Famous people🧔🏻

Influential figures, past and present
written and recorded by Jaksyn Peacock

Listen&Learn: Maya Angelou
Learn about the famous poet and activist.

Listen&Learn: Charles Dickens
Learn about one of the most popular novelists in history

Listen&Learn: Michelangelo
Learn about the famous Renaissance artist

Listen&Learn: Nelson Mandela
Learn about the activist who became president of South Africa

Listen&Learn: Nikola Tesla
Learn about the man whose invention powers the world today

Listen&Learn: Marilyn Monroe
Learn about an iconic movie star from the 1950s

Listen&Learn: Neil Armstrong
Learn about the first man to walk on the moon

Listen&Learn: Freddie Mercury
Learn about the lead singer of the iconic rock band Queen

Listen&Learn: Wolfgang Mozart
Learn about one of the greatest composers in history.

Listen&Learn: Harry Houdini
Learn about the famous escape artist.

Listen&Learn: Cleopatra
Learn about the famous female pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

Listen&Learn: Michael Jackson
Learn about the “King of Pop”

Listen&Learn: Ada Lovelace
Learn about the woman who wrote the first computer program.

Listen&Learn: Homer
Learn about the mysterious author of epic poems.

Listen&Learn: Andy Warhol
Learn about the famous pop artist.

Listen&Learn: Galileo
Learn about the famous Italian astronomer.

Listen&Learn: Joan of Arc
Learn about the young girl who led the French army in battle.

Listen&Learn: Alan Turing
Learn about the mathematician whose ideas led to the modern computer.

Listen&Learn: Edgar Allan Poe
Learn about the famous horror writer from the 19th century.

Listen&Learn: Serena Williams
Learn about the famous women’s tennis champion.

Listen&Learn: Hedy Lamarr
Learn about the famous actress and inventor.

Listen&Learn: Toni Morrison
Learn about the author of the award-winning novel Beloved.

Listen&Learn: Pablo Picasso
Learn about the creator of the Cubist art movement.

Listen&Learn: Malala Yousafzai
Learn about the activist who spoke up for girls’ education in Pakistan.

Listen&Learn: Isaac Newton
Learn about the scientist who developed the theory of gravity.

Listen&Learn: Agatha Christie
Learn about the mystery writer who became part of a real-life mystery.

Listen&Learn: Charles Darwin
Learn about the scientist who formed the theory of evolution.

Listen&Learn: Helen Keller
A famous author and disability rights activist.

Listen&Learn: Banksy
Learn about one of the world’s most famous street artists.

Listen&Learn: Vincent Van Gogh
Learn about the painter of famous works like The Starry Night and Irises.

Listen&Learn: Princess Diana
Learn about the “People’s Princess”.

Listen&Learn: Harriet Tubman
A woman who led hundreds of people to freedom.

Listen&Learn: Joe Biden
Learn about the new president of the United States.

Listen&Learn: Kamala Harris
Learn about the first woman elected vice president in the U.S.

Listen&Learn: Alex Trebek
Learn about the host of one of the most popular game shows of all time.

Listen&Learn: Stephen Hawking
Learn about the physicist who wrote A Brief History of Time.

Listen&Learn: John Lewis
One of the most important leaders of the civil rights movement

Listen&Learn: Frida Kahlo
A famous artist from the 20th century, known for her self-portraits.

Listen&Learn: Marie Curie
Learn about one of history’s most well-known female scientists.

William Shakespeare
The famous writer from 16th-century England, whose plays have inspired countless adaptations.

Amelia Earhart
One of the most widely-known female pilots – and the mystery of her death.

Albert Einstein
The man considered to be the greatest scientist of the 20th century.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
One of the most famous leaders of the American civil rights movement.