Moments in time that changed the world
written and recorded by Jaksyn Peacock

Listen&Learn: The Ides of March
Learn about the day of Julius Caesar’s assassination.

Listen&Learn: History of Writing
Learn how ancient cultures invented written communication

Listen&Learn: History of the Internet
Learn the origins of the world’s largest information source

Listen&Learn: Stone Age
Learn about the earliest period of human development

Listen&Learn: Geneva Conventions
Learn about the agreements that created international laws for war

Listen&Learn: The Roswell Incident
Learn about a supposed UFO sighting from 1947

Listen&Learn: History of Labour Day
Learn about holidays celebrating workers’ rights

Listen&Learn: History of Theatre
Learn about performance in ancient cultures

Listen&Learn: The Great Wall of China
Learn the history of the world’s longest man-made structure

Listen+Learn: History of the Car
Learn how personal vehicles have changed over time.

Listen&Learn: History of Earth Day
Learn about the origins of a day of environmental awareness.

Listen&Learn: The Nuclear Arms Race
Learn about the tense military competition between the US and the USSR.

Listen&Learn: The Freedom Riders
Learn about the activists who protested racial segregation on public transit.

Listen&Learn: History of the Camera
Learn how photography has evolved throughout history.

Listen&Learn: The Berlin Wall
Learn about the wall that divided the German city for nearly 30 years.

Listen&Learn: History of Radio
Learn about the invention that transformed news and entertainment.

Listen&Learn: History of the United Nations
Learn about the founding of the global organization.

Listen&Learn: The Silk Road
Learn about the historic trade routes across Eurasia.

Listen&Learn: The History of Airplanes
Learn about the flight of the first airplane.

Listen&Learn: The History of Morse Code
Learn about the international communication system.

Listen&Learn: The History of Cinco De Mayo
Learn about the day that celebrates Mexico’s victory in a historic battle.

Listen&Learn: The Code of Hammurabi
Learn about some of the earliest written laws.

Listen&Learn: The Discovery of Insulin
Learn the history of the life-saving drug for people with diabetes.

Listen&Learn: The History of Printing
Learn about the development of the printing press.

Listen&Learn: Pompeii
Learn about the ancient city that was preserved for thousands of years.

Listen&Learn: Prohibition
Learn about the period of time when alcohol was illegal in the United States.

Listen&Learn: The Egyptian Pyramids
Learn about Egypt’s massive ancient tombs.

Listen&Learn: The Library of Alexandria
Learn about the ancient library of lost knowledge.

Listen&Learn: The Ancient Olympic Games
Learn about the origin of the world’s most popular sports competition.

Listen&Learn: Juneteenth
Learn about the day 250,000 enslaved people became free.

Listen&Learn: Feudalism
A political system from the Middle Ages.

Listen&Learn: The Industrial Revolution
Learn about the way factories changed Europe’s economy in the 18th century.

Listen&Learn: The Causes of World War II
The worst conflict in history.

Listen&Learn: The Spanish Flu
One of the worst pandemics in history

Listen&Learn: The History of Santa Claus
The origin of the jolly man in the red suit.

Listen&Learn: The Renaissance
A revolutionary time in history for art, science, inventions, and ideas.

Listen&Learn: The Great Depression
The worldwide recession during the years leading up to World War II.

Listen&Learn: The Russian Revolution
How the effects of World War I caused Russia to become a communist country in 1917.

Listen&Learn: The Chernobyl Disaster
A tragic event in history that contributed to the controversy surrounding nuclear power.

Listen&Learn: The Cold War
The dangerous rivalry between two powerful countries that lasted over 40 years.

The French Revolution
A violent revolution that would change France’s government forever.

The Titanic
The tragedy of the most famous sunken ship.

The Moon Landing of 1969
“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” -Neil Armstrong

The Causes of World War I
Learn about the conflict and assassination that caused World War I.

Origin of the New Year’s Celebration
How the world started welcoming the New Year in over 4,000 years ago