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A selection of articles and essays related to learning English as a second or foreign language. If you wish, you can submit an article for publication.

Why You Need a Speaking Partner
Catherine Grant
This article helps students find a speaking partner and offers practical tips on becoming fluent in English.

9 Useful Expressions for Business Negotiations in English
One way to reduce the risk of miscommunication is to get a firm grasp on the most commonly used business English words and phrases in negotiations.

5 Writing Tips for the IELTS Essay
Angela Fabunan
Helpful tips to succeed in the IELTS writing exam: understanding the prompt, outlining, good vocabulary, supporting details, and proofreading

7 Slang Phrases for a 7+ on IELTS Speaking
Jessica Beck
This article shows IELTS students that they should use informal language on Speaking Part 1 for improved lexical range scores.

Online Privacy Vocabulary
Armando Pannacci
A look at the words we use to talk about invasion of our privacy by the likes of Facebook and Twitter…

Sports Idioms: Sound Like a Native Professional
Jessica Beck
Ten idioms with definitions and example sentences that can be used at work, so students can sound more like a native and less like a textbook.

5 Research-Based Facts About Vocabulary Learning to Help You Learn Faster
Vanessa Teng
Vocabulary learning is hard, and this article is here to provide 5 tips based on research to help learners learn more efficiently.

Why Everyone Needs To Do More Listening
Alastair Budge
Working on your Listening skills is much more important than you think. The good news is that it has never been easier.

Want to Get Rid of Typos? It’s Time to Turn Off Spellcheck
Johnnie Mercurio
If you are just learning English, getting a Spellchecker sounds like a good idea to help in communication. Actually, it is not. And here’s why.

8 reasons why your English isn’t improving
Bhagya Azariah
Are you fluent in English? What holds you back from improving your English skills? Let’s answer all these questions.

10 Must-Watch YouTube Channels for ESL Learners
Andre Oentoro
Thanks to the internet, specifically some YouTube channels in this article, you can now learn English online with e-learning videos. What’re your favs?

5 English Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2020
Marijana Dojcinovic
The article is about the amazing benefits of podcasts. It also suggests which podcasts to listen to when learning English.

Why is OET the Best Test for Nurses & Doctors Moving to USA?
Tasneem Suhail
OET grades are now recognized in the US for doctors and nurses due to the emergency requirement of professional assistance to address the pandemic.

The Strange Language of Journalists: A Brief Introduction To Journalese
Neil Wright
‘BOSSES BLAST CHIEFS’ — or so a typical, tabloid headline might read. It is technically an English sentence. As in, it has a subject, a verb and an object, but the meaning is obscure. That’s because it is a sentence written in journalese: the language of newspapers. Journalese is generally spoken unconsciously, by tens of […]

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Expand Your Vocabulary
Andrijana Ikonic
The article is about fun, yet effective ways to improve English vocabulary.

5 Ways to Use Translation to Boost Your English Learning
Ofer Tirosh
Tomedes translation company details five ways to use translation to boost your English learning, from music and film to cooking.

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for TOEFL
Alla Golydbina
There are several important things you need to know to prepare for TOEFL properly and get the desired result.

12am & 12pm – What’s the difference?!
Owen Vickery
Learn about the difference between am & pm as well as other key words for telling the time.

How to Structure Your IELTS Essay
Ben Worthington
I often discover that students don’t know where to start structuring their essays for their IELTS exam. This post shows you how to structure your essay.

5 Steps to English Fluency
Oli Redman
Speaking English fluently is a goal for many English learners. Learn the steps to English fluency with these proven tips.

7 Ways to Boost your English Skills during Quarantine
Andrijana Ikonic
This article will give practical tips on how to boost your English while you’re self-isolating and saving the world.

How to Improve Your Spoken English Naturally
Richa Bhatia
To improve your English naturally, efforts in the right direction have to be made. Here’s how…

The Easiest Ways to Build Your Vocabulary
Rahul Harper
Here are the six best ways to boost your vocabulary within the shortest possible space of time.

Business English for Your Career
Richard Cooper
What makes Business English different? If you’re learning for your job and career you want to get more fluent quickly.

How To Prepare For IELTS Writing Task 2
Charles Cornelius
Prepare for IELTS Writing Task 2 using these 8 effective methods.

6 Essentials Every English Learner Should Have
Sean Hopwood
In this post, we’ll take a look at six essentials every English learner needs to have an effective, fun and enriching learning process.

Resolve to Improve Your English Communication Skills in 2020
Nancy Goracke
Make it your 2020 New Year’s resolution to improve your English communication skills. It can broaden your cultural view and broaden your horizons.

3 Main Differences between British and American English
Andrijana Ikonic
Andrijana Ikonić looks at the principle differences between the American and British varieties of English, with some useful examples.

Learning English? ‘Snow’ Problem. Chillax and Use Your Common Senses!
Nancy Goracke
Learning English well is similar to experiencing a blizzard. For best results just ‘chillax’ and use your common senses–it makes sense!

7 Best TV Shows to Learn English
Andrijana Ikonic
Watching TV can be a fun, easy and effective way to learn English!

8 Tips to Write Better Essays in English
Adela Belin
When you’re learning English as a second language, writing is one of the most common challenges new learners face. However, it’s only with practice that you can get over your apprehensions and improve your command over the language. So, follow these eight tips and you’re sure to get better at writing essays in English.

8 Tips to improve your English learning skills
Steffen Carter
With the availability of a number of techniques and methods, you can improve your English learning skills without making grammatical mistakes.

What does Fluency Actually Mean?
Kerry Campion
Do you understand what it really means to speak a language fluently? The majority of students don’t which holds back their language learning progress.

Learn English from Call of Duty – an innovative platform for easy learning
Hans Gunnarsson
Language has helped human beings in communicating with each other since ancient times. When it comes to effective communication, language always takes

Can Lucid dreaming help someone learn English?
Jane Dunn
There has been a spike of interest in the media lately around lucid dreaming and the different benefits it can bring. This article looks at what some of the latest research has revealed and how these findings could be put to use in order to help someone learn a second language.

Build Superhuman Confidence in Speaking English
David Buckley
David Buckley maps out some simple techniques that English students can use to boost their confidence when speaking English.

8 Ways to Sound More Like an American When You Speak English
Micah Bellieu
Some surprising mistakes can keep you from sounding like a native U.S. English speaker. Here’s how to fix them.

3 Ways to Speak English More Confidently
Steven Hobson
The article is aimed at English learners who lack confidence in speaking English, and teaches three ways to help build confidence.

Citation Styles
Michele Kirschenbaum
This article explains the three most common citation styles used in research papers with an example for each.

Brexit Vocab
Josef Essberger
The term Brexit entered the English language in the year 2012 and has since spawned many variants and alternative terms, most of them humorous.

5 Common Subject-Verb Agreement Mistakes of ESL Students
Mark Nichol
It’s not always easy to get the verb and the subject to agree in terms of number. Even native speakers sometimes get that wrong.

8 Ways to Use the Preposition “by”
Andrew Forrester
Andrew Forrester looks at different uses of “by” as a preposition, and gives you practical examples

IELTS Writing Quiz
Philip D
An online multiple-choice quiz to test how much you know about the IELTS Academic Writing and General Training Writing exams

IELTS Exam Tips
Philip D
Ten practical tips about preparing for and taking IELTS

Top 10 Apps for Learning English
Miley Wils
Miley Wils offers her choice of mobile apps for learning and teaching English.

Tips for Non-Native English Writers
Cheryl Alvin
Non-native English speaker Cheryl Alvin offers practical ideas to help other non-native English speakers become good English writers.

7 Tips for Learning English Vocabulary
Cheryl Morris
Follow these ideas and learn new English words more easily.

6 Ways to Cut Wordiness for More Effective Writing
Emma Wilson
Less is more. Six easy ways to say more in fewer words.

How to Proofread for Error-free Writing
Emma Wilson
A few tips to help you check your writing and make sure it is always correct.

Please Fail The IELTS! And 9 More IELTS Tips
Ben Worthington
10 useful tips from IELTS experts on on how to improve your IELTS score.

A Tip for the Possessive Apostrophe
Apostrophes need not be learning catastrophes
by Rolf Palmberg

Poolside Interview with Peter Tuinstra
Meet Thailand's American superstar in this interview with Josef Essberger.

Poolside Interview with Brian Boyd
Josef Essberger interviews the creator of Grammarman, the world's first and only grammar superhero.

Successful Public Speaking in English
Josef Essberger
How to prepare and give the perfect presentation in English.

Poolside Interview with Matt Errey
Josef Essberger interviews the inventor of Word Up, the popular ESL board game.

Listening - A good way to learn English
Weena Kanadpon
Are you still a baby?

The First Christmas Card
Josef Essberger
Today, we send millions of Christmas cards every year. But in fact the Christmas card is a relatively modern invention.

Informal Contractions
Josef Essberger
What do words like "gonna" and "wanna" mean?

Speaking versus Writing
Josef Essberger
The pen is mightier than the spoken word - or is it?

English is Not Phonetic
Josef Essberger
Spelling and pronunciation are not the same in English.

Five Tips for Easy Email
Josef Essberger
How to write "good" emails and make life easier for everyone.

The Olympic Games
Keith Landry
This article tells the story of the Olympic Games from ancient to modern times, and describes the symbols, music, medals, motto, people and events.

40,000,000 Christmas Puddings! That's a lot of Pudding!
Josef Essberger
As the year draws to a close, people in Britain tuck in to one of their favourite traditional recipes.

Homestay for Language Holidays - and More
Jim Porter
The benefits of staying with a family when studying English abroad - or even when not studying!

Language Holidays - What are they and Why?
Josef Essberger
The benefits of learning English on a Study Abroad program.

Improve your English through Reading
Josef Essberger
How to make progress by reading.

"Ghoti" = "Fish"
Josef Essberger
English is not phonetic. Why you can't tell how to pronounce a word by looking at it.

Job Letters in English
Josef Essberger
How to write letters of application to go with your CV or resume.

Tips for Language Learning
Susan Ernenwein
Here are some suggestions to help you practise your language skills.

Famous Quotations
Josef Essberger
A "quotation" is usually a short text - perhaps one or two sentences - written or spoken by one (usually famous) person and often repeated or at least known by others.

How to Make Progress in English through homestay
Christine Robbins
Living with your teacher.

Chatting in English
Josef Essberger
How to practise your English by chatting online.

What's IN a Preposition?
Josef Essberger
When is a preposition not a preposition?

Self-Study = Distance Learning
Stephen Orr
How computers and language learning software are giving learners more options.

Grammar is your Friend
Josef Essberger
How grammar can help you to learn a language more easily.

Letter Writing
Josef Essberger
A guide to writing letters in English.

Millennium - 2000 or 2001?
Josef Essberger
When does a century change?

Josef Essberger
Internet abbreviations, codes and lingo.

Your CV or Resume in English
Josef Essberger
How to write your CV or resume in English.

Better Homework, Revision & Examinations
Josef Essberger
Tips for making progress.

Word and Sentence Stress - The Key to English Pronunciation
Josef Essberger
Why stress can help your pronunciation.

Practising English outside School
Josef Essberger
How you can still make progress even when you're not at school.

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