For Teachers: Making Predictions Videos

Are your students practising making predictions in English? On EnglishClub’s YouTube Channel, you will find a unique set of videos that can be used for a fun making predictions activity.

You Know What I’m Gonna Do?

EnglishClub’s video series “You Know What I’m Gonna Do?” features our Thai friend, Kid, using the informal contraction gonna. (She also asks her questions in an informal way: “You know …?” instead of “Do you know…?”). In each video Kid asks viewers what they think she is gonna do with the object that she has in her hands.

Follow these steps to use these videos to practice making predictions in English. Your students may also learn new nouns and verbs.

Making Predictions Activity

1. Teacher – Press play on the first video.

Video – “You know what I’m gonna do with this banana?”

2. Teacher – Pause the video. [.08]

3. Teacher –”What’s she gonna do with the banana?” (use informal pronunciation when you ask the class)

Student A – “I think she’s gonna eat it.”
Student B – “She’s probably gonna throw the banana away.”
Student C – “She’ll likely give it to a friend.”

Write the verbs on the board as your students come up with different ideas. You could also have your students write down their predictions in sentence form.

4. Teacher – Play the end of the video.

Video – “I’m gonna peel it.”

5. Teacher – Pause the playlist and review the verb “peel”. Have students repeat it. You could even practice conjugating the verb. How many students guessed correctly?

Repeat these steps until you have worked through the whole “You Know What I’m Gonna Do?” playlist.

Your Own Videos for Making Predictions

You know what I’m gonna do with this idea? I’m gonna try it!

Now have your students bring in their own objects. They can work in pairs and take turns recording videos of each other saying, “You know what I’m gonna do with this … (object)? I’m gonna …. (verb) it.” Finally, have your students show their videos to the rest of the class and practice making more predictions.


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