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English Prepositions List

New Edition: Revised and extended 2016

I find it really useful. Profr. José Antonio Avilés Cosio, Instituto de Inglés América, La Paz, Mexico

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English Prepositions List - immediate download

Josef EssbergerThis prepositions list by Josef Essberger shows all English prepositions and gives you example sentences for each one.

Prepositions can be divided into one-word prepositions (after, in, under) and complex prepositions (apart from, because of, in spite of).

This ebook lists almost all the one-word prepositions and most of the complex prepositions. Here's what it contains:

150 English prepositions, including:

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This ebook is not a "dictionary of prepositions" because it doesn't give definitions, which you can find in any English/English or bilingual dictionary. What it does is to give you virtually all the English prepositions in one place and show you 400 examples of their use in context. It also tests your understanding with 200 quiz questions (answers supplied).

English Prepositions List

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