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Tara Benwell 12 Years at EnglishClub

All good things must come to an endSaying

2016 is a new year with new beginnings and sad to say Tara Benwell, for over seven years the mainstay at MyEnglishClub, will be moving on to pastures new as from 1st January.

Tara actually started contributing to EnglishClub way back in 2003, writing materials for the Young Learners section, English for Work and many other pages. In 2006 Tara started writing and recording Listen to News, a popular weekly news story with audio and exercises. Then in 2008 we launched MyEnglishClub as our social network. Tara was the first administrator of MyEnglishClub and has worked hard to help and support its thousands of members. Since 2008 Tara has continued adding new lessons and pages to EnglishClub and helping in the overall running of the site.

Tara Benwell

Apart from Listen to News, her regular contributions have included Site of the Month, a review of some of the best ESL websites around, the Interesting Facts podcast, and Writing Prompts. She has also supported us by contributing material for our sister site TEFL.net.

I am sorry to see Tara go, and I know that many members of MyEnglishClub will be sad too. Tara has been a wonderful influence in MyEC, and extremely creative in all her regular contributions sitewide. I offer her my warmest thanks for her professional approach and unfailing support over the past twelve years, and wish her the very best in her new future which I am sure will be a great success. No doubt many members will have similar thoughts and may wish to share them on Tara’s Page at MyEnglishClub and her latest Writing Challenge.


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