Free English Stickers


Have you seen EnglishClub’s stickers? These images are FREE for anyone to download and use. They include easy English words and phrases. You can use them to express your thoughts and emotions in English in your online correspondence with friends and family members.

How to get the Stickers

Go to EnglishClub’s Downloads section and decide whether you want Mr EnglishClub or Ms EnglishClub stickers. Right click on any image you want and choose Save Image. You can save the image to your desktop or a folder. Why not save them all to use regularly when chatting and corresponding with your friends and family members? Use them in the proper context to teach your non-English speaking loved ones some simple English phrases.

How to use the Stickers

The stickers save as .png files. You can upload or drag them into a text box, email, social media update, or document. By default they are sized at 300 width, but you can change the size as necessary.

Where to use EnglishClub’s Stickers

I’ve already started using these stickers all over MyEnglishClub and on EC’s social media networks. Today I added some to a few MyEC member walls to say thank you to our moderators. I also added some to my MyEC profile page and to a new blog post. Here are just a few ideas about where you might want to use these stickers.

  • LINE
  • Instant Messaging
  • Email
  • Texting
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Blogs (See an example)
  • MyEC profile page (See an example)
  • MyEC walls, comments, and boards

You can also print EnglishClub stickers and put them in lockers and classrooms or make your own greeting cards. Have fun!



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