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Your Comments on The Winepress

The Winepress


  1. Jerry Plamondon says:

    Interesting story indeed! Some questions I asked myself

    a) Why did Charles de Gruse tell this story to his guests?

    b) What lesson was the author trying to teach us by telling
    this story?

    c) Did Pierre really want to murder his wife?

    d) Did he get away with (escape the responsiblity of)

    e) Should he have been punished for his act?

  2. Hou says:

    What a interesting story! Love can change person’s concept, feeling, even sence. I firmly believe that the ador of the wine dissolved with body of the wife of brewer tastes mellow just for himself. Supperficially, the husband carried out the murder, but the admiration to the wine claimed by the man means the deep feeling within him. When you think the story telled by the count over, you will feel horrible! The brewer may suffers schizophrenia after the death of his beloved life. The attractive story on earth mostly possess a sadly core. What I love has become part of my body, cannot be peeling off, cannot be forgot.

  3. Oath says:

    I enjoyed reading the story and understand overall images,even though, I learned many new words.

  4. chi du says:

    The story with a lot of hard vocabularies that I could not understand.

  5. omar says:

    if they were only both of them at the winery, may i ask how did you get to know how did she die? where did he put her body? still doesn’t make so much sense for me….

  6. Ratandeep kumar says:

    I too like this story.

  7. patrick tuyiringire says:

    wooow…I enjoyed the story but surprisingly I am now afraid of drinking red wines.

  8. tarun says:

    Story was quite clear and predictable easly .what make me amazed more is the vocab and words arrangements.

  9. Pinky says:

    It was a good story. I couldn’t expect the end.

  10. siby says:

    really nice story, worth reading it

  11. Randy Mensah says:

    it was a really good story..its the best story i have ever heard

  12. Peter Gammie says:

    A distasteful little story.
    Not enough care is taken to lead into events, with the result that we don’t find them credible. The struggle in the winery is particularly badly handled.
    I question the use of “winey” and “vine-harvest”.

  13. Yalcin Ceylanoglu says:

    For Turkish speakers, I have translated this short story. To read it in the pdf format, please click on the following link:

  14. Sunardi says:

    Was she pregnant when she got so jealous? I have ever heard from many people that pregnant woman, for the first time, can hardly control their emotions.

    It was the man’s fault. He never care for her, but sex. I think, it’s the problem: it was about communication in relationship.

    However, it’s funny when the guest asked him about the wine they already drank.

  15. Ying Liu says:

    I like the way count described the story, but the story about the couple, especially the later half of the story makes me goosebumps when I am thinking what really happened there, which leaves me lots of wild and scary immagination. This story is not a good sign for me when I want to drink wine.

  16. Asma Gh says:

    I liked it , it’s a good story before bed 😉

  17. Dave says:

    Nice story! Thank you! My students needed some time but loved it.

    But one thing must be made clear: there is no need to forbid alcohol to everybody…. Only to weak people. Fortunately not everything in life is about religion. Only to weak people.

  18. Yasin Issa Aden says:

    Indeed a very interesting story.

    It is dealing with many themes. Immigration, xenophobia and being drunk. There is also a little bit of racism involved. Due to the fact that she is jealous of the white women, but does see the blacks in Madagascar as competition.

    I think this story can be reflected toward our own society, and where we are heading with all this hate.

  19. Yalcin Ceylanoglu says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I have translated it to my native language Turkish. So, I plan to publish it as an ebook.

    Would you mind if I copyrighted it?

    Sincerely yours,

    Yalcin Ceylanoglu

  20. Jalony. says:

    Kudos to the writer. This quiet an interesting and mind probing one.

  21. kamala Bhatt says:

    this is the first story I ever read , loved from the very beginning till the end.

  22. patricia Blanchard says:

    I love the story,I will sand to my friends.
    Very and Very good.

  23. HANADI says:

    I think if Pierre had really loved his wife he wouldn’t have had led her to reach this level of jealousy and craziness and would rather went back with her to Madagascar therefore what was Faniry feeling about the betray of her husband was indeed true

  24. Student Writer says:

    I have a wicked sense of humor. This short depiction of Jealousy I find to be true, I think we all have a dark place inside of us, and it’s the choice to do Good or Evil deeds that defines us as human beings. I loved this short story as it also depicts us as fragile beings which is not always the case. Often words can cut the deepest.Abuse of any nature however is wrong. In this story I don’t believe the husband or wife to be right.

  25. farouq says:

    Something that we can get good lesson for

  26. farouq says:

    Wow!wow!!wow!!! It touch me a lot of newly world that has been unknown to but now it inlight me

  27. Fathia Ntifi says:

    Beatiful, sad, but it was a great lesson for the cultivated people.
    My first reading.I’m proud of me!!!BRAVO!!!

  28. Louloukati says:

    It’s creepy story I really Like the fact That the writer added french word it makes it more realistic

  29. Hamed valikhani says:

    It is love and hate story,
    There is culture diffrent of people ,
    I like this story due to story is feed soul

  30. Bashar says:

    It’s long story I have seen.

  31. Ahmad says:

    it was really interesting and meaningful story

    thanks alot


    I like very much, This story is different of others so thanks to writer …………. Its touch to my heart…………

  33. Majd says:

    Good story nice one!

  34. ramachandra borkar says:

    The plots are designed accurately. Entire story is revealed methodically with meticulous details. The art of generating curiosity in the minds of the guests and the readers is superb.

  35. karel says:

    1. Where is the Quai Voltaire?
    2. What do Charles de Gruse of his guests?
    3. What are bateaux-Mouches?
    4. A. Who tells the story to the guests?
    B. Who was that person’s story?
    5. How is Pierre on the vineyard?
    6. Why Faniry was so jealous?
    7. How Faniry deceased?
    8. What Pierre told the staff about Faniry?
    9. How is it that the only Pierre delicious wine made ​​in 1965?
    10. A. Guests have drunk the ‘wrong’ wine?
    B. If so, when? If not, why not?

  36. Gj says:

    A good story,I like it

  37. AMMARA says:

    Oh God its so difficult to understand for the beginnier like me .there is alot of difficult vocabulary
    but inspite of this story winepress is gud

  38. Leonardo Restrepo says:

    Although effectively the vocabulary was an obstacle, I really liked the way that stands as its main theme the delight of consuming a good wine cause behind this story of love and dislikes you can do many conclusions, like for example everything that somepeople can risking for their selfishness in the search of their self welfare

  39. Michael Cifuentes says:

    Is hard read a long text in english like this, but is perfect for practice the reading.

  40. Hossein says:


  41. Ebrahim Farzad says:

    Well, Frankly speaking the only good thing that i extracted out of this story is the extensive use of vocabulary… thanks author….. the moral was not highlighted clearly though, every reader will draw different conclusion out of it and accordingly may or may not be satisfied……but anyways it was worth reading…….lol

  42. tandoan1983 says:

    the story are interesting and a terrible. It’s help my-self have sight about jealousy very dangerous, change the women. The winepress not fail, the grape wine have before story not effect when we taste it.

  43. little ethan says:

    its a good story.

  44. Jean-Marc says:

    Difficult for a student like me to understand.

  45. Pablo says:

    Very interesting and well written. Congrats…For me the story is very deep and give a sort of moral lesson. It concern about how Europe and imperialism at all have been killing people by just “eating” or “drinking” them across the centuries (in a methaphorical way)…And, ironically when they “victims” are about to emigrate to Europe, they suffer the consequences of rascism and xenophobia…(Note that all the dinners are high class people, linked with the aristocracy and the army). The metaphore of the wine as the answering to the inmigration issue is magistral. It remembered me the movie “The cook, the thief, his woman and her lover” of Peter Greenaway. Thank you and forgive my poor english, please!!!

  46. Simon says:

    Now I’m gonna have nightmares tonight.

  47. Camilla says:

    “In wine [there is the] truth”. I like red dessert wine. Thank you for the story. Everyone has her/his own “winepress” story.

  48. hello says:

    i liked how the story was written and the different type of speech it used.

  49. Joyce says:

    I love the story a lot. It was easy to aswered the questions after I read it. The vocabulary was a bonus as well.

  50. vik says:

    superb story. liked a lot:)

  51. Ghareh says:

    I liked your method of teaching through of this storyand I also liked the storywhich shows us we must care of our thought and manage it and work on it.

  52. Farah says:

    nice story , but i don’t like the idea that he killed his wife. She does not deserve this end

  53. Dawn says:

    A very good story, with a great ending – so that each reader could draw their own conclusion. Should be advanced not intermediate. I think Mr. Poe would be very proud of this writer.

  54. Beralda says:

    I love wine , although the story had many strange words for my poor vocabulary, I could understand that the flavors of wines carries always came laden stories that not always as good as the taste of the wine.

  55. fujie says:

    It’s very good story, helped me learn a lots of new words. Thanks.

  56. samra says:

    I enjoyed reading the short story but I want to know the moral lesson about the short story.

  57. name says:

    Perfect work.

  58. hoda says:

    actually I find it kinda gross and scary

  59. Adama says:

    this story is scarey

  60. meryem says:

    i feel a pity for the wife but i think it was the reaction of what she did

  61. Soozeequeue says:

    Edgar Allen Poe re-incarnated. Great!!!

  62. lamia says:

    very beautiful story i am very happy in reading

  63. Mike says:

    Very interesting story. I also think that there were some difficult words, but thanks to God there are dictionaries 🙂
    Can we get more stories, please?
    Thank you

  64. mari says:

    Very good story!

  65. mari says:

    this is really gerat story.thanks a lot

  66. ABDUL RAHEEM says:


  67. yasemin says:

    it’s really an interesting and amusing story.I’ll cover it in class tomorrow. I agree with the vocab issue.I think it’s a bit difficult for the students who don’t have the sufficient language skills.The exercises are very useful,though. thanks.

  68. Carolina Mendez says:

    Well, it’s a good story, very interesting. But for people who are in Level Upper Intermediate the vocabulary is so difficult . Sorry for us, maybe our English classes aren’t good.

  69. Deandre Perdomo says:

    I think this is one of the most vital information for me. And i’m satisfied studying your article. But should remark on some general things, The website taste is ideal, the articles is in point of fact great : D. Just right job, cheers

  70. Harshida Jain says:

    woh…………..!!! its so interesting……….i lyk 2 read it again & again along with my frnds………..

  71. NuNulwin says:

    It is a good story. By reading it, we know to avoid drinking wine.

  72. Jane says:

    Is it a true story?

  73. rafa77 says:

    its….weird… but cool…
    teacher showed me this one!

  74. echo says:

    this is my first time to join the discuss on internet.i am also an english learner,a learn by my self.i am very glad to find all the learners here to know i am not helpless.this story feels a little frightening.if i was there, i think, i may have spit out the meal i just ate.

  75. olan says:

    as i muse on this story, i thought that if you are to migrate to france, be sure not to show sordid attitude towards the french it you don’t want to be the most palatable wine served at dinner time.

  76. Daniel says:

    Oh, it’s so hard to learn English, but I like this language and I’m learning despite the difficulties. Soon I’ll become a great English speaker.

  77. ramesh says:

    not nice but entartaining

  78. delfi says:

    nice web you have , for reading any suggestions 4 u. it is good to give the text reading with audio by the text read by a native speaker, we live in non english speaking country you text reading will really be helpful,especially for my student at the classroom. thank

  79. thamer almarzogi says:

    very nice , thanks

  80. moussa .G says:

    I have not read such a intersting story before….

  81. Annisa says:

    So nice story and there is some Quiz I like it so much …hope i can see u again bye2x ….

  82. shucayb says:

    This is very good and also its helps me with some vocabulary words that i didnt know and thanks to the one who fix it bye now i hope you all the bests

  83. Dinar Ahmad says:

    It is very nice story and interesting

  84. annarita says:

    Reading it reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe. I very much think that De Gruse made the story up to see the reaction of his guests; immigration? living bad away from the native place, not strong enough to overlook the comments coming from the others, feeling inferior. The husband was in his country, why didn’t he try going back to Madagascar if he loved his wife so much? He was rich enough to leave everything to someone trustworthy.A glass of red wine a day is of vital importance.

  85. sara mansour says:

    Actually it is avery interesting story but a confusing one at the same time.what confuse me is the underlying meaning of it.May be it is the destroying effect of wine on happy marriage.How happy were this couple before wine appear in their life. At the end of the story there is amention that ” Fainry” is drunk.So that is what wine did to her happy marriage ,it turns her from “an angel to termagant”,actually
    aperson blinded with suspect and jealousy.Finally wine kills her as she stumbled towards the winepress.

  86. Betty says:

    A wonderful story!The story is about wine.”She screamed, struggling to free herself”I am thinking what did she think about at that time? About immigation, love, family, indifference of her husband, or the tragic of her jealous?

  87. Crystal says:

    How horrible, cruel, How could he do that to his wife?
    Anyway thanks for sharing this story, it was interesting to read, and I’ll come more often.

  88. hiba says:

    the story is very good for our,but it’s very difficult in read its.

  89. andrea says:

    i did not like it.
    could improve

  90. AHSAN JAMAL says:

    iam trying to improve my english but this story iz very difficult to read !!!!

  91. Memo says:

    The story is intresting, I like it. I agree with the others that the writer was attaking the wine and wanted to give us a lesson about jeluosy. finally, the story is easy to understand.

  92. Napoleon says:

    I think it is a good story that I ever heard before. It shows terrible things about drinking and gives you a lesson of life. Wine is so bad,smoking is very bad.
    it an exellent reading. it help me to techa my students.
    Go ahead.

  93. lala says:

    In my opinion,the story is great where both the elements of suprise and intereste have been made highly.While the main theme is immigration issue , the sub theme was the wine.I agree that the auther was attaking the wine , though he speaks about it as something wonderful in France.I wanna say he wants manily to show that immigration made the lady jelouse and change her temper.
    Love, jelous, drinking wine, kill are the result of immigration
    The bottom line is the red color of the wine where all enjoyed was compared to the blood. Who knows maybe blood is making aroma to the wine since its the causive reason for it !!!

  94. Mi says:

    interesting! though i don’t understand everything in this story… i need to learn english vocabraly more XD

  95. abdul salam says:

    very nice story this …………i like this this story i sent my friends ……………………………….thank you

  96. Quentin says:

    This is a deep story, Very interesting. I will looking for a sip of 65 red french wine

  97. aziz ali says:

    I’m trying to improve my English. This story helped me learn some new words and structures. And it was interesting. Thanks a lot.

  98. Maxime says:

    Annualy I do the vintage… I think I’ll remainds me this story for long time…

  99. Hrodo says:

    Emad, i don’t think you know alcohol very well. As alcohol doesn’t make you some homicidal maniac. But yes it lowers your will and understanding, still the text doesn’t say anything about the guy being drunk in the story. Well overall very good story.

  100. ALAOUI says:

    Thank you for the story.
    It’s a well-written story and useful for people who want to improve their writing.
    You’d better to read the story two times or more.

  101. why says:


  102. Hessa says:

    I think it is a good one coz it has many english words which are not familiar to me, but at the end its ambigous

  103. tien says:

    I don’t understand thí sentences “But you do have to be French to recognize one”
    Help me!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your assistance

  104. Mohammad yonus aryan says:

    hi my dears readers this story was very interesting the wine can’t make us happy many people when the faced with the problem instead of that to find the slotion way for that problem they are drinking the wine
    and they are don’t care about their careers .
    when some drinking on that time he don’t know on thing what every he want he can did easily that and their behavior will be separate form others

  105. Ms. Bennett says:

    This is a short, biography with comprehension and vocabulary quizzes very helpful to incoming 9th grade readers. Fry’s Readability leveled at 5 sentences, perr 100 words and 145 syllables (proper names counted as one syllable only) = 9th Grade. I disagree that this is an ESL intermediate reading, though. I would consider it advanced reading-wise, however the quizzes are at 8th grade levels.

  106. ghia mae says:

    what a magnificent story,but bloody one……

  107. amna says:

    this story is nice but little bit boaring.

  108. fatima says:

    they were very very nice stories. thanks for your all favors.

  109. ali the fiver says:

    at first very difficult to understand
    at last, very interesting

  110. ada says:

    thanks ,a good stories i’ve never reading!!!

  111. anna says:

    I also didn’t understand the last sentense. Somebody please clear it up!

  112. sajith says:

    Interesting story. It does explain a lot for me. Sometimes about life, about marriage, specially importance of selecting a better one(but not here in this story by Pierre) & the facts have to be faced if not,etc. And also feelings like jealous, angry,etc would not ever give us happiness eventually. It only makes people weak in both physically & intellectually. By the way a religion should advise us not only to avoid alcoholic drinks but also to protect the right to lives of others(to the fullest meaning of the letter, of all the living things on this whole planet).
    It is a good read for English learners like us & I enjoyed it as a story, but never wanna see or hear something like that happens in this beautiful world.

  113. Emad says:

    Emad from Iran, Saveh Azad university Branch

    I think it is a good story that I ever heard before. It shows terrible things about drinking and gives you a lesson of life. Wine is so bad, if somebody is drunk, cannot make decision, and cannot control him/her self. Although it gives you a temporary enjoyment but it regrets you for long time. If you are drunk, you may kill someone or violate one or may do else horrible deed. “This story shows you a sample, Pierre was a winegrower who likes her wife. After a while, they moved in France due to the death of his parents in a car crash and to mange their vineyard. After that, his wife, Faniry, became so jealous and they had some argument. Therefore, that one day when they were so drunk Faniry entered the winery; she wanted to have a baby after that accusations and insults but Pierre did not see eye to eye with her. Thus, they fight and suddenly the screw of the press caught at her hair and dragged her in. her husband didn’t do any effort to save her how terrible. When he made sure she died, switched the current off. Faniry’s blood had mixed to the wine and smells so good”; ‘Charles Jousselin de Gruse wanted to show disadvantages of drinking by telling this story to their guests’. That is why my religion forbade alcoholic drinks.

  114. Dasha says:

    In my opinion this story is so cruel. It is alike “The october game” by Ray Bradbury. I don’t like it,too.

  115. archil says:

    it likes Alan pos stories

  116. Stevie says:

    i Though The Story Was A Load Of SHIT! To Be HOnest!

  117. Libby says:

    I wanna take a sip of 65 red wine if possible.

  118. Axan Elena says:

    I really enjoyed the story but I didn’t understand in the end the answer of de Gruse,were they drinking the wine with Faniry’s blood,yes or no?????

  119. rose says:

    i love this story from begining to end..its also a lesson.

  120. germeen says:

    I really enjoyed the have alot of voc.,but i was expecting it’s end it was not surprising for me.

  121. nesma says:

    IT was good story and it have alot of meaning realy i liked it

  122. pizza says:

    I love this story, one of my favourite story I’ ve read. I love the manner the author described scenery in Paris, Madagascar and more

  123. gamze says:

    absolutely ,very good story … I was very surprised when I read should read story

  124. Louiza says:

    Very interesting story ! I never drink wine and now i know the reason why, Lol. Thank you Marcia

  125. jank says:

    it was very good story.

  126. Thanh says:

    Thanks u so much teacher….i Done already…The Wine story very interesting…:-)

  127. youattackme says:

    I will think about it when I drink wine!How terrible I fell!!

  128. أبراهيم أبودية says:

    The winepress story is funny and useful at the same time.
    Funny because it makes you laugh at thier drinking of Vinery
    useful because it gives lessons regarding jelousy.

  129. Véronique says:

    It’s very funny to learn english with this “lovely” story and I hope that I will think to it when I will drink a wine.
    (Thank you Marcia!).

  130. pierre corso says:

    Classy ,indeed! 🙂

  131. Esther Marin says:

    My group in IES Calvia loved this history.
    It was very nice, red and bloody. Thank you very much.
    Esther from Mallorca (actually i am from Valencia)

  132. Jackie Hatton says:

    My Adult ESL group really enjoyed this story – the subtlety and ambiguity of it as well as the mix of familiar and challenging vocabulary. Thank you to whoever put this exercise together.

  133. Jamal says:

    Really it is very good story, a lot of smart and intelligent between lines meaning, he answered his guests indirectly about immigration issue…

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