The Happy Birthday Song

Have you heard our latest song from Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi? You are probably familiar with it. It’s the Happy Birthday Song! EnglishClub’s Happy Birthday Song is a fun adaptation of the traditional birthday song.

Say it with a Song

How often do you write “Happy Birthday” on a friend’s social media wall or page? Do you send emails, texts, instant messages or eCards to wish your friends and family members a Happy Birthday? It has never been easier to keep track of birthdays now that social media networks remind you to send your friends a birthday message. Now you can go one step further, and say it with a song! Send the link by email or twitter, or post it on their Facebook (video is on FB for easy sharing) or MyEC wall. If you want to embed the video, go to YouTube, and click Share. Then copy the embed code into your blog post.

For Teachers

Do your students sing Happy Birthday to their classmates every month? Now you can play this video so that everyone can sing along. Choose a few people to do the echo parts. Find more songs for English learners on our YouTube channel. You can also download the songs as podcasts and print the lyrics.

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