#Vocabulary Tip

Are you a Twitter user? Twitter is a useful social media site for English learners. Set your language to English, and learn the language in small bites. One way to do this is to follow people who are using the #twinglish tag. Simply type the hashtag #twinglish into the search box. Then follow those people, or check out their tweets. Tweeters who use this hashtag are usually English learners or teachers.

Another useful hashtag on twitter is #vocabulary. Teachers and learning site managers often tweet words and expressions with a brief explanation. Sometimes there is a link to a more in-depth explanation. Dictionary sites also tweet new vocabulary definitions regularly. You will also notice mini quizzes and exercises in some #vocabulary tweets.

After you learn a new word or expression, practise using it on Twitter! Simply write a short sentence in English with your new word. Include the tags #vocabulary and #twinglish after your sentence so that other English learners can learn your new word too.

If you’re an English teacher or advanced learner, try the hashtags #ELT, #ELTchat, or #grammar. If you need images to use in class, follow #ELTpics. I’m going to start using the hashtag #ELTidea to share ideas, links, and resources that can be used in class. I hope you’ll join me.
See you on Twitter!


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