this young girl was taken advantage of by these two grown men. I think she was too young to know the burden of raising a child or that she is lucky to have a family that cares. I wonder what the Priest said when she took her baby to the Chapel…she’s Indian, Ravi was Indian but she made a blue-eyed Caucasian baby. Rape is a disgusting thing!

  2. Jao Mari says:

    Very Nice!

  3. Jürgelov says:

    I really like this short story!

  4. Billy says:

    I found it very boring.

  5. abril diamante says:

    Jonathan Yuen, your feeling of being disgusted of the wrong grammatical expression of the other people doing their comments about the story The Chapel DOES NOT HELP THEM! Instead of feeling disgusted, why don’t you specifically tell them the wrong you have noticed in a very friendly manner so they may know their wrong and learn from such mistake? Your words do speak the kind of attitude you do have. Change it! If not, control it!

  6. abril diamante says:

    Jonathan Yuen,

  7. abril diamante says:

    The story’s theme (The Chapel): Never be deceived by beauty, power, wealth, influence and fame for these speak only the physical appearance of anybody. Attitude shown through a person’s words, thoughts and actions reveal the real color of anybody’s personality.

  8. silvano suca says:

    Hello everybody
    I will like very to read this story…
    can you help me to have this story?

  9. Irene Francis says:

    I like the story. Thanks. But very loooong.

  10. Nu Nu Lwin says:

    This story is very interesting and it give me new vocabulary. Thank for writing this story.

  11. patricia Blanchard says:

    the story was interesting and very nice, the twist at the and was brilliant.

  12. Soumya says:

    What ever the story is related to the writer imagination/thought not real.Its make a more eagerness to complete the story ,that is the success of story.

  13. Sarah says:

    Wow. The story was very interesting. I loved the twist at the end; it added a new taste to the whole story.

  14. Jason Leung says:

    what a story! dark, yet intriguing, wonderful twist at the end.

  15. Tony says:

    I liked the story.But havent heard in my whole life about such a priest.Fathers do have a self control nature always i guess.

  16. ayoola says:

    nyc and interesting

  17. Jonathan Yuen says:

    I’m disgusted with your english. Check your tenses and vocab.

  18. Alias Jusoh says:

    It’s real story. I loved it and thank you.

  19. stella Nakuya says:

    i loved it

  20. baijulaiju says:

    what i’m thinking, the girl might be pregnant by her six-year old nephew ‘Pinni mon’!!!!!

  21. hello says:

    a lot of new vocabs.

  22. pedobear says:

    Love it.

  23. Malli says:

    A very good story,

  24. Murali says:

    Nice story . But for me it has become very difficult to understand .

  25. hoda says:

    I was an intriguing story. thanks. I was bewildered at the end.

  26. AJ says:

    An interesting story.learnt many new words..The ending was a good twist in the tale..Please upload more stories.

  27. Cain says:

    by the way l love this website, but there are only 3 stories… we need more…. please develop… thanks

  28. Cain says:

    hmmmmm!!! a lot of new vocabs.. l love it… frankly, i didnt understand at the end of story. its a liitle bit confusing. i think i need to read much

  29. Barry E. Harris says:

    Tragic conclusion, but you can’t help but wonder when did her infatuation with the priest begin? Yes, the rape she encoutnered from Ravi really stunned her, but she may have already been romanced by the priest in a more gentle way. The timely manner in which the pregnancy occurred simply confirmed that she became pregnant much later than the Ravi encounter. Most disturbing was the amount of time and the time of day she was allowed to be away from home. I’m sure the mother trusted the priest but had second thoughts. Great story!

  30. Reza says:

    It is a good short story. Theme circled around the incident -rape of a minor girl on the way to Chapel. Rogue has been punished though not in a very practical way. Ginnie liked and loved the priest. She bore a child of the priest just to revenge against Ravi-out of extreme hatred. The beauty of the story is obscurity of 2 vital questions one who was the father of the baby and the other how Ravi was killed. Many new simple words are inducted and sentiments of Indians are projected carefully. Role of Ravi could be more realistic and rational. Thanks

  31. emma says:

    what’s the purpose of this article? i do not understand it very well. who is the father of the little baby? the Father Olivier? aha. i am confused. may be i should read more story to improve my comprehension.

  32. YU Qianqian says:

    Actually, I don’t like the sad story, I prefer the comedy.
    I appreciate this girl very much and I’m looking forward the following story, I guess that another nice man will move Ginnie and takes care of Ginnie and baby. They will enjoy their life.

  33. Charles says:

    It’s a good story but A little bit complicated. to the end of the story I astonished. I said ” wow. what a clever girl.” :))

  34. burcu says:

    I found the story beneficial and surprising. it was my homework and it is gonna help my exam. also I learnt that the baby’s father is the priest instead ravi. I felt so sad about him that I forgot his raping ginnie for a moment.

  35. Mai Cheni says:

    a very good story, keep it up. Priest, watch out!

  36. emeraldred6 says:

    I hate the story and this website

  37. echo says:

    A little sad story ! I think ravi is a nice guy.i think he has known he is not the father of the baby in the poor girl’s body.Also he just take such incidents to escape marrying a girl he doesnt like or to express his resist to a planed the same time,he can help this helpless girl.whatever,he gives the girl hope though he raped her once.

  38. Sandy Yalin says:

    Actually, if we read this passage again, we would found that almost at the beginning, the writer gave us some clues that the girl has some special relationship with the Father, e. g. the girl blushed when the Father was referenced.

  39. asd says:

    who is the father oliver?is he the real father of the boys?

  40. arsh says:

    that’s the point , the girls had relationship with father Oliver .

  41. Rita says:


  42. nannosa says:

    A lot of new words

  43. Muhannad Musa says:

    This website is so great and really helpful,,presenting every way and method to improve the learners English background,as well as amusing,not boredom and useful.

  44. lauren lindley says:

    i think the website is helpful because it is easy to understand and it is helpful when you dont no what you are doing after you have read all the stories.
    i can now write my own storiues and they sound great so it proves this website is great.

  45. siras says:

    nice you are doing fine
    i like it

  46. Azamat says:

    Who was the father of the baby????

  47. Crystal says:

    I thought… They’ll finally get merried and happy ending.. Hahaha the story just like mostly Indian movie,, fighting over wealthyness, anyway I can’t get your drift man, why must Ravi agreed to marry when the first case was he raped Ginnie.. Hemm too complicated

  48. MrBereke says:

    Can somebody tell me what the pointe of the story is?

  49. anaa says:

    i hate the story
    can have short story please

  50. Richard says:

    Wow… I didn’t expect that. Although, if you think about it……..

  51. hannia says:

    I think it is an interesting history but to long, but have so many vocabulary new for me and It is a good way to get more vocabulary in English and practice it.

  52. Ahmad Rishad says:

    it is so good for ESL students and i proud on this website

  53. rule=v= says:

    Meraj says:
    May 23, 2010 at 8:59 pm
    That is so interesting story and I have learnt new words, but I have a question!
    what’s theme of the story?

    I thought it was the revenge from a girl

  54. joseph says:

    hayahahahahaha hahahahah

  55. mhel says:


  56. leandro says:

    Very beautiful storyt but I dont understand all of it

  57. juanla says:

    its very interesting but its very very very very very loooooooooooong 🙂


  58. Johny Walker Junior says:

    Sorry,i haven,t read the story yet.
    Thank you.

  59. Abdulsalam says:

    the interesting story must has unexpected end

  60. vinh says:

    My english very bad,ican’t writer more but i want writer that thank…thanks so much b/c i learnt new words

  61. ghia says:

    very beautiful story,but ugly ending

  62. nissreena says:

    some times we need to understand any meninig at our life but we
    don’t know areall meaning but at last can not to find it

  63. sehreen says:

    story starts normally,bt the end of the story is abnormal,i think so,rather story takes a non factual turn as when Ravi appologises his mean act before his expected inlaw a richer person as he were,he can easily deny all the situation,it seems humourous to know that a non catholic n a person who assault a girl so darely on behalf of his wealthy background,can confess before a poor girl….how many times is it happened in our male dominent society?as far about Gennie,i think,even she dont know before the birth of her baby that who is the father of her son,bcoz in the story the starting of her relationship with that bloody priest.

  64. Italiana says:

    Dear Soar Addie, generally a person who experiences a sexual harrassement is not very will to tell about it, and I think that if you make a little effort you can understand and imagine why.
    Ravi has been killed by the Moorpalani brothers, not by his. And even if they were his, the problem wouldn’t be their “honour”. It’s very grave to speak in these terms considering that all around the world there still are delicts due to someone’s “honour”. The only victim is the person raped, not the males of the family.
    Considering that the only person that you wouldn’t put to hell is the non-catholic raper, your comment is even too eloquent.

  65. Meraj says:

    That is so interesting story and I have learnt new words, but I have a question!
    what’s theme of the story?

  66. Soar Addie says:

    I know exactly the father of the baby would be the priest as it has always happened in reality, and if it happens the woman or the girl in question would never tell the truth (the same as it happened here). If I were the God, I would first punish the girl (for not tell the truth; she told two lies: she didn’t report right away when she got raped by Ravi; second, she should have mentioned her relationship with the priest.); second, I would throw all the brothers who killed Ravi into hell because it’s stupid to think their pride is higher than their brother’s life. Third, the priest should go to hell also. You all know why. (The writer might have heard or known about the same thing happening in real life)

  67. Katherine says:

    What a clever young girl! The baby was delivered in time, I think. But poor Ravi seems to have been more notorious and worth regretting, than Ginnie.

  68. pizza says:

    I do not really understand the end of the story. Why the baby’s eyes are blue? Is there some relationship between Ginnie and Father Olivier? It makes me a bit confused and something can be said to be in mess.

  69. sandeep says:

    Very funny and routine ending but good narration and learnt a lot of new words

  70. youattackme says:

    Absolutely it was hard for me to understand,but I had learnt many new words.Thank you !

  71. Shpresa says:

    The story was very interesting.I did not expect the end to be so, but when the brothers invited Rail I knew that something will happen because in all the cultures the sister’s honor is very high praised especially from the brothers.
    I learnt new vocabulary.

  72. nadira says:

    an interesting story with an unexpected twist in the end. thankyou learnt new words.