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The Metro

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Here you can leave your comments and opinions about the short story, The Metro.

23 Comments on “The Metro”

  1. Cathy Regar says:

    A very interesting story. I had my suspicion about Professor Dhiakobli. He did the murder. My heart started pounding really hard, when I read that the two dead bodies looked similiar to the body of his wife and lover.

    There were a lot of new words and this book has widenend my vocabulary.

  2. Celine91 says:

    The end is just clear! read it another time for those who could not understand.. he said that he had paid the killer and he will get him in 15 minutes. so yes Professor Dhiakobli is the murderer and he decided to kill both inspector’s wife and lover

  3. Jean-Marc says:

    interesting story

  4. wita saleh kakar says:

    It was great but respectfully ask you to put here intermediate stories, with its tests as well. thanks a lot

  5. Alhasn bosh says:

    Its an amazing story, especially the characters and their roles. The story made me boil at the prof Diakocobia, killing is not a solution. Thanks for the vocabulary.

  6. Pam Woolford says:

    There is a lot to be learned in this book.
    There is a good message in her with regard to the Inspector who wants his cake and eat it too.
    He soon found out that this isn’t always a good thing.
    It shows the reader that he treated his wife unfairly by having an affair with a younger person.
    However, the ending was clever by leaving the outcome up to the reader’s imagination.
    Overall a good book.

  7. hoda says:

    the story was very intriguing. I was sort of scared at the end when the two identical bodies were found (identical to his wife and lover).
    I learned so many new and useful words. thanks for the choise of your stories.

  8. Promitee says:

    will anyone help me to understand the end of the story????i am confused and disappointed…..plz someone help me to understand the ending….

  9. Rachel says:

    So did he accidently hire a hitman?

  10. emma says:

    the end of story was really cool.and it has so new words.

  11. Juan Carlos says:

    the story it´s quite good also intriguing

  12. Sandy Yalin says:

    What the writer implies is that Professor Dhiakobli is involved in the murder. This passage deals with the problems of marriage, love, money, life and murder. It is indeed complex and long. But not until the end, I have already guess out the plot.

  13. stive wolf says:

    i can’t understand the story what happen to the criminal and what happen to the case

  14. mahtab says:

    it was amysterious story.thats breath taking that findingthe end of story is left to us…..

  15. Crystal says:

    Hemm.. It isn’t clear in the end of the story. But at least I understand :D, don’t you think he has been affected by magic?
    Married man if he felt in love with another girl, it should be really deep feeling. And yeah it’s true if there is anyone said he is greedy, he never chose neither left the wife nor let the girl gone, hemm what a complicated love relationship :p

  16. Ana María says:

    I’d like to know where the missing heads are

  17. hiba says:

    the story is very interesting,but i do not understand its mean.

  18. apple says:

    the is some kind of a hanging story..

  19. knarf says:

    I like the premise of the story (at first)…It’s some kinda thrill, but the ending is not very clear..I know what point the writer want to make,but the story did not achieve the main point in the end..

  20. yishan says:

    i don’t know what it means…

  21. fer says:

    the story is very bored i dont like………………….

  22. jomar10 says:

    mag bigaynaman ka yo ng lesson learned in the metro story

  23. Rose says:

    It is very interesting story, so many new words…..and I have learnt a lot.The Inspector is quite romantic but greedy, wanting to have both, young girl and wife.But anyway, he soon found out that what he had done was not fare to his wife…..stop loving the young girl was not his thinking right now.

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